A Tangled Up Love

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Hello : Flashback

Chapter 1: The Beginning Of A School Day

Flashback (Three years back)

A girl with auburn hair and emerald eyes burst into her roommate's room. She had a cheerful-looking innocent face. Her roommate was sleeping so soundly.

"Ohayo, Syaoran!" she spoke in a cheerful voice. She tried to pull the blanket away from him but Syaoran had tucked in the blanket so tightly until Sakura let go and dropped with a bump on the floor.

She got up again and decided to shout at him at a range of 3 cm away from him.

"SYAORAN LI! It's already 8 am! You need to wake up!" shouted the ten-year-old girl. The boy stirred a little.

"Ni zhen de hen ma fan! (You are really annoying!)" Syaoran said in Chinese. Sakura didn't a single word what he had said but when she saw him tucking back to sleep, she shouted again, this time, EXTREMELY loud that can almost shake the whole building.

"YOU BAKA! YOU'RE A LOUSY, STUPID, SELFISH PREFECT WHO IS LAZY AND DUMB! YOU KNOW YOU ARE MAKING ME LATE FOR SCHOOL!" she screamed at him and was already turning her back towards Syaoran.

This thing really annoyed him and he slowly got up. He took off his shirt and changed to his school uniform.

"You really don't need to shout so loud, you know," he said as Sakura turned back. She was shocked to see Syaoran not wearing a T-shirt.

"QUICKLY WEAR YOUR SHIRT, YOU IDIOT!" as she punched Syaoran on the face. (Sakura seems so rough, right? Not the innocent Sakura, hehehe…)

"What's all the noise about?" a voice came from the door. A dark blue hair (or is itpurple? Please tell me if you know) was leaning against the door. She was also Sakura's and Syaoran's roommate.

"Eh! Tomoyo-san! I was just trying to deal with this brat!" as Sakura pull Syaoran's ear while Syaoran was only halfway wearing his shirt.

"I'm leaving. See you later!" Tomoyo left with a grin on her face.

"Hey, wait!" Sakura shouted as she tried to capture Tomoyo as she let go of Syaoran. Syaoran dropped onto the floor with a bump as he rubbed his red ear.

Suddenly, Sakura found out that she forgot to take her schoolbag out. While Sakura ran into the house to get her bag, Syaoran left quickly without Sakura' s notice.

"Be quick, Syao-kun! You're late!" Sakura shouted again as she grabbed her bag and rushed into Syaoran's room. She was surprised to see nobody in the room.

"GRRRR…WHY IS THERE NOBODY WAITING FOR ME?" Sakura stomped out of the house.

End of Flashback

Sakura look at her watch. It was already seven minutes to eight (I don't know what time Japanese school start but mine starts at eight) in the morning. She will be having her first day of her exam on that morning. She was about to open the door when she heard Tomoyo calling her.

"Sakura! You forgot your lunchbox!" she shouted as she waved her lunchbox at Sakura. Sakura did not turn back but just left quickly.

Suddenly, the emerald-eyed girl saw a boy skateboarding in front of her. The boy skateboard with skill as he jumped into the air and landed safely on the ground. Sakura gazed with awe.

"What are you looking at, Ying Fa? You are wasting time, you know. It's almost 8 a.m.," he skateboarded away as he passed Sakura. Sakura quickly chased after him.

"You don't need to walk so fast, little Ying, the school is only a hundred meters away from here," he looked at her. Sakura ignored him at first.

"Quit looking at me, Xiao Lang!" she shouted at him with furious eyes. Syaoran grabbed her hand and lift her up onto the skateboard. Syaoran hold her tightly. Sakura screamed.

"Put me down! Please! Put me down!" Sakura struggled out from his arms but Syaoran just took it easy and they moved all the way to school.

"I hate you, you wolf guy," she stick her tongue at him. Syaoran was frustrated.

"You're so rude," Syaoran stick his tongue at her too. Sakura just ignored him.

"Hey, Sakura. Do you want to walk home with you today?" Syaoran changed the subject.

"Oh, sure!" but then Sakura paused "Why all of sudden do you asked this question?" Syaoran laughed.

"If you don't want to then…" but Sakura suddenly said a 'yes'.

"I will walk home with you after school! So bye, Syaoran!" as she left hurriedly. Sakura thought that Syaoran would said that if Sakura don't want to walk home with him, he will walked home with some other girls. Sakura didn't want this to happen because she didn't want him to fall for other girls.

"Good mornin', Syao-kun!" someone imitated Sakura's voice. A guy with spectacles smiled at Syaoran.

"Have a great time with your girlfriend Sakura?" he teased. Syaoran blushed but was furious with this. There were only two of them in the classroom.

"Lower down your voice, Eriol! If Meilin hears that…" he spoke softly with his finger on his lips when he felt something around his waist.

"Xiao Lang! Ni men liang ge zhai jiang se mo?(Syaoran! What are you two talking about?)" Meilin spoke in Chinese. Eriol understood what Meilin spoke as Syaoran gulped as he saw Meilin.

"Err… we two were…" he spoke when Eriol cut in.

"…about how was the exam!" Eriol said in a calm voice. Syaoran raised an eyebrow but just nodded.

"Oh…because I heard one of you talking about someone call Sakura…" she spoke as she hugged Syaoran tightly. Syaoran almost couldn't breathe because of Meilin's hug.

"Meilin! Ni ke yi fang xia ni de so?(Meilin! Could you let go of me?)" Syaoran spoke in Chinese to his cousin. Meilin slowly let go of him and closed the door behind her. When Eriol confirmed Meilin was out of sight. Syaoran sighed heavily.

"How did you know what she was saying?" Syaoran asked suspiciously at Eriol. Eriol just smiled.

"I learned a little Chinese from you. You remember how you taught me Chinese last time?" Eriol spoke. Syaoran scratched his head at first then he his forehead.

"Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten! I remembered how fast you learned from me!" Syaoran laughed as Eriol nodded. Suddenly, the school bell rang.

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