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BB: I'm bored.

Rae: Nice to know.

BB: I know I'll try to make you laugh!
Rae: Joy, another attempt to try to make me laugh when you will only succeed in boring both of us further.

BB: Aw, come on Raven! I promise this joke won't fail!

Casui: Give him a chance, Rae!

Rae: Fine.

BB: OK, Why did the egg farmer go to his neighbor's yard?

Rae: …

Casui: WHY!

BB: To steal the other farmer's chickens! (Burst out laughing)

(casui and Raven look at each other)

Rae: That was a horrible joke.

BB: Well, I bet casui thought it was funny, right casui?

Casui: Uhh… I have to agree on Rae with that one. That just wasn't funny- at all.

BB: (-)

Rae: Well, now you see that I'm not the only one that thinks your jokes aren't funny.

BB: (still keeping bored face, it suddenly lights up) OK, I know! Why did cavemen hold their noses when they passed a dinosaur?

(Rae and casui look at each other again)

Both girls: Because the dinosaurs were extinct (in bored voice)

BB: (bored face) You guys sure know how to ruin a joke.

Rae: You can't ruin a joke that's already ruined from the start, Beast boy.

Casui: (laughs) That was a little funny!

BB: -

Casui: anyway, you guys know what MONKO means- if not go back to the first chap and find out!

BB: Enjoy the story- while I try to make these girls laugh!


Casui: is unfunny a word?

(BB and Raven shrug)


Summary: Starfire finds a letter under her windowsill telling her to meet Red X alone in an alley. Meeting him there, she discovers his secret on accident but also uncovers way more when she gets to know the man behind the mask. -Robin, being Star's boyfriend is naturally suspicious when Star sometimes is delayed coming to missions. When he follows her one night, all chaos lets loose. Will relationships be lost or found?

The Letter

Chapter 2: Trust in a Rose

Pools of blue looked into emerald jewels, staring blankly in shock. Finally, realizing that they were standing in an alley way simply staring at each other, they looked away and tried to regain control over themselves. Starfire jumped when she heard the villain in front of her speak her name, especially with such care and sorrow in his voice. He didn't even say it with the harsh voice he used in battle, it was so- so different.

"Hello, Star"

'Hello, handsome" she answered in her mind, still focusing on his muscular body. "You are Starfire, right?" he asked, not receiving an answer from the beautiful girl. "I apologize, where is Silky." she demanded, taking not time to get what she came for and get back to the tower, this way she wouldn't focus on the hot teen in front of her.

"Follow me, I'll lead you directly to him." he slipped on his mask quickly before Starfire could determine who he was. Red X started to run out of the alley way, but Star blocked him. "Don't you want your worm back?" "Who are you?" she asked, her voice softening. "Now, if I wanted you to know that, would I be wearing a mask?" she frowned, he had said that before when Robin had asked him.

"Now, if you'd excuse me." Red X moved by her as she flew out of his way. Flying over him, Starfire just couldn't help the blush that had made it's way onto her face. 'Why did he look so- different when his mask wasn't on?' her mind snickered at her thought 'Oh, I don't know, maybe because he didn't have on a mask and he actually looked hotter than Robin?'. Star mentally slapped herself as she tried to focus on the boy in front of her and which way he was going.

'How come she's following me so easily? She didn't even ask why I kidnapped this worm thing of hers' Red X wondered as he glared at the ground, angry that he had let her see his face. 'If I had gotten there earlier, I wouldn't be here right now! Why couldn't my plan work for once!'.

Both teens looked at each other, immediately looking the other way when their eyes locked. Finally Red X stopped and began to climb a fire escape in an alley way. Starfire flew up ahead of him and waited for him to stop at the rooftop. Instead, he stopped on the fifth floor of the seven-floor building he motioned for her to come. She flew down next to him. He crawled into the open window and then opened it fully once he was placed inside.

