The Predator

Raiting: PG

Author: Mel

Notes: This is a drabble inspired by a scene in the novel "Image" where Angelus is walking naked in the apartment he's sharing with Darla and the artist they took captive.

The hunter moves silently through the night-darkened lair, his naked body exuding a mixture of frightening power and predatory grace. Pale moonlight illuminates equally pale skin and the strong, supple muscles moving beneath it. Dark brown hair frames a handsome face with fierce brown eyes that mask the cruel, cunning mind of the dangerous killer that lies beneath. Every part of him-the powerfully built torso, thick, well-muscled limbs, massive feet and hands, even his well-built manhood-are used to make his body a single, finely honed, deadly weapon whose sole purpose is to satisfy his endless hunger for blood, torture and death.