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"5:30, if I fall asleep now, I will get an hour and a half of sleep." Rory and Logan thought, unaware of the turmoil the other was going through a floor away.

"I will try and talk to him today." Rory thought as she stared at the clock watching the second hand go around.

"Should I talk to her? Or wait for her to come to me?" Logan rolled over and stared at an identical clock.

"AHH! I can't get to sleep!" Rory got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweat-pants and a sweatshirt. She put on a pair of sneakers and walked out the door. She went and sat on the bench that Maddy comforted her on the previous day and began to cry. "He only did it because he loves me... I acted like such a bitch! I was just scared that he could do something like that."


Rory decided what to do. She walked to her building and walked up that extra flight of stairs. She used the hidden key and let herself into the boys dorm. She walked into Logan and Finn's room and climbed into bed with Logan, who was still awake.

"Rory?" He asked amazed as he felt weight on the bed and smelled her familiar scent.

"Shh. Go to sleep." Rory said as she cuddled into his embrace. "We can talk in the morning."

"Ok." Logan muttered as the two finally fell asleep.


Finn woke up around 10, thankful it was a weekend. He rolled over and looked across the room to see if Logan was awake yet. He was shocked when he saw the long brown hair cascading down from the pillow.

At first, Finn was pissed that Logan already slept with somebody else. Then, when he thought about it, he didn't hear any 'noises' coming from the bed the previous night. He glanced further into the bed and saw that Rory and Logan were laying in bed, asleep. He smiled decided to leave them alone for when they woke up. He walked into the common room and saw Tristan and Colin arguing about what to watch on TV.

"Hey guys, I think Rory and Logan are getting back together." Finn said with a smile.

"What? How? When?" Colin asked, Tristan nodding in agreement with the questions asked.

"I woke up and saw brown hair on Logan's pillow, and when I investigated further, I realized that it was Rory. He must have been asleep when she came in, but they are lying there together!" Finn gossiped.

"We gotta tell the girls." Tristan dictated as he went back into his room to put on a shirt and shoes.


Rory and Logan woke up an hour later. He awoke before her and was watching her sleep. As he watched he saw her mouth form a smile, then her big baby blue eyes widen.

"Morning." She mumbled as she buried her head deeper into his chest.

"Morning Baby."

"Coffee, then talk" She said as she felt his body shake with silent giggles.

"Ok." He responded as he unwrapped his arms from around her and got up to start the coffee, which he himself needed a fix of each morning. He walked back into the room and sat down on the bed. She grabbed the cup and drank the contents quickly.

"Talk." He said as she quickly finished the cup.

"I'm sorry! Rory blurted out suddenly. "I was scared and I was shocked that you could do something like that.

"I'm sorry, I love you so much, and I was infuriated that he hurt you. It wasn't my idea, I called in reinforcements who gave me the idea."

"Really? I'm sorry I over reacted, I was just freaked out."

"Fight over?" Logan asked hopefully.

Rory grinned and leaned forward and kissed Logan.

"Fight over?" Logan repeated as they broke apart.

Rory laughed, and Logan stared in amazement as her whole face lit up with each sound coming out of her mouth.

"Fight over." Rory promised as she cuddled up to him.

"Want to go get some breakfast?" Logan asked.


The two got up and walked over to the door. Logan opened it and Finn, Maddy, Tristan, Louise, Colin and Paris all landed on the floor.

"Wow, this is a nice carpet. Do you agree DuGrey?" Colin asked, as he got on his knees to examine the carpet.

"Yes I do." Tristan mused.

"Shut up you liars." Rory said as she walked past them giggling. "I can't believe you were listening!"

"Sorry." The girls said in unison. "We were worried about you. Then when Finn said you were here we rushed down to see if you guys made up." Madeline finished as the other girls nodded in agreement.

"Well, we are going to go get some breakfast, want to join us?" Logan asked the group.

"Sure." Colin said, looking at Paris who nodded.

"We're in." Finn and Tristan said after glancing at their girlfriends.


The group left the small café a while later, their stomachs full and their souls full of love.

Madeline dropped a huge bomb after graduation that she was pregnant. Finn fainted then ran out to buy an engagement ring. They got married in a small ceremony on the beach, with just their friends in attendance, then had the huge society wedding that the Lynn's and Rothschild's insisted on. Six months later, Madeline gave birth to twins, Aurora and Leigh Rothschild.

Louise and Tristan broke up before college after she went to Sarah Lawrence and he went to Yale. They met up again after she graduated and moved to New Haven. They rekindled their romance and are getting married soon.

Paris and Colin stayed together all through college. They fought, obviously, and always made up. They are happily living together with no plans of marriage.

Lorelai and Chris became parents again. They had a son, Christopher Junior, who looked just like Chris. They stayed happily married and were always their for their kids no matter where in the world they were.

After Rory and Logan reconciled, they were more in love than ever. Dean didn't give them too much trouble, but he continuously tried to get Rory to leave Logan, which she always laughed at and walked away. They went to Yale together and lived together during their third and fourth years. He proposed at her graduation party and Rory, of course, accepted.

The always stayed friends and always met up at least twice a month for dinner and drinks. They were always just a phone call away. Their kids, who varied vastly in age, were all friends. They stayed close forever, and always vowed to never lose touch with each other, which they never did.




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