Starfire's eyes held confusion until she saw him pull something out of the closet inside the room that made her eyes light up in joy. "Silky!" she exclaimed, squeezing the little creature in her arms as he handed him to her. Suddenly Starfire realized that he had handed Silky over without any ransom or anything. "Just take him." he ordered, making Star look at him with a confused expression on her face.

"I will not leave until you return the money you have stolen from the depository of money store." Red X raised an eyebrow in confusion "You mean a bank?" she nodded. He almost laughed at how naïve she sounded "I can't." he answered, turning away from the window and going to close his closet. "Why not?" Starfire was entering the room from the window and, stepping onto the soda-stained rug, silky comfortable in her arms. "It's gone." he was facing her now, looking at her eyes-to-mask.

She had another confused expression upon her face. "I used it for something important." Starfire was about to ask what he had done with it but he had beat her to talking. "What are you still doing here, anyway? You got what you came for!" she flinched, she felt like she was getting flashbacks of when Robin had been yelling at her. But this time, the yell was weak, it felt like he was fighting back the urge to yell at her, and the yell itself sounded like he yelling but with care.

Starfire walked over to the boy that was now sitting on the bed of the room and was turned away from her. She put her hand on his shoulder, he jumped at the feel of her warm hand on his battle uniform. "Why do you seem so different from the other villains?" he looked at her, that was such a blunt question. "What do you mean villain? I'm a thief. That's all I can ever be accused of being, not a villain." he looked into her emerald of eyes, they showed honesty and care. "Why do you care." he stated, looking away from her "Because you did not look like a thief when I saw your face." his eyebrow's furrowed.

"So, just because I'm not as ugly as the other thieves you think I'm not one." "No." Starfire said immediately, not allowing him to go back into yelling mode. "I said that because, you looked- in your eyes-" he raised his eyebrows "What's wrong with my eyes?". She was quiet now, once again afraid of what to say "You should leave. I won't keep you here, it's late anyway." he lead her to the window in silence.

Starfire stared at his mask, it was so different. Yes, it did look the same as it did when Robin had it on- but the eyes behind the mask- they were different from his. They were- they were- 'Blue…just like a rose…' (Yes there are blue roses for those who do not know). As Starfire slipped through the window she whispered loud enough so that he could hear, "There was nothing wrong with your eyes- that's what's so different.".

Before Red X could ask her what she meant, Starfire had flown off, Silky curled up in her arms. He watched her fly off in awe 'Just like a rose…'.


"Starfire?" Raven could hear a muffled "Yes" from inside the room as she stepped inside. "Hey, you uhh... Called or something?" "Yes," Starfire leant up from her laid down position on the bed and motioned for her to sit next to her.

Starfire was surprised to see Raven had her hood down and looked as if she were in a particularly in a good mood. "I just wanted to ask you something." Raven was silent, knowing that it wasn't smart to interrupt when someone began with a sentence like that. Seeing Raven's nod, Star began to continue "Is it bad if your blood pressure goes up tremendously from the pumper?". "Pumper? Uhh… I think you mean heart." she nodded and looked up at Raven for a solution.

"What do you mean?", she was sitting Indian-style on the bed as Star let her legs hang over on the side. "When I saw- him. He made my heart" she said slowly, trying out the new word "beat faster. Is this bad?". "Uhh… You may want to talk to Robin about that, Starfire" her face had a pinkish tinge to it as she talked "No!" Starfire said immediately, Raven not expecting this fell over.

"Oh, are you alright?" "Yea, I only fell on my spine." she moaned, taking Star's hand to be lifted up. "Why don't you want to tell Robin?" she put a hand on her shoulder as she sat back up on the bed. "It isn't- Robin…" "Who then- Wait a minute, Starfire." Raven's voice was now back in it's monotone ness.

Raven walked towards the wall near the door and quickly slapped her hand against it harshly. She smirked "Well, look what we have here…" she dropped a fly in her other hand as Starfire walked up to her. "Is that-" Star began Raven simply nodded.



