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Summary: Starfire finds a letter under her windowsill telling her to meet Red X alone in an alley. Meeting him there, she discovers his secret on accident but also uncovers way more when she gets to know the man behind the mask. -Robin, being Star's boyfriend is naturally suspicious when Star sometimes is delayed coming to missions. When he follows her one night, all chaos lets loose. Will relationships be lost or found?

The Letter

Chapter 3: Secrets in the flames

Six A.M at Titan's tower…

Starfire woke up and walked into the bathroom, it was early only like 6 am but Starfire felt like going for a walk in the park. She picked up a hairbrush and swooped her hair over her shoulder and began to lightly brush. She hummed and closed her eyes as she brushed it out of it's puffy-morning-look. She smiled at herself in the mirror and brushed her teeth, smiling as she gargled water.

Now, Star was in the shower just humming the song she had sung last night. For some particular reason, she was in a good mood today. As she walked out of the bathroom door with her clothes on and her hair dripping wet she ran into someone. "Good Morning Raven!" she smiled at her gothic friend. Raven grumbled something and then realized Star was standing in front of her.

"Oh, hey Starfire." she was half-asleep, she could tell "What are you doing up so early?" Star simply shrugged "I want to venture out into the GLORIOUS day of today this way I may meet you all at breakfast and dinner without skipping it!". "I see your back to your bubbly self" the girls looked back down the hall to see Robin walking towards them, sleep in his eyes.

"GOOD MORNING GOOD FRIEND ROBIN!" she walked over and suffocated him in a hug. "Uh- Star, can you put me down?" Star placed him back on his feet and smiled. He gave a weak smile and waited near the wall because Raven had just gone inside the bathroom. "Robin, would you like to join me in the eating of pizza later this afternoon?" "Sure" Robin answered, glad that Starfire was happier than the last two days. "Make that a double sure!" "Triple!" the couple looked back down the hall at Cyborg and BeastBoy who were more than happy for an invitation for pizza.

"GLORIOUS! Raven?" the whole team surrounded the bathroom, awaiting Raven's answer. "Yeah, sure." "HOORAY!" the team cheered as Starfire walked past them with a grin covering her face.

Unlike the rest of the team which was talking and cheering outside the bathroom, Raven was wonder some 'She said another guy besides her boyfriend made her heart beat faster. So, she's in love with another guy but the question is…who?'.


In a Grandma's Garden shop in downtown Jump City…

Joey trickled some water over the pots of blue roses growing happily in the store. He whistled a song as his little brother snuck up behind him. "BOO!" "Gah!" Joey turned, pretending to be frightened as he saw his little brother, Gavin pretending to be a ghost. "Oh no a ghost!" he pretended like he was terrified and gave out a fake scream "It's only me, Joey!", Joey gasped and picked up his brother. "Why you little dog! You scared me half to death" he tickled him, smiling at his laughter. Joey placed him back on the floor "What are you doing in the front of the store? Aren't you supposed to help in the back today?".

Gavin nodded, a guilty look on his face. "I just wanted to try to water the plants for once" he smiled at his little brother's frown "Then why don't you try". He handed his brother the watering hose as his eyes widened in awe. "Cool!" Gavin jumped out of his arms and started to spray the flowers. "Your not bad bro'" he ruffled his hair as his little brother giggled with mischief.

Joey raised an eyebrow as the hose turned his way and started spraying his clothes. "Ah! Gavin!" they both laughed as he put hands up to his face to protect himself from the water coming at him. They were having a grand old time until- "JOEY! GAVIN! WHERE ARE YOU TWO!".

The two boys looked at each other in panic. Quickly, Joey started wringing his clothes over the flowers as Gavin turned off the hose. But, by the time everything was situated it was already to late. Joey and Gavin froze at the sound of two high heel boots click-clack-clacking across the marble floor. "Well. Well, your grandmother sure isn't going to be happy about this will she, Joey-kun?" Joey and Gavin sent dark glares at the woman standing in the hall. "I'll clean it up, there's no need to get all mean about it." the young woman shot a glare at Joey as he grabbed a mop that was sitting on the counter.

