K.C.: hey people how you doing? Well here the fic I promised you from Phoenix Lost at sea the Halloween special.

Max: yay! Halloween one of my favorite holidays, you get candy!

Ray: Max, don't get any ideas calm down, um what are you going to be?

Max: that's right come on Ray help me pick out a costume

Ray: ok be right there K.C. dose not own Beyblade

Tonight was the Halloween Masquerade ball everyone was attending. Ray, Kai, and Bryan were getting ready

"Bryan why aren't you getting ready?" asked a cold uncaring voice.

"Easy Kai, I don't want to go and I didn't buy a costume" Bryan said, obviously not caring too much in the matter.

"Here Bryan you can have this" Ray threw a bag to Bryan.

"What's this?" Bryan asked looking and sounding confused.

"It's costume I had lying around" Ray left, giggling at a thought.


"Ray I found you the perfect costume!"

"What is it this time Mao?" Ray asked, acting nice, when he really just wanted to run.

Mao held up a Prince Ken costume, it looked like it was supposed to be from the middle ages. It was purple and had puffy pants and sleeves. For the sleeves it ended half way down his arm, then it was just a regular sleeve that had lace for trimming. The shirt was long and the collar went all the way around, the hat was worn to the side, showing off the sharp feather on the side. Along with the costume came white nylons with purple trimming.

"Don't you love it Ray?" Mao said with big, wide, happy eyes.

Ray was too nice to say anything so he just nodded his head in reply. Mao squealed with content and delight.

"See you tonight Ray!" she screamed while running out the door.

Ray went to look around the store and was looking at the different costumes he saw clowns, vampires, angels, ninjas, nuns, dog suits, mafia members, queens, grim reapers and so much more. He was still looking when he came to the movie costumes and found one that caught his eye.


Ray was thinking of tonight's events while putting on the costume. He knew the costume was perfect for him. It was Zorro, but it had a Chinese shirt (like the one form G-revolution). Everything was black with gold trimming; he also had on baggie black pants, black boots, black cape with the inside gold, black gloves, and a black hat. He tied his hair the way he always did with a wrap but this wrap was black with gold lining. He made his mask out of a black bandana and cut out holes for the eyes. He also cut at the bottom like a W. Around his waist he wore a sword.

Ray was just about to put on his mask when he heard a knock at the door.

"Come in" Ray said simply

"Hey Ray are you sure I look ok in this?" asked Kai walked into the room.

Kai was wearing a dark green jacket and matching pants that were each gold trimmed, underneath the jacket he wore a green vest (slightly lighter than the jacket or pants) and under that a plain white button up shirt. He had on black boots that looked combat style. Kai refused to take off his face paint. The blue triangles were a slight contrast to the mask he wore. His mask covered half of his face. Kai had started to wonder if Ray had taken it from a Phantom of the Opera costume.

"Yeah Kai, you look great, your going to break some hearts tonight!" Ray whistled.

"Ha-ha very funny, here let me put you mask on, so Ray how did you make Bryan come along?" Kai asked puzzled.

"Easy my Neko-jiin skills" Ray said jokily.

"Sure, so what costume did you give him?" Kai just finished tying Ray's mask when something was heard form down stairs.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? RAY! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY! WHERE ARE YOU!" Bryan yelled, running up the stairs.

"I'll see you at the party Kai" Ray said quickly.

Kai sweatdropped as Ray ran to an open window and jumped out of it. Ray landed perfectly on his motorcycle and rode off to a café.

-With Tala, Max, Tyson-

"Tala did you get our costumes?" asked an excited Tyson.

"Yeah I got them here's your and Max's." Tala said while handing two bags over to the teen.

"Thanks Tala, we owe you one." Tyson ran up the stairs to Max's room and dropped of his costume.

"No that's ok!" Tala yelled after him 'after you see what I got you, you will kill me…'

"Here Max stop talking and try on your costume." Tyson tossed the bag to him to "We'll be leaving soon." was Tyson's final words and left to try on his own costume

Max was talking on IM with someone he meet for the past few months

SugarHighTurtle: hey will u b the masquerade 2 night?

BalancedWhiteTiger: yeah, I'm wearing my costume right now

SugarHighTurtle: my friend just picked up mine.

SugarHighTurtle: Halloween sneaked up on me this year

BalancedWhiteTiger: lol well at least you one so I guess I'll see you there?

SugarHighTurtle: yeah! what r u going as?