BeastBoy was a cheetah, sprinting down the hall as Raven and Starfire came flying towards him. He was only one hallway ahead of them so getting away from their fury wasn't going to be easy. BB quickly entered Cyborg's room and closed the door shut.

"How'd it go?" Cyborg stood up from his seat by the computer to walk over to BeastBoy. "Not so good. They're coming this way now!" "What! Hurry, up get in the closet!" he pushed BeastBoy in his electronics closet before BB could protest. A booming knock was heard at the door "Who is it?" Cyborg sang, trying to sound like he had no clue who was at the door. No answer, the knock boomed louder.

Cyborg sighed and opened the door, there stood the two girls of the team, fuming like there was no tomorrow. "Have you seen Beast Boy?" "Haven't seen him." he replied, Raven gave him a look but believed him.

"Phew" he sighed after they left, closing the door. BeastBoy walked out of the closet with the bottom of a mop on his head "That sure was close.". He sighed though Cyborg laughed "What?" "Your head, man!" "Wha?" BB looked at his head "GAH! I'M A MOP!". Cyborg shook his head as he laughed, taking the mop-bottom and throwing it back in his closet.

"What'd you find out?" Cyborg asked, immediately getting to the point. "Star's in love with some guy." Cyborg laughed "You mean Robin?" he kept on laughing until he saw BB shake his head no. "Not Robin, some other guy." "Really? Who?" he shrugged "I didn't get a chance to find out before I was slapped off the wall". At this, Cyborg laughed but shook it if as his face grew serious. "If Star doesn't like Robin, who does she like?" again BB shrugged. "What if it's one of us!" BB exclaimed.

Cyborg thumped his head "Yeah, right dude. She knows that we only think of her as a friend." BB nodded "Just hope Raven doesn't think that.." "Say what?" Cyborg asked. "N-nothing! EH- Goodnight" he saluted his friend and ran off towards his room. Cyborg scratched his head in confusion as he went over to charge himself and sleep.


That morning…

Robin got dressed quickly and ate a few eggs, by the time he was done with breakfast it was already noon. He went down to the garage and started up his motorcycle. Before he knew it, he was out on the rode driving towards WAYNE industries. Parking his cycle by the fence he walked over to the mansion doors. He knocked nice and loud so that the butler would here him.

Albert Pennyworth opened the door and smiled, "Hello Master Grayson, You would like to see Master Wayne, I presume?" Robin nodded stepping in to his old home. "Hello ,Robin." Robin turned his attention to the smiling man in his late forties. (Remember this is before Batman Beyond came which is why he isn't older).

-Eventually, Bruce and Robin found themselves seated at a coffee table in the upstairs dinning room. Bruce picked up his cup and let it trickle it's hot juice down his throat. "Ah" he said breathing out cinnamon scented breath "So what are you here for? I have a feeling this is no ordinary visit.". Robin looked up at him and removed his mask, knowing he was safe where he was.

"I've got a problem with Star." "Star?" Bruce raised an eyebrow, setting his tea down. "Starfire" he said saying her whole name this way he'd remember his girlfriend. "Oh. Romance problems, huh?" Robin nodded solemnly "Heh, you know I'm not exactly good in that category.". Robin shook his head "Just give me the best advice you can, ok?" Bruce nodded, seeing that he wasn't really asking that he would do it but already knew that he'd do it for him.

Robin sighed and began to explain what had happened about Red X. Bruce simply nodded when the times were necessary but didn't interrupt once. "Well?" Robin said, letting Bruce know he was finished. "You have to apologize." "What do you mean I have to?" he asked, always knowing that he used exact words. "From the way this Starfire's personality is, she would be hurt if you don't apologize. It seems that way anyway." Robin was silent for a few minutes.

