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An hour and a half later a stuffed Lucas walked backed into his office. He rushed to his desk wanting to see if he missed her call. It was only after he had arrived at the restaurant that he realized that his phone was still on his desk where he had left it. He dialed his voice mail and heard the machine tell him he had four new messages.

Message 1: Um, hey Lucas this is Sami, Will's mom. Wait; of course you know who I am. I hope. Ok, please just ignore the first part of this message. I don't know if Will told you, or not, but I'm back in town. I know you hate me, so you don't have to worry about me. I just called to tell you I'm in town and I would like set up a time where I can see Will. I miss him so much! So, yah. Call me back when you have a chance. My cell phone number is 426-8624. Bye.

Lucas smiled. It was so good to hear her voice again. Even if he was still angry with her because she left him to raise their son all on his own.

Message 2: This is Sami again. Umm, just wondering why you haven't called me back yet. I don't know. Maybe you're in a meeting or something. Or you started turning your phone off while you're at work. You didn't last time I checked, well, that was three years ago…Yah, so really you could also be on your lunch break. Why didn't I think of any of this before I called? I just waited for half an hour and then I called again. That was really smart of me huh…..…. wow, now I'm really pathetic, I'm waiting for an answer from you right now on you're voice mail. And now that I properly embarrassed myself I'm going to hang up now and assume you are really busy. But seriously, call me back soon, as you can tell I'm kind of nervous of what you're going to say to me, and how much yelling will take place, I don't want to, but I really screwed up and I know I deserve what ever you are thinking right now. Ok, bye.

Lucas smiled. He loved that after all these years; she was still awkward about telling him her true feelings and insecurities. He loved that she faltered when she heard his voice on his voice mail. Or that was what he assumed. Lucas then stopped. He wasn't supposed to think of Sami like that! She's not some innocent woman he was madly in love with. They shared a son together. That is it!

Message 3: Lucas, this is your mother. Call me as soon as you get this message. I mean it. I love you. Say hi to Will for me.

After hearing this message Lucas rolled his eyes and made a mental note to call his mother before the end of the week.

Message 4: Ok, I'm done leaving stupid messages. I've calmed down and I don't know how I feel right now, or how you feel about me. You could hate me right now. I just want you to know I don't blame you. I left you and Will. I will never forgive myself for that. And I'm not asking for you to forgive me. Just so you know. Just call me when you get this and I'll give you the chance to yell at me for everything. Bye.

Lucas sighed. He knew that with Sami coming back, not only would he have to deal with seeing her everyday, not that he saw that as a bad thing, but he had to accept what she had done. He had forgiven her of her crimes when she was Stan. That part was easy, he knew how easy it is for anyone to fall pray of Dimera. It was the fact that she left her son. She left him to raise Will on his own.

It took Lucas and Will so long to get over Sami, and start living their lives again. Lucas knew Will missed his mom more than anything. Even if he was 15 now.

Lucas took a deep breath and flipped open his phone. He dialed the number he had written down when Sami left her number on the first of her three messages.

It rang once, it rang twice. Then he heard her sweet voice.


Lucas sucked in his breath as he heard her greeting. One word and he already forgot who he was and why he was calling. All of his hatred and doubt flew out of him. After these years she still blew him away, she still affected him.

"Hello?" Sami tried again. "Lucas? Is this you?"

Her saying his name brought him back to Earth. "Sami."

"So you got my messages?"



There was this awkward silence that followed. Sami didn't want to say something to make Lucas mad and Lucas didn't want to scare Sami into running away to some other state again.

"So, umm, I heard you talked to Will last night. He was so glad that you called him. It was much better than a card on the holidays."

"I didn't think he would want me to call, or visit, or make contact in any way. I thought you were glad I left."

"How could you think that Sami! It's been so hard with out his mother. He thought she just decided to abandon him. That you don't care anymore. And now he's so excited you're back. You better as hell not be planning on leaving again. I will NOT let you break his heart again."

"I thought you guys were glad I left because neither one of you would talk to me, even look at me after you found out about the stupid things I did again. And when I told you, you didn't even turn your head, you didn't try to stop me. You didn't even care! You thought I would be stupid enough to go with Dimera!"

"You didn't give me time to react! You left the same day you told me!"

"I'm sorry it took longer than a few hours to realize that moving meant you would be leaving. And apparently moving to you means cutting off all ties to the people who love you and care about you. You left us for some other life. I didn't know all of that came with moving until we found your letter. You assumed so much in that letter. And let me tell you, it wasn't true."

"What parts? What parts weren't true?" Sami had tears in her eyes. Just hearing his voice brought back so many memories.

"Look, Sami, talking about the past won't change anything. We just need to focus on what to do now."

"You're right Lucas. And so you know, I am here to stay. I missed my family way too much to stay away any longer."

"So we should talk about Will then?"

"I want to see him. I want vistation rights. Please Lucas. I know I deserve never to see my son again because I left you both, but just… please."

"Sami, you know I can't keep you away from your son. He loves you and he misses you. I wouldn't have it any other way. I want you to see him. Get to know him. See how much he's grown. He is a lot more mature and he defenitly has your stubbornness. He's a lot like you."

"Thank you so much Lucas! You have no idea how much this means to me! Thank you."

"Your Welcome. After every thing we've been through you know I can't take Will away from you. I guess, we just have to get used to having you around again."

"I'm sorry Lucas. I really am. I know it will take a lot of work to get past this, but I know we can. It just might take a while."


"So, umm. Does your girlfriend know anything about me?"

That caught Lucas off guard. "How do you know about Jessica?"

"John and my mother told me."

"You saw them already?"

"Yah, yesterday when I arrived to town. John picked me up actually."

"And you didn't kill him?"

Sami laughed. Lucas really didn't know how she had changed.

"No, I didn't kill him. We had a nice talk actually, then he invited me over for supper and him, my mom, and I ate together."

"I don't believe you," he said in a joking voice.

"Well believe it. I've changed. I'm not the same girl any more."

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