"No need to get an attitude, Joey-kun. I won't tell your grandma- that is, if you go out with me?" the girl stepped closer to the teen, he ignored her. "Well, Joey-kun?" she was only inches away from him now and that only made him more annoyed. "I'd rather date this mop and I hope I wasn't too polite when I said that" he grinned as she fumed "Why are you so cruel to me! No one else goes out with you anyway!". Joey looked up, straight into the girl's sharp hazel eyes.

"You don't know that and if you keep it up with your 'charm' you never will." the brunette girl stepped back in shock. 'That was cold of me, she looks like she's going to cry now. Ugh! Why am I such a jerk all the time! As Red X and as myself!' he gritted his teeth as he scolded himself inwardly. "Brother, you didn't mean that did you?" Joey gasped and looked down at the shocked sea-blue eyes of his little brother "Of course not, I'm sorry-". He gulped before saying the next word, not believing he was truly sorry "Sorry, Lila".

The brunette girl Joey had called Lila smiled in contentment and ran over and pinched his cheek. "Oh it's ok Joey-kun!" she made a face though when he slapped her hand away "Anyway, I just came to thank you guys for the donation.". "Oh" he scratched the back of his neck "Did you deliver the money to your sick cousin?" "Yes I did, he says thanks… Say,". Her voice became sly, both boys in the hallway sweat dropped as if expecting what would happen next.

"Why DID you donate to us? Unless you really truly care and you actually are playing hard-to-get with me!" she started babbling at that moment at how happy they'd be together. Joey and his brother sighed as they snuck out of the hall into the back room to get away from the obsessed girl. "Phew" they exclaimed when they couldn't hear her rants anymore.

"Brother?" "Hmm?" Joey looked down again at his brother tugging on his shirt for attention. "Why did you dwonate to wiwa?" he asked trying to pronounce the words as best as he could. Joey laughed "Because, us poor people stick together when in time of need.". Gavin looked up at his brother's determined face "No matter if that person's even 'Wiwa'" he said half-laughing, his brother nodded knowing he was serious. Gavin nodded and smiled, he then took off his wet shirt and swung at his brother.

"GAH!" Joey began chasing his brother in the back of the store as he laughed along with him. "You really need to loosen up Nii-chan!" Gavin said to the teen who had just caught him. Suddenly, his older brother frowned and quickly replaced it with a smile. "Your- Your right, so lets loosen you up!" he then began tickling the happy five year old with joy that was until Lila found them again…



Water trickled down and was sucked into the soil. The rose seed inside felt tickled as if sucked up the water happily, listening to the song it's owner was singing. "Moonlight…Oh shining moonlight!" Starfire twirled around and smiled at the pot of soil, inside a beautiful creation was going to be bornSuddenly, she paused staring at the seed through the minerals and soil. 'Why did Joey' she felt her heart begin to pump harder as she thought and she placed her hand upon it. Swallowing, she recollected herself and began to think again- but her heart was still beating like a drum in a rock-in-roll band.

'Why did he' she thought, avoiding his name 'give me this'. She lifted the pot in curiosity and let her emerald eyes wonder over it freely. "What's that?" "EEEP!" Star shrieked, not expecting to hear the voice that had asked the question. Quickly turning around and hiding the pot behind her back she faced a green-skinned teammate of hers.

"Hello good-friend BeastBoy, may I ask why you are intruding my room?" she said, panting. He looked at her suspiciously "Just came to tell ya' we were going out for pizza. Why? Can't I come say hi anywayz" ,he asked a street-accent in his voice. Her sweat dropped "Of course- I was just eh- star muffled to see you!" BB raised an eyebrow "Startled?" she nodded.

"Anyway Star, wanna' hear a new joke! I've been practicing this way I can make Raven laugh…" Now it was Starfire's turn to raise and eyebrow. 'He sure is- what's the word… persistent to make her laugh…' "What's that?" she snapped out of her thoughts, knowing he was talking of the rose pot. "It's nothing!" BB raised an eyebrow "Can I see it?" "No!".

Now, BB and Star were fighting over the pot, going in all different positions just to get sight of it.

"Aww come on Star!"


"I won't tell anyone I promise!"