"Thanks. I think I can handle the rest of the situation on my own." he got up and pushed the chair in and went towards the door to leave. "Hey Robin," he looked back, Bruce was smirking and swinging his eye mask around "Leaving without this?". Robin smirked and put on his eye mask "Thanks, Bruce." "You coming over for Christmas, Robin?". He smiled, looking back at the older Batman "I always do.".


At Titans Tower…

Starfire looked out her window and gazed out at the sky. It was a perfect day, but what made the day so dull was that she was bored on this perfect day. Suddenly, there was a knock on her door she lit up in joy that some one was there! She ran over to the door and opened the door with a broad smile on her face.

Her smile faded as she saw who was at the door. "Hello, Robin." she said solemnly, aggression in her eyes. "Hey Star, I just came to apologize-" "About what." her heart was thumping in her chest though her mind was filled with confusion. "Well, I was kind of pushing you to tell me what had happened and everything" she was leaning against the door now, her eye brows raised.

Robin pulled on his shirt "Is it hot in here- or?" "You were saying, Robin?" he gulped. Oh yeah, she was angry at him and him making excuses wasn't making 'saying simply sorry' any easier. "What I mean to say is that I'm- I'm sorry, Starfire." Star couldn't help the small smile that crept onto her face. "Apology excepted!" her smiled became toothy as she embraced him in a tight hug.

"Aww…Look how cute they look together!"

Immediately, Robin turned his head down the hallway was, BeastBoy and Cyborg just smirking away. Robin pulled apart from Star with a blush on his face, Starfire not prepared for him to break apart, fell forward and toppled onto Robin putting them in an uncomfortable position on the floor.

Cyborg and BeastBoy's faces were completely red with laughter as they tried to hold it in. Raven came right around the corner and her eyes widened "I guess this hallway is occupied-" she turned the opposite way to take the longer route to her room. As Robin's blush grew redder Starfire got up and walked into her room, seeing that Robin was embarrassed to be seen with her.

"Starfire?" Robin called as the door closed in his face, he glared and switched his view to BB and Cyborg. If looks could kill Cy and BB would be dead. "Uhh… Come on Cy, let's go play Stankball!" "Eh heh heh, yeah! Let's ask Raven to referee!" with that, the two were off and out of there before Robin could release his rage. Robin sighed and shook his head at the two as he walked off towards his room.


At Rolland Park…( I don't know if that's the name)

Joey sprinkled water on the place he had planted the rose seed and stood, smiling. "There! She should start growing soon." he looked up into the sky and saw the bright day start to dim, sunset would come soon.

He sighed, wishing that he could spend the sunset time with someone other than the small Rose seed in the ground. He walked over to the lake and threw a rock, it plunged into the water, into the depths below. Joey frowned, picking up a flatter rock and throwing it out into the water, it skipped happily across the liquid until it lost it's pep and fell into the sea.

Joey wished so much that he could see Starfire again, she was beautiful, caring, understanding, and what she had said about his eyes just made him melt. He couldn't take it! He wanted to see her more than anything, just then he smiled getting an idea. The idea was the riskiest of all, but it was an idea and it was definitely better than going out and stealing something so he could just battle her.


Inside Titan's Tower…

Starfire sighed, slumping against her windowsill. She was right back where she was yesterday. Another Sunset wasted away, no one to share it with- she wasn't desperate to share it with someone though, Silky was with her watching too. But, he wasn't really what she had wanted to share such a romantic moment with.

She decided right there that she wouldn't even look at the Sunset it made her feel so depressed. She literally fell on her bed and squeezed her pillow until feathers came out. Silky slithered onto her bed and snuggled up against her leg, she rubbed his back as he squeaked affectionately. Star sighed and laid on her back, looking straight at the ceiling, it was so plain- so white but then again, it was beautiful. The color white did match with all colors plus the color white was the color of- 'A rose…'.

"Red X" she whispered, sitting up, accidentally knocking Silky down he snorted. "Oopsie! Sorry, Silky-chan." she picked him up and walked over to her rose pot sitting in the windowsill. Star began to sing a tamaranian song to the plant. "Knock Knock" she heard someone say, she looked up, there staring at her was Red X's mask. But, she saw through it to the smiling boy she had seen before.