BalancedWhiteTiger: I guess Zorro

SugarHighTurtle: You guess?

BalancedWhiteTiger: yeah cuez the shirt looks Chinese

SugarHighTurtle: O so you're a Chinese Zorro

BalancedWhiteTiger: I guess that about right so I'll see you there

SugarHighTurtle: yeah, I'll find you

BalancedWhiteTiger: No tell me something about your costume

SugarHighTurtle: It's red

BalancedWhiteTiger: Red, ok see you there

SugarHighTurtle: hey we should have a code so we know it's really us

BalancedWhiteTiger: ok like what?

SugarHighTurtle: like you ask me: who is the purple turtle?

BalancedWhiteTiger: ok the answer is

SugarHighTurtle: Draciel

BalancedWhiteTiger: all right I'll ask you: who is the white tiger?

SugarHighTurtle: and I answer

BalancedWhiteTiger: Drigger

SugarHighTurtle: ok see you there

SugarHighTurtle has logged off

'Red huh? That might be easy to spot.' Ray thought to himself.

"TALA, WHAT DID YOU GET ME?" came a scream form down stairs as Max quickly put on his costume.

Max ran down and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He saw the costume Tyson was wearing and almost laughed. It looked like one called Batavia but the white lines on the black top wrapped around on top and bottom. Dark gloves, fingerless, ending halfway between shoulders and elbows; a light skirt was attached and ended to the end of his shoes (easy to trip on, hehe). Tyson also had school type shoes with black binding criss-crossing above the ankles. Also a choker with a half dark and half light strap each that buckled by flower pendent. Tala brought two masks for Tyson to choose from. One was veil, it was slightly dark and a person was only able to see the eyes clearly. The veil also shined and sparkled with every move. The other option was a mask with big cut outs for the eyes it was shaped as a bat wing.

"Ok I can get why you bought the mask but why the veil?"

"Because it goes with the costume and if you want to hid your face form all the boys when you blush." Tala was smirking and was now dodging all the things being thrown at him.

"Very funny Tala…" Tyson yelled, throwing more things at him.

"Um Tala, what DID you get ME!" Max blushed, just barely noticing what he'd put on. Running to checking on Tyson, he'd never even had time to look at the costume. He was starting to regret that fact.

Max wore a black skirt with a ruffled and trimmed white apron, the white shirt was long sleeved with ruffled cuffs. He also wore a vest that tied in the front like a corset, it was red and had black designs over it. Max was also wearing black slip on shoes with red designs, also a red hooded cloak with a hood big enough to hide his face.

"What is this and why'd you get it for ME?" asked Max blushing.

"It's a Little Red Ridding Hood costume, I went to every Halloween store and since it's Halloween today most costumes where gone so they didn't have your sizes."

"Was there nothing better then this?"

"Well there was Malibu Barbie and a Playboy Bunny, if you want you can change into them instead" Tala held up both costume packages.

"Cool more costumes I knew you where just playing around with us" Tyson said in a cheerful manner.

Tyson grabbed a costume and ran, tripped on the hem of the dress, but got right back up and continue running to his room.

"I don't think he heard you saying that the other costumes where Malibu Barbie and Playboy Bunny…" Max whispered and Tala nodded in agreement.

"TALA!" Out came Tyson with a killing look on his face.

Max and Tala where having trouble trying not to laugh but there was Tyson in a black bathing suit. He had a white collar on his neck with a black tie, and he had white cuffs on his wrists. He had on fishnet stockings and some how fit into high heals that came with the costume. For the final touch, a bunny ear headband. He had taken the Playboy Bunny costume and it was obvious he wasn't happy about it.

"Tala what did you get?" Tyson asked as calmly as he could.

"A king!" Tala said triumphantly.

"Why did you get that king costume?" ask Max innocently, a glint in his eyes.

"Well it was the last one and lucky me it was in my size." Tala said, smirking.

"Well aren't you lucky." Tyson and Max say in union, sarcasm high.

K.C.: ok that was fun, for the first chapter

Ray: so Max what are you going as?

Max: (blushing) Little Red Riding Hood

Ray: I get to see you as Little Red Riding Hood

Max: well I'll see you at the ball my Chinese Zorro

Ray: all right special thanks for Tysonkaiexperiment for giving KC the idea of having Tala bringing Tyson and Max two costumes

Max: Read and review and you get the gang in the costume answer this question and get a bonus pic

K.C.: Do you think Mao should wear something with Barbie in the name?

Ray: all pic done by TKE and KC