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It's mostly dialogue this time around though defintely not half as much italics and bold...anyhows hope you enjoy and please please read and review! comments are everything to writers. )


"Uh..where, ah, what are you doing with those?" Jude tripped over her words as her hands shook nervously.

Tommy shook his head. "No what are you doing with these, Jude?" He questioned angrily, demanding an immediate answer.

"Tommy listen, it's not what you think.." She started softly, not knowing what to say to him.

"Oh, somehow I bet it's exactly what I think!" He threw at her before he began to pace the floor. "Do you know how dangerous this is? Do you know what kind of game you're playing? What were you thinking?" He fired the questions rapidly at her, but paused for her answer.

"I don't-"

"No, you weren't thinking, Jude. That was your problem!" He cut her off without a second though. "How stupid could you-"

Yelling. Lectures. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

"Enough!" Jude yelled, frustrated. "Enough. You don't get to stand here and judge me, Quincy. You're not exactly a saint either."

"Maybe not, but I know that you shouldn't be messing around with these." He did a half spin as he placed his hands on his hips. He whirled back around. "God, Jude. Pills? Why pills? Why did you turn to them?" He searched her for an answer.

He wants answers. I barely have answers.

She threw her hands up in the air. "I don't know! It just-they just make it all go away. It makes me feel better and that's what I need, Tommy, I need to make me feel better." She held her hands over her chest as tears filled her eyes, but didn't fall. She wouldn't let them. She begged with her eyes for him to understand where she was coming from, to understand her.

"There's better ways than this, Jude!" He exclaimed loudly. "You could have came to me.." He began but she interrupted him when she laughed bitterly.

Lean on someone else. Someone that isn't even there.

"Right, sure. You're so-" She stopped herself and shook her head, not wanting to go there. Instead she changed gears. "You know what, Tommy? Why don't you just go bother Sadie because this here?" She spread her arms wide. "It doesn't concern you, okay?" She told him as she stepped forward to reach out for the bottle.

He doesn't care-no one cares.

He moved back so quickly, that Jude almost fell. "No, you're wrong. This does concern me. You concern me, Jude." His voice was softer this time and the anger seemed to dissipate. "You're in trouble, girl. Let me help you." He pleaded to her as his eyes shone with worry.

Nothing's wrong.

She scoffed and folded her arms. She blinked back the wetness in her eyes. "I don't need your help. I'm fine." She glanced upwards, stopping the flow of tears.

Everything's fine.

Tommy gave an empty laugh. "Fine? You call this fine? You're anything but fine, Jude. I've been watching you fall apart for weeks now, and I never knew what was behind it." He paused and sighed loudly. "Now I do. .." He trailed off as he looked down at the bottle. He cursed himself silently. He should have been keeping a better eye on her. He knew something was going on with her, he just didn't know what. But he'd make up for it now. He'd make sure she'd be fine.

Nothing can bring you down.

Tommy closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders. "I care about you. More than you probably think right now. And I'll do whatever to get you through this, just say the word and I will do it." He told her with conviction as he stared into her eyes.

He wants to help, but I don't need anyone.

She gave him a small smile. "You wanna help me?" She asked as she visibly softened. When he nodded his head, she continued. "That's nice. I can tell you what you can do." She paused as if she was considering it. "You can back off!" She yelled at him as she pushed him away and ran out.

You have control.

Jude switched moods so fast that Tommy was momentarily stunned. When he realized she left the room, he quickly pocketed the bottle and chased after her.

Jude rounded the corner outside of G Major and sprinted down the street. She heard Tommy calling her name, but she ignored it and ran faster.

Can't stop.

Tommy bounded down the front steps of G Major and chased after her. "Jude!" He yelled through the night as tried to catch up to her. "Jude! Stop!"

I Won't stop.

She looked over her shoulder to see how close Tommy was and she realized he was closing the distance between the two of them. She muttered softly as she kept staring behind her at him, not seeing the crack on the sidewalk until it was too late.

Jude landed with a thud on the concrete and swore loudly as she looked down at her torn jeans and the scarlet liquid that stained the fabric. By the time she glanced back up, Tommy's arms were already around her lifting her up from the ground. "Let go of me!" She struggled in his arms as she tried to push him away.


Tommy kept his handle on her firm on as he righted her into the standing position. He then gripped her shoulders as tight as he could to keep her in front of him. "No, I won't!" He yelled back at her. "How can a girl as smart as you do something so stupid?" He question angrily as he started to shake her. "You're out of control, Jude!"

She just stared up at him at him thinking he was the one out of control. Her mouth opened to respond but he didn't want her to get a sentence in until he was finished. "You're a mess, girl. And you don't even see it!" His words were fast and furious as he shook her with such force that Jude's eyes went wide.


"Let me go, Tommy. You're scaring me!" She said as she tried to push him away.

He shook his head violently, but loosened his grip. "No, no . You're scaring me, girl." He spoke quietly this time as he moved his hands to her cheeks in desperation. "Just let me help you." He pleaded with her again, hoping she would let him.

Jude's breath was labored as she considered his words for real this time. She exhaled loudly as she let the tears finally fall. "Okay..." She whispered softly as Tommy visibly relaxed and he offered her a smile. He nodded in affirmation as they both came together and leaned against each others' foreheads. They gave sighs of contentment before Tommy wrapped his arms around her tightly and securely.