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Zordon and the Power Chamber

By Eileen (Psycho Tangerine)

Chapter Twenty-two: The Winner?

"Well," said Zordon as Lucas the glob was carried away. "We still have so much to see. So, let's just go on."

"Let's not," grumbled Trent. "I'm done. I just want to get my prize and then go home."

"Aw, Trenty," whined Zedd. "We still haven't found the secret computer room and reprogrammed this place in order to take over and reign supreme again!"

"What prize?" asked Zordon as he gave another zap to his former nemesis. "I never said anything about a prize."

"No," replied Trent, "but she did." He indicated the woman who had just entered the room.

"Dimitria!" snapped Zordon. "What are you doing in my Power Chamber?"

"And when did you talk to Trent?" added Zedd. "I don't remember you popping in during his interview like you did with the others."

"What interview?" asked Trent. "Grandma Machina's silly babbling fried Zeltrax's wires before it even began. I don't know what idiot brought him back to life, anyway." He then glared that the mouth-veiled alien. "And it seems certain people don't know what's off-limits.

Dimitria shrugged. "Can I help it if we Inquirians are advanced enough not to need separate bathrooms and stalls? By the way, how is the little problem of yours? Would not a little less cabbage in your diet help..."

"Enough!" ordered Zordon. "What are you doing here, invading my power Chamber?!"

"Your Power Chamber?" asked Dimitria in mock shock. "Really, do you not remember the terms of our divorce settlement, Dear?"

"Divorce...do you mean you actually got married?" Zedd clapped the back of the tube. "Zordon, Old Boy, I didn't know you had it in you."

"He didn't," smirked Dimitria. "Why do you think I asked for the divorce? Now," she continued over Zordon's mumbled threats, "does not our settlement specify that I get half of everything?"

"But surely..."

"Do I need to call my lawyers?"

"No!" cried Zordon fearfully. "Anything but that!" He still had nightmares for the last time he had battled with Squatt and Baboo Esquire.

"Shall we say it's settled then? Do you not know that I have the cutest curtains picked out for this place?"

"Do you not see why I can't stand being around her?" Zordon stage whispered to Zedd and Trent. "Now, if we're quite done here, I have some work to do. So, you can just show yourselves out."

"Wait just a damn minute!" yelled Trent as he jumped in front of Zordon before he could get away. "What..about...my...prize?"

"There is no prize!" bellowed Zordon. "I don't know what Dimitria told you. But, there is no prize!"

"Oh, really?" asked Trent. "And what about line seventy-three..."

"Do you not mean, seventy-two?" interrupted Dimitria.

"...line seventy-two of that contract you made us sign?" Trent pulled out a copy that he had somehow managed to carry around in his pants during the whole tour.

"Hey! I thought you couldn't read it," complained Zordon.

"Not without a magnifying glass," Trent admitted as he pulled one out of his pocket.

"Let me see that," demanded Zedd as he grabbed the magnifier from his so-called grandson's hand. He studied the contract with it. "One of the five Rangers will win a big humongous prize. A prize beyond his or her wildest dreams."

"See? So, where's my prize?" demanded Trent.

Zordon sighed. "Fine, you can have this place after I'm gone."

"Are you kidding me?" blurted Trent. "I'm not getting stuck with this crazed dump. How about a Ferrari instead?"

"Nope, that's the prize," decided Zordon. He peeked into the next room where Dimitria was already attempting to put mouth-veils on the Alpha-Walphas. "In fact, I think it's time for me to retire."

"Well, get one of your little minions to watch this place," growled Trent. "I'm going home. Dad's lawyers will take care of this. Come on, Grandpa Zedd," he said as he headed for the door.

"Aw, but Trenty, think of all the power we could..." he stopped at the furious glare from the former White Dino Thunder Ranger.

"You forgot about line one hundred and thirty-six!" shouted Zordon.

Zedd paused and looked again with the magnifying glass. "If the winning Ranger refuses the generous prize offered by the all-benevolent Zordon, he loses any rights to a prize and instead gets a one-way trip out of the Power Chamber."

"Fine, I'm on my way out any...YEEEEP!" exclaimed Trent as a glass box rose up around him. "What the hell is this?"

"My newest invention," said Zordon proudly. "My great glass Zordon-vator."

"Well, let me out of here!" cried Trent as he banged on the glass door. The box lifted up to the ceiling.

"Let my grandson go!" cried Zedd.

"Thanks, uh, Grandpa!" called Trent.

"He's got to pop those blisters on his Grandma Rita's butt later."

"No! Never mind! I love this elevator!" Trent sat resolutely on the glass floor as the Alpha Walphas came in.

"Oh no, not again," he moaned as he plugged up his ears.

The droids began to sing and dance once more.


