Chapter 1: Teach me Tonight . . . a story of what could've happened.

"So I go straight and we're back at Luke's. Jess said

"Yupp." Replied Rory.

"Or we could turn right and we could just be going around in circles for a while."

"Turn right."

"Okay," Jess said as he swerved the car right.

Rory and Jess sat in an awkward silence for about ten minutes. They were both staring ahead, until Rory shouted.

"Look. There's something in the road! I think it's an animal. Don't run over it!"

"Relax. . ." Jess said as he turned the wheel to his left, not seeing a street lamp. The car backed into the lamp which sent a sudden jolt through the car. "You okay?"

"Yah I'm fine. But my car!"

"It's not too bad. . ." Jess said inspecting the car.

"Are you sure. . ?"


"Come on its cold out. Luke's is up the street, we can go get some coffee and call the towing people."

"Sure." Rory said giving in to coffee, which she always did.


Lorelei picked up the phone, she dialed the diner's number, but once it started ringing she hung up. This is silly she told herself, Rory's fine . . . but she couldn't convince herself that. There was a huge part of her that knew Rory shouldn't be hanging out, even if it was just to study, with a guy like Jess. She picked up the phone again. It started ringing then she got the machine:

This is Luke's, we're now closed, which you can probably tell since your getting this machine. Anyway, if your calling to order something call back in the morning or stop by tomorrow. Or if you're Lorelei and you're having a coffee breakdown, the answers no I am not opening my diner just for your addicting needs. And if this is Taylor hang up now!"

Lorelei hung up the phone. She grabbed her keys and headed out the door. For some reason, she didn't like this whole situation.


"Here we are." Jess said opening the door to Luke's Diner.

"Is Luke back yet?"

"I don't think so."


"Yah. Well I'll make the coffee. You can use the phone behind the counter to call the towing people."

"Okay. I need to call my mom too. Tell her to come get me."

"But our lesson isn't over. The deal was ice cream and then I'd study." Jess said secretly not wanting Rory to leave, even if it did mean he had to study.

"Oh. Right, but only if your really going to study. "Rory said as she picked up the phone and dialed for a tow truck."

"I will. Now how much coffee do you want?"

"One cup is good."

"Only one?"

"Yah. I have to go home soon."


"Hello, hi my friend and I were driving back from getting ice cream when we crashed into a street lamp . . . yes . . . up the road from Luke's diner. . . In Stars Hollow . . . Okay thank you." Rory said into the phone. "Their coming as soon as they can, but they can't come tonight."

"Okay. Well let's study then, shall we? Here's your coffee."

"Okay. Thanks." Rory said as she and Jess sat down to start studying.


Oh No. Lorelei thought as she stepped out of her car. She had been on her way to Luke's, when she saw Rory's car on the side of the street. It was damaged. Thoughts began pacing through her head. How'd this happen? Did she get in a crash? Is she hurt? Was Jess with her, she told me they were just studying, nothing about going out. Maybe this was why no one was picking up the phone. I need to see her. I need to make sure everything's okay.

Lorelei dialed Luke's again. This time Jess answered.

"Where is she?"

"Rory?" Jess said immediately knowing it was Lorelei and she had just seen Rory's car.

"Yeah, Rory. Who else?"

"Okay." Jess said handing the phone to Rory.


"Are you alright?"

"Yeah mom I'm fine."

"How did this happen? Was Jess with you?"

"Jess and I decided to go out for a study break and get ice cream. Then there was something in the road and Jess swerved and. . ."

"Jess? So he was there! I knew it! And he was driving. Rory how could you let this happen?" Lorelei said cutting Rory off.

"Mom. I'm fine, Jess's fine, the car's a little hurt but other than that everything's fine."

"I'm coming to get you." Lorelei said and hung up before Rory could respond.


"She's coming."


"Yah well I'll just go and wait outside. Bye Jess."

"See ya teach."

But before Rory could get out the door Lorelei stepped inside.

"Rory, get in the car. Bye Jess." Lorelei said coldly.

"Bye Jess." Rory said as she obediently stepped out the door and started walking towards the car.

"Bye Rory." Jess replied.


"Rory, what were you thinking?" Lorelei said once they were in the car.

"I don't know. It's not that bad. We just went to get ice cream."

"Yes it is. And what about Dean? Isn't he going to be a little mad when he finds out Jess, no less, wrecked his girlfriend's car?"

"Yes. Dean will be mad. I get it, but I'll talk to him. Can we just go home now please?"

"Fine." Lorelei said as she started the car and drove home.

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