This is a Harry potter poem please tell me what u think even if you don't like it and I know I got a few spelling mistakes but that really shouldn't matter if you like it great if you don't neither mind you don't have to read it again

Nobody seems to now the real me

They all seem to plea

For I am the only one who can

Save them from the evil man

Whose eyes are like snakes

Who always takes?

Nobody seems to know who I am

They wont even discuss it over a piece of lamb

They always wonder why

I keep looking into the sky

For I have nearly died thrice

And wonder who's throwing the dice

Nobody seems to see

How unhappy I can be

For I never seem to know

That death is coming with the speed of a bow

So I always seem to feel

The way my life slowly peel

Even if there is none there

I can always feel their stare

I know life can be tough

Be this is enough

I am only sixteen

Yet I have to keep my senses keen

Noone seem to care

They always stop and stare

I had enough of it

I feel like im falling in a pit

The only way I can stay a live

Is to take a terrible dive

There is nothing I can do

Professor snape is going boo ho

The only way out

Is to get rid of my fear and doubt

Before I lay down on my bed

I need to make sure voldemort is dead

Noone seems to see the real me

They always say come have a drink of tea

And then send me of to madam pomfe

And always repeat thing to me

For I already know I hold the key

To bring lord voldemort down with me

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