"Please BeastBoy! Respect my wishes and- GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"

BB smirked "Raven's robbing off on you, watch out.". At that Star actually had to smile, 'Watch out-' she began in her mind, 'Cyborg's rubbing off on you'. But with that thought, Starfire had lost her control over stopping Beast Boy, causing him to rush through and grab the pot. "A flower pot?" Star froze at those words, she was caught. Red handed in the act of watering it too. It wouldn't take long before BB figured out who gave the pot to her- being an animal, he could trace down his scent…

'I feel…that word…that word Raven felt about Beast Boy once…guilty' Star felt her eyes droop in fear. BB began to examine the pot in his hands with curiosity, confused over why Starfire would get so worked up about it. "Umm…Star?" Starfire nodded to show she was listening "It's a…flower pot?". She nodded again in shame. BB just stared at her, like he had never seen her before.

Without making a sound he placed the pot back on the windowsill, waved to Star and walked out of the room.


"Well BB, find anything?" the mechanical mechanism in his ear hummed.

"Nothin' much. 'Cept this one thing she was trying to hide."

Cyborg rolled his reclining chair towards his computer. "'Cept what?" he asked, mimicking BB's accent. "This flower pot." Cy's eyebrows rose. "Did you say a flower pot?" "Yeah. What if that guy Star likes gave it to her?" Cyborg almost laughed, he couldn't believe BB was getting suspicious over A FLOWER POT!

"Did you ever think that Robin got her the flower pot, this way she could put flowers in them?" BeastBoy glared as he turned a corner in the hallway. "Yes! I maybe dumb but I'm not stupid!" (that's my line!) Cyborg raised his eyebrows in confusion "Ok, maybe I should reword that…". The two boys laughed as BB turned another corner, there stood a Goth girl reading a book and walking right towards him…


A glare met his green eyes as he got up. "Sorry Rae," he put out a hand to help her up. "Yeah, just make sure you don't go bonking into me again!" she said the word "again" fiercely as she stood up on her own. She shot him another glare of fury before she went by him, pushing him on the shoulder purposely as she did.

"What's your problem?" BB asked, trying not to sound to annoyed or angry. Raven didn't answer she just turned the corner, turning pages in her book hastily. BeastBoy heard a familiar buzz in his ear "I'm sorry, what you say Cy?" he asked, shooting a glare at the corner of the hallway.

"I said, what was that about?"

"I dunno. Do you know what's up with Raven?"

"No," Cyborg shook his head as the door to his room burst open. There was the very own green boy he had been talking to. BB sat in the chair opposite Cyborg and tore out the earpiece from his left ear. "What's wrong?" "Nothing" BB lied, Cyborg shrugged it off, figuring he didn't want to talk about it.

What was bothering BeastBoy though, was the book Raven was reading. 'Was she really reading that?' the book was called "How to get HIM to notice you, by Joyce McDrae" (I don't know if that's a real book if it is- oopsie, don't own it.). She was reading a how-to-get-the-guy-you-want-guide but the thing that bothered BeastBoy the most was… 'Whom?'…


At a PIZZA shop in downtown Jump City…

Robin leant back in the restaurant chair as he watched his teammates fight over the last slice of pizza.

"Come on! Let me have it!"

"No way, man! This slice is mine!"

"NO! I claim the slice of wondrous cheese for myself!"

"Fine! Raven will decide!"

"This is truly," Raven paused letting herself set into sulking mode "pointless.". "Aww, come on Raven! Just choose which one of us should get it!" BB said, flashing her a charming smile and wiggling his ears. Raven's eyebrow twitched in annoyance "Why don't you guys just spin a bottle or something to see which one gets it.".

The three fighting-over-pizza-titans looked at each other and shrugged, not really caring. "Robin?" The boy wonder looked up to see two shining emerald eyes looking back at him. He nodded to acknowledge her "Will you spin the bottle of choosing?". He blinked in confusion for a moment and then nodded "Sure.".

Robin spun the tiny bottle of glass. It swung round and round, watching from Cyborg's to Starfire's to Beastboy's appalled faces and then to Raven's bored one. A whistling sound whizzed out of the hollow bottle along with a few droplets of V-Cola. Finally the bottle began to slow, the three hungry titans moved closer to the glass object in excitement.

The bottle mad a tiny screeching noise as it came to a halt in front of BeastBoy. "YES!" he exclaimed "Congratulations…" Raven sighed sarcastically. "Oh no! That ain't fair!" Cyborg argued, beginning to reach for the pizza. "HEY! That's mine!" Before they knew it, Cyborg and BB were both fighting over getting to the pizza before the other.

