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Soon Rose and I were packing for Draco Island. "You know, Jake?" Rose said, smiling.

"What, baby?"

"Everything's going to be okay, isn't it?"

I grinned. "Well, heck yeah!"

Later that day, Trix and Spud dropped by to say good-bye. There were a few tears shed (mainly from Spud), and then it was time to leave.

As we said good-bye to Mom, Dad, and Haley, the four of us (meaning Gramps, Fu, Rose, and I) left for the enchanted elevator that would take us to our new temporary home.

As we stepped onto the island, I realized that Rose had been right. Everything was going to be okay. And even though I was being hunted down by several wackos, that wasn't even a problem. I had a Mom and Dad who loved me and would support me in whatever I did, two best friends that cared about me, a girlfriend that loved me for who I was, and a grandfather, who may have been harsh at times, but who really loved me.

Not to mention the entire magical community that was on my side.

Yeah, life was good.

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