(Sung to whatever tune you like)

Oh, we shoved Trent into a box into a box into a box.

A box of glass that has no locks. That's what we did to Grumpy.

And now we'll send him to the moon, to the moon, to the moon.

He'll be on the moon very soon. A moon that's very bumpy.

He was just a big ingrate, big ingrate, big ingrate.

A big ingrate who knows his fate. We bet he's getting jumpy.

No wonder he can't get a date, get a date, get a date.

Who would date that big ingrate. And his feet smell rather dumpy.

We hope he'll learn not to groan, not to groan, not to groan.

Not to groan and moan to his White clone. And his clothes won't be so frumpy.

He'll say thank you to Zordon, to Zordon, to Zordon.

Zordon who the Rangers mourned. And Trent's mind won't be so lumpy.


"Oh yeah?" called Trent as the song ended. "The best part is you'll have no one to take over this mad house when you're gone!"

"Trent?" called Zedd.

"In fact, I'll get my dad to sue and take over!"

"Trent?" Zedd called even more urgently.

"The he can do with it what he wants! I'll even help him make that dino world he wanteed because if those Rangers are typical, then there's no help for mankind anyway!"

"Trent!" shouted Zedd.

Trent scowled and looked down at his 'grandpa.' "Fine, I'll let you have a share. You can take over Europe and those machines can have Australia."

"Are you joking? I like being retired and laying in bed all day. Besides, Zordon is all powerful. No, lawyer's going to go after him."

"Anyway," interrupted Zordon. "Since you won't take over, I know of some other freaks...errr, Rangers who will."

"Hi, Trent!" called a familiar female voice.

Trent watched in shock as a young woman well, it looked like a young woman, walked in. She had been flattened as if a steam roller had gone over her or as if she had been in a giant clothes press. Which she had. Her body was accordioned since some of the machines had also folded her up.

"Kendrix?" asked Trent with a gasp. "You're uh, looking good. Where's your chaperone?"

"Aren't I?" gushed the bespectacled blonde. "Now there's no way Maya'll be thinner than me. Oh, and Commander Stanton ran away screaming something about admitting himself to the psych ward."

"Zordon, you dunderhead!" bellowed Ransik as he entered covered in dirt and carrying a shovel. "You forgot to put air holes in the coffin!"

"Whoops, my bad," admitted Zordon. "But, after all, it's a coffin. They don't normally come with air holes."

Trent's face fell. "You mean Alex is really dead this time? He's really gone?"

"Well, dead...but not gone."

"Brains! Brains!" cried the pale-skinned Alex-zombie as he...it...dragged itself into the room.

"I don't care how many soft nests he offered you!" cried Taylor as she stomped in, still covered with feathers and a fake beak. "That was disgusting. I'll tell Merrick about what you two did!"

"But Taylor at least they let us go!" Princess Shayla entered carrying a large egg. "Besides isn't he cute? I'm hoping he'll have my face and his dad's wings."

Trent gaped. "Uh...uh...uh, hey! Why are you two still wearing those feathers and beaks?"

Taylor growled. "Interesting tidbit for you. Tengas make the strongest glue in the universe."

"But, Nadira! Look how shiny I am!" cried Lucas. "I can see myself in me!"

"That may be," replied Nadira in a huff as she entered. "But you're too creepy looking, even for me!"

"But, honey!" whined Lucas as he walked...errr...wobbled in. He looked like he was now made out of lime green jello...which he was since the only thing the Alpha Walphas could think to do was pour in jello power and put him into a human-shaped mold they happened to have on hand.

Trent frowned. "Well, that was stupid. Hey, how long are you going to keep me in here?"

"Not long," replied Zordon. "So, Zedd, are we on for that poker game next Friday?"

"Sure am!" replied Zedd. "My bed at seven p.m.?" He started to head out the door. "See you, Trent!"

"Hey! Where are you going?" called Trent as the elevator began moving again. The roof opened up. "Don't I at least get one of those idiotic Alpha Walpha songs?"

"Sure" said Zordon.

"Alpha Walpha wappity...WHAM!" A giant boot popped out of the wall. It kicked the elevator, causing it and Trent to fly out of the roof. "I'll sue you for everything you've got!" screamed Trent as he soared away.

But Trent eventually developed a better plan for revenge after he landed on the moon and took over Zedd and Rita's old palace. A few years later, the Trentinator was sending threatening drawings to Zordon at the old mentors' retirement home on Eltar.


AN- Yay! I'm finally done with this. I was going to have Trent win. But, this came out instead. Thanks to all who read and review. Oh, and the part where Trent gets booted without getting the whole Alpha-Walpha song is based on a scene on "Family Guy." The other song is based of some kid's song that I can't really remember.