Starfire looked down in sadness, Robin frowned and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Suddenly, a flash of white flew across the sky and landed in front of him. "What the-" all the titans began as they saw a short, one-legged seagull land near the last slice. The seagull stared at the appalled faces of the titans for a moment before swooping it's beak into the pizza slice.

Before any of the titans could even breathe the seagull was off, taking BB's slice along with him. Cyborg's and Beastboy's jaws dropped.


"Looks like it" Raven said, taking a sip from the last bit of her Herbal tea.

BB fumed, sending a look at Raven. She ignored it completely. While BB and Rae fumed silently Cyborg looked up into the sky, teary-eyed "The bird took the pizza!". Robin's sweat dropped He's beginning to act like BeastBoy…' suddenly he felt his face grow warm as he felt something lean against him. It was Starfire, sleeping soundly as if she hadn't noticed the seagull-incident.

'Summer Days just sittin' around…and when the Sun goes down I'll be ready to party…Ain't nothin' like them Summer nights!' the restaurant radio hummed.

Robin smiled inwardly, it was good to be him…Everything seemed to stand still for a moment, just all in peaceful silence. Seagulls, chirping and fighting over pizza in the air. A nice warm day, and it was almost sunset.

'Keep the top on drop, all the girls looking' hot. Hit the volo and we just don't stop! Party until the morning' light…ain't nothin' like them Summer Nights!'

Robin's smile grew into a wide grin. This was just how he liked it, hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend watching the sunset and eating pizza. Everything was just- just- 'Perfect' he sighed. 'Life can be good sometimes…' he thought as he felt his eyelids droop- when all of a sudden-


Starfire woke up with alarm, she looked at the communicator Robin had just taken out. "Trouble" he announced, 'There goes my perfect evening'.


Joey was beginning to close up the shop. Everything was calm, no trouble, no cold, just a warm Summer Night. He smiled and shook his head to the beat of his pocket-radio.

'Summer Days just sittin' around and when the sun goes down…I'll be ready to party…Ain't nothin; like them Summer Nights'

Everything WAS perfect. Well, that's what he thought it was. In fact he thought it was so perfect that he fell half-asleep, leaning against the glass windows as a 'customer' came in the store. Five minutes later, Joey awoke with a alarm at the smell of thick smoke in the air…'Fire'…


Running, running through the store Joey went wild searching for his brother. "GAVIN! Gavin answer me!" he could feel the heat pounding on his face and the sweat running off his brow. But he could also feel his heart pounding against his chest with worry 'Gavin! Lila! Grandma!' Gavin and Grandma were his only family left and he couldn't, no wouldn't lose them!


Joey turned immediately, even though he barely heard the cry he had heard it and there was no chance on his life that he was going to ignore it. "GAVIN! Gavin! Where are you!" he started throwing boxes and pots of flowers and anything else in his way. "Gavin!" "Over here!". He turned to see a large case of roses enclosed in a storage box by the wall. Without even thinking, he rushed over to the box and began to push it.

He grunted. How did roses ever get this heavy? "Brother! I can't- I can't -cough- breathe!" "Hang on Gavin! Don't speak anymore! Take short breaths!". 'Push harder damn it! HARDER! He won't die- not like…' a picture of his parents, grandfather, and older sister flashed before his mind. He felt tears burn at his eyes as the box began to topple over. 'Yes!' he cheered in his mind.


Gavin rushed into his arms, automatically. "It's ok, bro. I'm here." he let his brother sob into his clothes. There on the ground he saw a fainted Lila and Gavin's pair of shoes. 'Hmm…' "Gavin," Joey set him down. Gavin nodded "Do you know where Grandma is?" he nodded again. "Last timez I saw her she waz' at the front desk.".

"Alright. Gavin, I'm going to get you and Lila out of here. Once your out I don't want you to come back in under ANY circumstances do you understand me!" the scared little boy nodded. "Good" he kissed his brothers cheek and whispered in his ear, "You have to be strong, ok?". Gavin nodded one more time before he felt himself being picked up by his brother again.

