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Olivia was sitting at her desk. Elliot had gone with Fin. Casey walked in.

"Hey Olivia" she said

"Hi case"

"I was wondering if you wanted to do a movie and pizza night tonight." Casey asked.

"Sure that sounds like fun" Olivia replied.

Just what I need to get my mind off Elliot

"What first Transamerica or Legally Blonde?" Casey asked

"I've already seen Legally Blonde twice so about Transamerica"

"Okay Transamerica it is"

They started to watch the movie. Olivia's phone rings.


"Olivia its Elliot I'm coming over"

"No please Elliot I'm busy. I'll see you tomorrow"

"No Olivia I'm coming now"

"Fine but Casey's here"

"Get her out of there"

"Casey you have to leave" Olivia said.

"Because Elliot's coming"

"So that's fine"
"No you don't understand. He'll hurt you"

"What do you mean?"

Every thing was coming out. The Abuse the drinking every thing.

"Come on your going to stay with me tonight." Casey said.

"No its okay I'll stay here"
"Olivia he knows where you live. Just come to my place"

Olivia and Casey go outside and are glad Casey's car is parked right outside the door because they can Elliot coming toward them. They run to Casey's car and speed away.

Damn it Elliot thinks

Elliot goes to his car and cry's because all this is happening just because his father abused his mother. He didn't' want to hurt Olivia. He loved Olivia.

"Do you want any coffee?" Casey asked Olivia.

"That's ok I just want to take a shower and go to sleep"
"Okay that's fine. I'll give you a pair of my pajamas and you can sleep in my bed"

"Thanks Casey"
"Its no problem"

After Olivia and Casey had gone to bed Casey lay awake thinking about why Elliot is doing this.

Elliot what a physco Casey thought

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