I was reading Masochist, written by the wonderful PaddycakePadfoot, and this idea just hit me. What happens after? Somehow, this came up. And yes, she knows I'm writing this, so don't worry. There will be no angry reviews from her saying I stole her idea, or any angry fans...I hope. I seem to be in a 'angst and heartache all around' kind of mood lately. Hmm...anyway, I hope you like this.


People cried rivers of tears as the casket was lowered into the ground. Mourners were everywhere, crowding into the cemetery, trying to offer comfort to the lonely widow who had lost the love of her life, her soul mate.

All I can say is good riddance.

I didn't care that the person being lowered into an early grave, because of me, was my husband, my supposed one true love. I kept my head down the whole ceremony, hiding behind my veil, smiling the entire time. You were gone. Finally.

We'd both fooled the world into believing our fairy tale.

You were the handsome hero, I the brave damsel who had loved you with all my heart. And the package was wrapped up prettily with the wedding of the century. We were the perfect couple.

Shows how much they knew.

We both played our parts commendably. You even managed to look besotted on our wedding day, gazing at me tenderly, a shy smile on your face as if you didn't deserve to be in my presence.


You never gave a damn whether or not I married you. I was just a cover-up for Draco. Your beloved little Draco, who was the perfection I could never be.

The day was unlike the day of our wedding. Here was the rage, the ice that you had wanted to see that day. I was drowning in a sea of black, no pastels today. In defiance though, I had chosen a black dress that glittered with my every moment. I was mourning, yet not.

Why should I mourn the man who had never loved me? You think I never knew about the monster that lay beneath the bright green eyes and fake awe? I did know Harry. And that is why I'm standing here today, watching you get sent off to your eternal rest, to lay six feet under for all of time until the worms decide to eat you up and leave nothing but bones, instead of it being the other way around.

I sit in the front row, watching as my brother, your best friend, starts the eulogy, talking about the great and wonderful man that you were.

"Today, we are here to honor Harry Potter, a great and wonderful man."

My smile widens even more.

"He was a great friend and an even better person. I don't think I'll ever meet another guy who will even come close to Harry."

You said that you would kill me if I married you. You thought I hadn't heard did you love? Well I did, that first night after our wedding. Your soft whisper in my ear. 'I promised myself that if you married me I'd kill you. And I will.' Things turned out quite nicely for the two of us didn't they? You can see your precious Draco again and I can live in the lap of luxury with your money.

"It's such a shame that he was taken away from us so soon, when he'd just barely begun to live again"

I beat you to the punch Harry.

"And today, we are gathered to remember what made him so special. I know that many people are going to miss him."

You married me, but I killed you.