Joey grabbed Lila by the waist and threw his brother on his shoulders. Without even pausing for a rest he sprinted off, avoiding every obstacle in his way. "Brother!" Gavin called suddenly "Yeah?" "Are you going to come back after you dwrop me and wiwa off?". Joey paused before answering, "Yes, I will." "Promise?" he paused again, longer this time "Promise."

Suddenly a large beam, engulfed with fire fell in front of them. Gavin screamed. "It's alright, Gavin! We'll just go the other way." he grunted running towards the staff room. Flames burned with intensity all around them, making evil looking smoke figures above them. "I need you to hold your breath, ok?" Gavin nodded, puffing up his cheeks. Joey held his breath too and knelt down. With difficulty, he crawled across the lit room and to the emergency exit. (If u think it's easy crawling in a flaming room, with two people on your back and smoke above you, your wrong so don't smirk saying "It shouldn't be hard to crawl").

Finding himself in front of the exit, he felt his brother pound on his back in need for air. "You can breathe now" Gavin let out a huge huff and began to breathe in and out deeply. Joey smiled and pushed on the exit-door, sending an alarm system to go off and the authorities to be called.

-The night air cooled the sweat leaking off his body, as Joey let Lila and Gavin down. "I need you to stay out here, ok?" Gavin nodded, trusting that his brother would come back 'He promised.'. Joey smiled, giving his brother one last hug and rushing inside.



The Teen Titans arrived at the scene of a smoking gardening shop and a certain criminal running down the street. "Johnny Rancid" Robin sneered, drawing his metal pole.

as HUMAN, no bird. If he called BeastBoy that, Robin would understand- but him? I mean, that's just dumb. This is why, Robin just couldn't take it anymore. He didn't even bother with an opening line "Titans go!". (I know I haven't been putting opening lines for Robin, sorry. They're just hard to make-up).

Cyborg put himself into battle-ready-position, he felt a familiar electronic charge running through his arm. He smiled, aiming straight at Rancid. He fired his sonic-cannon and watched a bit of smoke arrive from the ground. "Cyborg!" he looked left of him to see Robin "Be careful, if anything blows up over here it's going to make that fire bigger!". Cy watched his spiky-haired teammate point towards the flaming flower shop.

Cyborg frowned, sometimes he hated it when that boy wonder was right. He was about to lunge after Rancid with every punch he had when a firefighter interrupted him.

The firefighter stopped in front of Johnny Rancid, his arms stretched out. "Stop! We don't need fighting going on right now. The fire's going out of control!" the whole team of teenagers, looked over a the shop. Their faces held shock, as if they had just noticed the fire.

"Starfire! Raven! BeastBoy! Take care of Rancid, me and Cyborg can handle anything needed to be cared for in the fire!" Robin ordered, rushing forward towards the fire. The other four titans just looked at each other. The same 'paleeeseee' expression on all their faces.

Disobeying their leader, the four titans ran over to assist Robin. Robin's sweat dropped as he saw his teammates run past him 'Why must they always be so stubborn!'.

-BeastBoy and Raven started to help the firefighters. BB was turning into various animals that could spray more water onto the flames faster than the hoses could. Raven was using her powers to cast shields over the flames so that the fire wouldn't spread. Starfire had gone above, she was looking for any people around the fire so she could bring them to safety.

Cyborg and Robin were busy taking care of Rancid. (These are the exact opposite of the orders he gave-lol) Starfire's eyes began to wonder off to Robin, whom was throwing one of his birderangs at Rancid. Her eyes softened; she watched him be all heroic and brave. That was one if the good qualities about him, but with the good qualities came the bad; such as over determination and being bossy at times.

She sighed. Sometimes she just felt like staring at him forever, but she knew it wasn't right. Especially when there's a fire right beneath you and there's a little boy in an alleyway calling for your help…Wait. Boy in an alleyway calling for your help? Starfire looked down at the alleyway near the fire, alert in her eyes.

There was a small little boy with a ashy hoodie on in the alleyway, shouting up at her. She started to fly towards him, but as she did for some reason a picture of that same boy except older flashed in front of her eyes. Then three names came into her head Joey, Red X, and…Robin.

