Just a Jewel

Chapter 4

A few days later...


I can't believe it! After all of these years, Sonic's finally noticing me! Not only that, but he is actually dating me! I don't know if he's doing this to make Rouge jealous or what, but I'm spending time with Sonic for the first time and that's fine with me!

After a fun outing with Sonic, I returned to my apartment, and a few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood Rouge.

"Why if it isn't Rouge." I said. "What an unpleasant surprise. Have you come for this?" I gestured to the jewel around my neck. "Because you're not getting it back"

"Contrary to how I might normally act, I just want to talk." Rouge said.

"Pssh. Yeah right." I said rolling my eyes.

"LISTEN!" Rouge said. "There is something up with that jewel. Haven't you noticed that Sonic has never shown any romantic interest in you whatsoever, and all of a sudden, you put the jewel around your neck and Sonic instantly dumps me and starts going out with you?"

"Are you sure that you aren't just jealous?" I smirked.

"Argh!" Rouge said. "I put the jewel on, and right afterwards, Sonic says he loves me! Then you put it on and he starts going out with you! Notice a similarity?"

I noticed the similarity, but I still thought Rouge was either jealous or being paranoid. "So? What are you going to do about it?"

"I propose a test." Rouge said.

"Well? Lets hear it."


I told her my plan.

"Wow." Amy began "That's a manipulative scheme."

"It's just to see if I'm right." I said.

"I don't know..." Amy said.

This was so frustrating! I was being sincere for once and the idiotic hedgehog didn't believe me! "Listen," I began "I won't touch that jewel once in this entire study. Okay?"

"Fineā€¦" Amy said, reluctantly.

"Good." I responded. "Meet me in the mystic ruins tomorrow." And with that, I left.


Amy and I met at the mystic ruins train station the next morning, we rehearsed a few times, and entered Tails' workshop. We weren't wearing anything unusual, although Amy wasn't wearing the jewel around her neck.

Tails looked up from his tinkering and said "Oh, hey ladies. How's it going?"

"Pretty good." Amy looked around the workshop and said "Hmmm... Your inventions are pretty cool, but I think Eggman's were more innovative."

"What!" Tails said, fuming. "My inventions are far better than his! He uses innocent animals to power his, and I've discovered perpetual motion!"

"Psh! Whatever." Amy said. "If you had agreed with me, I might just have given you a kiss."

"Wh-what?" Tails said, surprised by what she said. "I don't know what you're talking about, but no way!"

Amy just smiled and lifted the jewel over her head, placing it around her neck. Tails stiffened suddenly, staring at the jewel. His jaw dropped and his eyes unfocused. After a few seconds, he stared longingly at Amy.

"I-I agree." Tails stammered. "I-is it too late for that kiss?"

Amy blinked, surprised. She quickly grabbed the jewel and took it off of her neck. Almost instantly, Tails returned to normal.

"What the heck just happened?" Tails asked.

"Sorry for doing that to you Tails, but we had to be sure." I said. "We believed that this jewel has the ability to make others fall in love, but like I said, we had to be sure."

And so, for a while afterwards, Tails studied the jewel, using himself and us as test subjects. Finally, he came to a conclusion.

"Apparently, Tails said "Somehow, when you see this jewel very near to someone else of the opposite gender, it causes the pheromones in your body to go into a frenzy, leading to extreme attraction and in some cases, love. However, it does seem to be most powerful if you wear it around your neck."


I was faced with a tough choice now: let Sonic continue to love me, even if it's only fake love or tell him the truth and get rid of the jewel. Who cares if the love is real or not? Sonic loves me now, and I shouldn't goof it up!

But I would be manipulating the one I love by using a stupid jewel!

After a lot of contemplating and arguing with myself, I resolved to tell Sonic the truth.


I went to the beach where Rouge said Sonic found the jewel and I explained everything to him.

"So all this time, the strange feelings I've been having was caused by this jewel?" Sonic asked.

"That basically sums it up." I said weakly.

"Wow." Sonic said dumbstruck.

"And that's why I'm not going to let this jewel pollute the emotions of others!" I chucked the jewel into the ocean. "Although..." I said sadly. "It was fun while it lasted."

Sonic looked at me. "Hey... you wanna grab a pizza?"

"Are... are you asking me on a date?" I asked.

"Well... I don't know about that. How about we go as friends?"

"Sure." I smiled. It may not be a date, but it's a start.


It's been three days since we figured out what that jewel did. Right now, I was sitting on a bridge by Emerald Beach, hanging my feet in the water. So... Sonic never loved me. Even though I didn't particularly care much for him, it still made me feel bad to know that someone who did love me was being manipulated against his will into doing so. I sighed, and suddenly, something brushed past my ankle. "No way..." I said, lifting a sky blue jewel out of the water. I smirked. I'm going to have some fun with this!


Now, at the risk of being beaten up, the end! It may have seemed to end suddenly, but this was essentially a test fanfic for me, as I've never written romance in my life. I decided that since it was my first romance, I'd make it easier on myself by making the characters not have complete control of their emotions.

And now, I'll explain how the jewel works. You'll notice that every time Sonic becomes unable to refuse Rouge, Rouge has the jewel in her hand or around her neck. I forgot to write it (sweatdrop), but on the first date (when Sonic had the jewel on like a bracelet) Rouge actually did feel slightly more attracted to Sonic. When Amy had the jewel, the several perverts who wolf-whistled really had no control over their actions and were being controlled by the jewel. By the way, how many of you actually saw this coming?

Finally, I want the readers' opinions about what I should write next. And I'd like it if I got a reason why or why not to write one of these.

1. (A sequel to Just a Jewel) Rouge uses the jewel to bend people to her will, but later the jewel falls into the hands of others. A lot of weird pairings in this one.

2. (Not related to Just a Jewel) After Sonic refuses to date Amy once again, she goes to Rouge for help. Rouge sets out to teach Amy how to get Sonic to love her, but throughout the story, Rouge begins to have feelings for Sonic as well. What will happen?