Title: Wes Drabbles

Author: Mel

Rating: G

Angst warning

Feedback: Yes

"Wesley, please…why can't I stay?"

Helpless he watched as her life ebbed away, her form, still so beautiful even now, growing still in his arms. All his dreams and longings, all his fervent hopes, all snuffed out of existence in a single moment's passing. In that moment, he felt his own being hollowed, emptied, and left an empty shell emotionally, just as Fred had been hollowed physically by Illyria.

Wesley Wyndham-Price knew that in reality, two lives had been taken that moment. He would continue to exist, but in his mind, when Fred died, his life had ended as well.

He lay gazing up at the imitation above him, aware that it was a lie, a glamour, but finding a strange, soothing comfort in it all the same. His body was numb, still, past the point of any pain now, his mind calm and at peace. Darkness wrapped him in its embrace and he accepted, welcomed its release.

He felt no fear, only relief as his eyes closed the final time. His physical form was at its end now, but he did not consider this his death. Wesley Wyndham-Price had truly ceased living the moment his beloved Fred had died.