She landed next to the boy whom was now crying. "Do not cry these tears of sadness," she kneeled down and wiped away his tears. He sniffled, she gave a small smile "What is wrong?". "My- bro- brother…he said that he would be back and he would be ok…" Starfire's eyebrows furrowed. "Back from where?" the boy gulped and pointed a shaky finger at the burning building next to them.

Starfire's eyes looked over at the fire, bravery suddenly came to her. "Do you know where he is?" the boy sniffled but nodded, "He's with grandma…at the front desk.".


Back entranceway of Grandma's Gardens…

Starfire coughed. It certainly wasn't healthy in here. 'Well DUH, there's only like fire and smoke EVERYWHERE AROUND YOU!' Starfire's bad side snickered in her mind. (If you don't know about Star's bad side, watch THE END II episode). She gritted her teeth, why did her conscience do that to her?…Evil conscience.

Ignoring her bad-self, Star flew through the smoke, using her star bolts as light. "Hello?" she asked the flames, flying down to a spot on the floor that wasn't flaming. She began to walk a bit, passing objects that were burnt on the ground and dodged objects that were falling.

"Ah!" Star flew up into the air and quickly went to the right. A support beam that had flames on it from top to bottom collapsed just inches away from Star's face. 'My god, that was close.' 'Your tellin' me.' her bad side smirked. She rolled her eyes, not stepping on the ground again.

All of a sudden there was a loud moaning sound and Starfire saw a bunch of dust fall from the ceiling. 'It's going to fall…The whole building…' She bit her lip in determination. 'I have to find his brother and grandmother!' her bad side rolled her eyes 'And you say Robin's over determined…HELLO! The place is going to fall! Let's get out of here! Forget the stupid boy! You and I could die!'.

Starfire shook her head. She knew her bad side was right, very right in fact; But she was a Teen Titan and a good person, she would never abandon anyone just to save her own life.

An ashy door with smoke blasting out from under it sat in front of Starfire. With great effort, she blasted it pushed it open, not using her powers in case the fire may spread. Automatically, Star had to hold her hand up to her face to block the smoke and fire. It was like an ocean…the flames were splashing out everywhere and the smoke was clouding the air…Like a beach on a misty day…Star hated this beach.

Suddenly, through the smoke Starfire heard a rough cough and a wheeze. She rushed forward, knowing someone had to be there. Star gasped. There in front of her was a flaming desk with a young boy that was barely standing carrying an older woman that looked either unconscious or dead. Around them was a storm of smoke, squeezing and suffocating them like a snake.

-Joey looked up, his eyelids falling and his breath catching. "Starfire…" he whispered before falling down into the deadly smoke and ashes. The last thing he saw was two beautiful emerald green eyes gazing into his, her face was lovelier than a rose…


Outside the burning shop called Grandma's Gardens…

"Where's Starfire!" Robin demanded not see the Tamaranian girl. The other Titans weren't really paying attention and didn't know. Everyone but that little boy was too busy to know. "Mister! Mister!" the boy from the alleyway came running up to Robin. "I know where the nice lady with the green eyes and rose hair went!" Robin looked at the boy, his expression priceless. The boy pointed towards the store. "In there"


Robin began to rush towards the building. "What are you doing, man! You can't go in there!" Cyborg said, stepping in front of him to block. The boy wonder growled "I have to! Starfire's in there!" "If you go in there you'll be killed!" his teammate argued, not budging. "SO WILL STARFIRE!" roared Robin, his temper growing "If you go in there, there will be two deaths instead of one. Is that what you want?" a moody voice asked, coldly.

Robin and Cyborg turned their heads to see Raven's glare. Cyborg sighed "She has a point, Robin." But Robin was still deciding in his head whether or not this was the right choice or not. But, he didn't have time to decide for a firefighter was shouting out, "GET BACK! GET BACK! SHE'S GONNA' FALL!".

Before any of the titans could disagree, they were pushed back and all at once, the building collapsed and Robin felt tears burn at his eyes for the first time in 10 years…


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In the middle of the rubble there was a shadowed figure that looked like it was carrying something…or someone. A faint greenish glow came from the shadowed figure as it began to move forward. The Titans and firefighters, saying nothing just stared in awe. "Starfire?" Robin voiced, stepping forward, hope in his mask-covered eyes.

Out of the shadows a purple boot stepped out into the street light. The fire was out, and so was Starfire.


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