Authors Note: This is my very first law and order: SVU fic. EO fans DON'T read this.

Elliot had just pulled up in front of Olivia's apartment. "I will walk you to your door" Elliot said. "No really its ok I will be fine" Olivia replied. "Liv" Elliot finally convinced her. They walked up the stairs to Olivia's 4th floor apartment. "Thanks El" Olivia said. "Open the door Olivia" Elliot replied. "Okay" Olivia said with a hint of nervousness in her voice. When the door was open Elliot pushed Olivia inside.

"Elliot what the hell is wrong with you" Olivia yelled. "Shut up" Elliot yelled back. He grabbed a roll of duct tape and put a piece on Olivia's mouth so she wouldn't scream. He slapped Olivia across the face. Olivia just lay there letting Elliot slap and kick her.

Finally after 15 minutes of being in pain Elliot ripped of the duct tape and said Olivia "you better not tell any one about this". Olivia nodded weakly. She was able to crawl to the bathroom and made a bath. She got in and the pain went away.

Next chapter will be longer I promise this is just an introduction.