Abe is just coming down the stairs after putting his gear back on when he hears a strange 'THUMP.' He goes towards the direction the sound came from and finds himself in the family room. He sees that the room appears empty and the TV has been left on. He turns to leave when something catches his eye. He takes a closer look and if he breathed air he would have stopped breathing.

"MAGGIE!" he yells as he dashes to his wife's side.

She's lying on the floor between the couch and the coffee table with her feet sticking out just past the end of the couch. It's her feet that caught his attention and brought him to her side. He roughly pushes the table out of the way, rips the gloves off of his hand and begins to examine her. A second later, Dr. Hodson comes running into the room with Peg and Susan hot on her heels.

"What happened?" the doctor demands.

"She's fainted," Abe answers as he continues his exam. "She hit her head on the coffee table on the way down. The concussion is fairly minor, but she's going to have one heck of a goose egg on her forehead and there will be bruising. She's also going to have a monster headache when she wakes up. We should keep an eye on her for the next twenty-four hours to make sure there's no other damage. I'm going to take her up to our room. She should stay in bed until tomorrow."

With that Abe carefully lifts Maggie into his arms and very gingerly carries her upstairs.

"Peg, would you please get Maggie a glass of water and a bag of ice wrapped in a towel?" Hodson asks. "Susan, would you please take the twins upstairs and put them in their crib? I'll go get some smelling salts and pain pills."

The other two women nod their agreement and the three go to do their separate tasks. Hodson arrives in the master bedroom first. After putting the pills on the nightstand, she breaks open the smelling salts and sticks them under Maggie's nose. Maggie grimaces and lets out a pain filled groan. A few moments later, Peg and Susan enter the room. As Susan goes to put the babies in their crib, Peg brings the water and ice to the doctor just as Maggie's opening her eyes.

"Abe, please help her sit up so she can take the pain pills," Hodson requests.

Abe very gently lifts Maggie up enough so that she can sip some water before Hodson gives Maggie the pills. Maggie pops them in her mouth with a wince and quickly swallows as Abe lays her back down. Then Hodson hands Maggie the bag of ice while Susan and Peg stand at the end of the bed watching.

"Put this on your face for fifteen minutes every hour," Hodson instructs.

"What happened?" Maggie asks as she does as she's told.

"You fainted," Abe replies. "You hit your head when you fell."

"Do you know why you fainted?" Hodson inquires.

"I don't remember," Maggie croaks after thinking about it for a few seconds. "I remember looking for the remote to the TV and finding it, but after that everything is a blank until I woke up here."

"That's alright," Hodson assures her. "Maybe you'll remember later. Get some rest now. Someone will bring up lunch in a little bit. Abe, would you please stay with her?"

"Try and make me leave," Abe responds, never taking his eyes off of his wife's face.

"Good," Hodson smiles as she turns to leave. "Come on, ladies. There's a lunch to be made."

With that the three women exit the room leaving behind a worried husband and his bruised wife.

"Why do you supposeā€¦?" Peg begins to ask just after they leave the room but is stopped by Susan's violent head shake.

They walk down the hall and then descend the stairs before heading for the kitchen in silence.

"It should be safe to ask your question now," Susan states as they walk down another hallway.

"Well, I was going to ask why do you think Maggie fainted," Peg starts. "But now I'm curious as to why you stopped me."

"Air Mages have very sensitive hearing and I am positive that we were well within Maggie's ear shot," Susan replies. "I can only wonder what happened in the family room."

"It was probably a combination of things," Hodson adds as they step into the kitchen. "She barely ate anything for breakfast, she was going crazy with worry about Abe and after finding the remote which always seems to end up on the floor when we're not looking, she probably stood up to fast."

The next several minutes are spent discussing the menu and then pulling out the ingredients and other items needed to prepare the meal. As everyone gets down to their tasks, the conversation turns to Air Mages.

"So, Air Mages have sensitive hearing," Peg muses while buttering slices of bread for the sandwiches. "That must be handy in keeping track of the kids, especially when they're getting in mischief."

"Yes and no," Susan replies as she stirs a pot of soup. "Keeping track of the kids is all well and good, but loud noises hurt horribly."

"That's right; I remember reading a report on how Maggie collapsed when faced with sirens," Hodson adds while she mixes the tuna fish with mayonnaise.

"Oh, she did so hate sirens when we would go into town as a child," Susan reminisces. "She would cover her ears with her hands until they were long gone."

"I don't think that was the siren the report was talking about," Hodson replies with a kind smile. "I believe they were faced with the creatures from Greek mythology."

"Where in the world would she meet one of those things?" Susan asks, stunned. "She never told me that she went to Greece with the bureau."

"I believe they were actually in New York City," Hodson answers. "She and Sharon were at a bar when the siren started to sing."

"What kind of bar would let one of those things sing?" Susan wonders.

"A karaoke bar," Hodson responds.

"They would never," Susan gasps, horrified.

"According to the report that's where they were when the sirens attack," Hodson states with a shrug. "I only know what the report said. You might want to ask Maggie or Sharon about it."

"Believe me, I will," Susan hisses as she continues to stir the pot so violently that some of the soup splashes out onto the stove top.

A while later, lunch is ready and a tray is prepared to be taken upstairs for Abe and Maggie. After a brief discussion about who will bring the tray up, Hodson prevails on the context that she wants to check in on her patient. What she doesn't state is that she doesn't want Susan harassing Maggie about something that happened over a year ago.

When Hodson enters the bedroom, she finds Maggie lying on her side with her head pillowed on Abe's lap and her eyes closed. Abe greets the doctor with a small smile as he strokes Maggie's hair with his bare hand.

"How is she?" Hodson asks Abe.

"Feeling like she got hit in the face with a frying pan," Maggie answers without opening her eyes.

"That good, huh?" Hodson quietly chuckles. "I brought lunch for you two. You should eat it while it's still warm. It'll make you feel better."

"I doubt that," Maggie grumbles as she slowly and carefully sits up.

"Have you nursed since you got up here?" Hodson inquires.

"They woke shortly after everyone left," Abe answers. "Fortunately, they went right back to sleep after a diaper change and food."

"Did you have any problems nursing?" Hodson questions as she sets the tray down.

"Other than having a throbbing headache, no," Maggie replies.

"That's good," Hodson sighs. "If they do get to be too much, just let us know and we'll take them for a while."

"No, that's ok," Maggie moans. "Besides, I haven't gotten around to washing the breast pump equipment yet."

"That's ok, I'll take care of it," Hodson offers to which Maggie gladly nods. "Now eat up, you two, before your food gets cold. I'll bring up a fresh bag of ice when I come to get the tray later."

With that, Hodson collects the previously mentioned equipment and the half melted bag of ice and leaves the two in peace to eat their lunch.

After eating their own lunches and cleaning up the kitchen, Hodson, Susan and Peg retire to the family room where they find that the TV is still on after all this time. Peg pushes the coffee table back in place as Susan picks up Abe's gloves that he left on the floor. After searching for a moment, the remote is discovered not far from where Maggie collapsed. Before the channel can be changed, CNN returns from its commercial break with their top story which leaves them all stunned.

"Dear, merciful heavens," Susan gasps.

"Oh my god," Peg chokes out.

"Wow," is all Hodson can say.