Authors Note: Quick RachMon drabble! Enjoy ...


"She's your friend. She's your best friend. It's only natural that you want to help her out as much as possible. It's only natural that you think the world of her. But It's definately not natural for you to love her."

She understands. She goes over it so many times in her mind, turning over thoughts in her head. None of it seems to fit together. Ever since that girl walked into her life, nothing has ever been the same. When she's only, she can be herself, and not feel guilty about anything. But when that girl enters the room, she'll fall apart allover again.

"There's nothing to it. You shouldn't be feeling this way."

Shouldn't she? It's obvious that something is there, something that has been buried deep in the ground for so long, too long, infact. It needs to be dug up, it's going to be, someday. And then the girl will understand how hard it is for her to keep control. She will have to understand, she will be made to understand.

"Relax. She'll never beable to notice. She's completely blind. Have you not seen her? She's a spoilt brat!"

She hates the voice in her head. The girl is anything but a spoilt brat, she's made herself to be independant, which is such a great achievement. She and the girl have such alot in common, always looking for sexy guys to date, and always gossiping and spluttering with laughter, swapping sex stories. But then, they're so different too. She is very organized, and needs routine. If there isn't a coster under a glass, the glass' owner will pay dearly. But the other girl is wild, there is no other way to describe her. And that is what's missing out of her life. The girl knows how to have a good time, but she definately doesn't.

"Will you cut it out? She's stupid, you don't need her. You've got better things to do with your time then cry over stupid self-obsessed girls like her."

Ever since the other girl burst into the coffee house, she's been taken into the group. She's been treated with respect, and learned how to fend for herself. But she's worried that this other girl will never beable to understand how she feels. What will it take for her to understand? What will become of all this?

"She's nothing."

But she's not nothing. She's everything to her.