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"Blah" Talking

'Blah' Thinking

-/Blah/- DDR Machine

As a motorcycle pulled into a space in front of a grand hotel

I see Kai is here

Ray was looking at a black convertible with a phoenix painted on the front hood

I wondered if Bryan came of course he did


So Bryan if I win this you will go to the ball?

Yeah, to bad you won't

Well see

Ray and Bryan where playing basketball the next person who gets the shot will win. Bryan had the ball and Ray was on defenses but out of no where Ray speed up and swiped the ball.

You may have gotten the ball but you…

Ray jumped, flipped over Bryan and shot the ball and made a basket

No fair you used your Neko-jin skills

No I did not, so now you're going to the ball with me and Kai

-Flashback Done-

Perfect now my plan will work


Tala I can't believe you made us come

Hey I bought those costumes someone will where them I don't care if you hate it you're here now so enjoy yourselves

But what if someone sees us?

Well leave be for midnight so you won't be unmasked see you sweet hearts later (Tala runs off)

Hey Kai look who's here

There was a girl with brown hair coming close wearing a yellow dress, corsage, and high heels to match. She had a crown and sash with words forming Prom Queen in cursive letters. Next to her was a witch but the witch was wearing a black dress on top was a transparent layer of pink that had jewels on it the same pink of layer was underneath the black dress with out the jewels her top was pink like a corset and she had a pink which hat.

You know Kai since you left your face paint on Hilary knows it's you

Well Mao will know it's you, she went with you to buy your costume

Well just see about that

Hey there Kai nice prince out fit like mine?

Yeah so you came here with Mao

Yup she so happy that Ray wearing the costume she picked and pointed to Mao who was walking to Bryan

So Ray do you want to dance?

Bryan was listing and left while Ray was laughing at Mao's reaction

Ray get back here Mao ran after Bryan

Ray smiled at Kai and shot him I told you so look and left to find his IM friend he walked around and found many red costumes he found; InuYasha, Sailor Mars, susaku's priestess, a fire queen, but non of them knew the answer to his question. Ray was going to give up when

Do you know the purple turtle?


But do you know the white tiger?


Ray was turning around but Max stopped him

Hold on you might not like what you see (Max putted on his mask and hood)

Well how will I know if I don't turn around?

Max was still scared when Ray turned around

I see why you didn't want me to see you

Max waited for him to yell but it never came

Little Red Ridding Hood doesn't like the way they look… right?

Max sighed in relief

I guess I am

Ray could see a hint of blush in Max's checks

So why don't we get to know each other better, shall we

I am Ray Kon I came form China

My name is Max Tate form America

Ray and Max walked and talked about what they liked, there room mates, and favorite foods

So you like sugar?

I love sugar

Really, well let's see if my cooking holds up to your standers

Ray held out a cookie and popcorn ball which Max took and ate them in under a minute and got high (who saw this coming?) and started to run around the fountain they where sitting in front of, jumped the bench they where sitting on while the was going on Max didn't notice his hood fell off. Finally he calmed down and saw Ray was staring at him


I can't wait to see what you look like with out the mask

Max tilted his head lower and put the hood back on so Ray could not see him blush

Hey Max do…

Hello, Halloween people I hope your enjoying the ball so far this is TKE and K.C. to tell you that DDR is now in the lobby so get a partner and lets see what you got.

Max and Ray where big DDR fans and stared at each other

Max 300 or ultimate?


Let's go

Max and Ray found that when they got to the lobby no one was playing next to it was two girls, one was in a long dark red dress ending at her feet it also had see through black velvet fabric that ended at her knuckles. She wore a black veil and shoes even though you could not see them. If she was not wearing the veil she wore a mask that was black and covered just her eyes it was black but there was fire details coming form the bottom of the mask up. The other girl was also wearing a long scarlet red silk dress, sleeveless, and a red silk sleeveless jacket with golden flowers running down the sides and ends. Black Chinese slip on shoes with golden flowers and a black choker, held by a gold flower, completed the outfit. She wore a red mask that covered the upper half for her face and gold strips on each side like tiger strips.

Hey way is no one playing?

There all shy, will you like a go?

Sure Max and Ray took there spots and waited for the song to start there was three rounds the first song was Dive then Max 300 by the time they ended that song everyone started to crowd around


You know it

The last song was Max Ultimate and they just started Max's mask was starting to fall off but he didn't notice he was to into the game (amazingly he cam still play while in a skirt) just as the song was ending the mask fell off

No everyone will see me

Just as he finished that thought he felt himself being picked up and he was out on the balcony. Ray had picked him up and he jumped over the DDR machine doing a flip in the process and ran up the stairs to the balcony

Sorry but I don't want anyone to see your face till midnight

Like the way it's suppose to be 'and I don't want anyone to see it be for me'

But I don't have an extra mask

Max was facing his back to Ray

I think you should leave if you see my face you'll hate me

Come on you said that last time, so let me see let me see the person I got to know so well over the net.

Max slowly turned around then came face to face with Ray

I knew you where cute right form the first time I talked with you

Your not mad that I am I guy? I mean me wearing a dress an all

No I think it's kind of creative, I bet you have a story to go with it

Actually my friend got it for me, you're really good at DDR

Thanks, you're not bad either


Another round?

You're on

Max put his hood on and they went hand and hand to the DDR machine. When they got there, there was a line for it around the corner

Man this sucks look at that line

Hey your back TKE do you want to tell them?

Sure since you guys helped us out we are going to give you first in line passes when ever you want

For real

Yeah just come to one of us and well put you in the front

While playing the game

Hey Max I just realized I left my friend alone knowing him he'll kill someone soon

Yeah my friend is probably eating all the food they have in this hotel

They need someone in there lives the said in union

-/Stage passed/-

Hey are you thinking?

What I'm thinking?

Pair up

O yeah, let's go!

Bryan walks by with Mao I tow

Ray way do you keep walking away from me! Ray!

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