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Just a Jewel


Today started out like most days for me; I ate some breakfast, went to Emerald Beach and I chowed down on some of nature's perfect food: chilidogs. I was just laying in the sand, sunbathing, minding my own business, when almost on queue, that idiot Dr. Eggman floated down in another stupid Egg-o-matic of his.

"Ha ha ha! Prepare to die, you idiot hedgehog!" The self-proclaimed doctor shouted, firing a laser at me.

"I'm trying to have a relaxing day!" I retorted, jumping into the air and destroying with machine with the homing attack.

Eggman coughed a few times and then shouted "I'll be back!" as rocket-powered roller skates came out of his boots and he shot off. ROCKET-POWERED ROLLER SKATES! God, how can he be a genius and yet so stupid?

Anyway, after destroying his machine I landed on the ground and at the same moment, my feet felt wet. I looked down to see that I had landed in the shallow water on the beach and was up to my ankles in the wet stuff. I was about to go back to the nice, dry sand to continue my sunbathing when something brushed past my ankle. I looked down and saw what it was. I picked it up to examine it.

It was some sort of strange jewel. I carried it to a table with an umbrella to examine it more closely. It was a sky blue jewel, it was in the shape of a diamond and even had a string attached to it as if it were a necklace. I held it by the string and stared at it.


I was having lunch at the Emerald Beach beachside restaurant while plotting my next jewel heist when I noticed my friend Sonic walking by looking at a very beautiful jewel. "I WILL get that jewel." I muttered as I walked over to Sonic who was now at a table, looking, still, at that jewel.

"Hello Sonic." I said. First I would try just asking.

"Oh, hey Rouge. What do you want?" Sonic said, putting the jewel down on the table.

"I want that jewel." I said, reaching out my hand for it.

Sonic seemed to consider it for a moment and then said, "Nah. I think I'll keep it for now."

Damn... I'll try asking one more time "Aw, come on, PLEASE?" I asked again.

"Hmm... nope." Sonic responded.

Fine then, time for plan B. I leaned over the table at Sonic, exposing more of my chest than usual and said, "But Sonic, I would just LOVE to have that wonderful jewel that's on the table right now."


Now, I knew what Rouge was trying to do, and I tried my best to keep my eyes on her face, but I guiltily glanced down at her large breasts before I answered. "I-I think I'll keep it if that's fine with you."

"Well, can I at least look at it then?"

I thought about it for a bit. What's the harm? If she tries to leave with it, I could always catch her. "Alright..." I said reluctantly, handing her the jewel.


This hedgehog is smarter than he looks. Now that I had a closer look at the gem, I wanted it even more. I twiddled it in my fingers as I tried my final trick. "Sonic, since you seem to like jewels almost as much as me, it would be just GREAT if we could meet for dinner tonight."


I looked at Rouge. For some reason, I found that way that she played with that diamond incredibly attractive. Without thinking I said, "O-okay."

She smiled and looked genuinely happy. "That's great!" she held up the jewel. "Oh, and can you promise to bring this little pretty with you?"

Again, I answered without thinking. "Sure, whatever you say"

"Thanks. Just stop by my penthouse tonight at say, 6:00, and we'll go to the Chez Pierre from there." She smiled and kissed my on the cheek. I felt my face redden as she put the jewel back on the table and fly away. Once she was gone, the strange things I had been feeling were gone. What's going on here? And why am I having these thoughts about Rouge! "Well, I promised her, so I might as well go. Who knows, I might have a good time." Besides, no matter how hard it is to deny it, Rouge is HOT!

Later, I purchased a bouquet of roses and at 6 that evening, I got out of the elevator at the complex Rouge lived at, walk up to her penthouse doorway, took a deep breath and knocked twice.


Well, not much romance in this chapter, mostly Rouge just trying to get that jewel. And what is up with that jewel anyway? Is it just a jewel, or something more? I know, but you don't! (evil smile) Review please!