Starfire almost automatically opened her window "Why are you here." she said it as a statement to try and seem that she wasn't excited to see him, which was a lie. "I just wanted to see if you wanted to come watch the sunset?" Star blinked at him 'he came for just the reason I wanted him to…'. "Will you come with me?" Starfire was frozen, as if debating whether this was right or not. "Where will we go?" she asked, he smiled "Just trust me.".

'Just trust me- that word trust again…' the fight was replaying in her mind again before she took his hand and let him guide her down the tower. He was holding her in a bridal-style position that actually made Starfire comfortable. She couldn't believe she was allowing him to do this, but it just felt so- so- right. 'How could something right be wrong?' she asked herself, smiling as she snuggled against his chest making them both blush a bit.

(Note: I know Star can fly, a duh. But since she didn't know where they were going he carried her. Ok?)


On top of a hill somewhere out of Jump-City…

"Thanks" Starfire jumped out of Red X's arms and scooted about two feet away from him and took a seat. They both stared out into the Sunset, the ocean tickling the sun lightly as it went down, it simply made Starfire smile. Red X looked down at Starfire, she was just smiling there as if she really wanted to be here 'Does she? She did come along…'.

A pregnant pause passed over them, it was truly scary for it to be quiet for so long. Finally Red X made a sound, he threw a rock. Starfire watched the shiny object skip across the ocean and plunge into the sea. "How did you-" "You Don't know how?" he raised an eyebrow. She frowned, aggression in her face "I'll try" she picked up a flat rock, threw it, and watched it plunge into the water, not skipping once. Her sweat dropped as Red X giggled slightly, he tossed another rock which skipped without a flaw.

"It's not so easy if you think it is." he took her hand in his and placed a rock in it. "Just give it a nice flat toss, like when you toss your beams" "Starbolts" she corrected, smiling. He laughed "Sorry, Starbolts.". She angled her hand just the way he had instructed and gave it a toss, it plopped instead of plunged into the ocean.

"You'll get the hang of it eventually." he sat down, smiling to himself. She sat next to him and began to whistle the tamaranian song she had been singing before. "What song is that?" Red X asked, liking the tune "Oh, it's a song from my planet, Tamaran." "Oh, it sounded like Moonlight". She nodded, grinning "It is, translated in English, it's the same as Moonlight.".

"Really? Can you sing it?" he asked, dropping a rock in the ocean below. Star nodded, a pink tinge on her cheeks. Then all was quiet again before Starfire opened her mouth and began to sing shyly:

Crystal sea,

Can you feel my tears?

Please, save me

From my fears!

Will you guide me through?

To make it, I'll use all my might!

Please, I can't survive without you!

Please, direct me in the Moonlight.

Sunset sets upon the sea

I feel so alone in these harsh times

Can't anyone help me?

Umm.. I forget what line this is.

Red X laughed when Starfire sung that last line "I don't want to burden anyone with my fears, they are mine." he finished for her. "You're a good singer, you know that?" she smiled and looked down to hide her slight blush "Thanks".

"Are you going to finish?" he asked her, she nodded shyly "What's your name?" the question hit him like a rock to the head.

He was silent for a while before he turned his head to face her. 'Those emerald eyes…' Star heard him mumble something "Hmm?" he mumbled something again but said it louder. She put her face closer to his in order to hear better, a strong blush covered Red X's whole face as she crept closer. 'SPIT IT OUT!' he yelled in his mind "My name's Joey.".

Starfire smiled 'Joey…'.


Robin knocked on his girlfriend's door only to have no one answer. "Star? I was wondering if you'd like to go on the rooftop to see the Sunset?" no reply. He sighed and tried to go inside "Access denied" "Star are you there?". No reply. He sighed again and walked off. 'Does she really love me? … Do I really love her?'.


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