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numberONE: It's Only The Beginning…


It was a fine morning in the Hidden Sand Village, that was, until Gaara was awoken by his alarm clock. The red-haired demon child growled, and with a wave of a hand, blasted away the creator of the blasphemous sound.

"Can't someone get a good night's sleep before he goes on a day of killing?"

Unfortunately, it appeared that Temari and Kankuro had engaged in a contest of Sake Drinking out in the front room, and the smell of the liquid was everywhere. Gaara glared at the passed-out, drunken faces of his sibling with disgust.

"Imbeciles…" He muttered under his breath, while feeling some sort of pity for them.

The three siblings just recently returned from the Chuunin Exams, which were held in the Hidden Leaf Village. As Gaara's mind pondered over the experience in that different land, he noticed how different their lifestyle had been to those he had fought and seen there. In the Sand Village, wherever and whenever you walked outside, all you would see is and, plain sand, and a couple of visible buildings. And then, as Gaara was passing towards the office at where his dad, the Kazekage, worked, he realized something else.

But what would they know, like they know what it's like to even live one second of my life. Hn, I'd like to see those weaklings coop with an environment like this.. Nobody understands, no one. I can only trust myself.

But then, he thought of Naruto.

That fox brat can just go kill himself for all I care.

Gaara's train of thought stopped as he stood in front of the Kazekage's door.

The door, coincidentally, had opened for him. His father knew he was here, Gaara knew that, but he wondered if the Kazekage had read his mind as well.

"Father..." The boy lifted his head up so his emotionless eyes stared right at him. "Is it true?"

The man sighed, and smirked. "That, may I remind you, is none of your business."

What do you mean none of my business? This is my village as much as it is yours. Now spill it, you shit father.

Gaara began to get angry, you could now see a glint of anger in his irises. "I strongly suggest you tell me."

"Are you questioning the authority of the Kazekage?" He laughed an almost cruel laugh. "Leave."

"What if I was questioning your authority?"

His father stood up, obviously irritated by his son's presence. At this moment, Gaara knew that if he continued, a fight would break out.

I have better things to do than fight him, how can he even think that he has a chance? I have other way to obtain information than from you.

"Hn." Gaara turned his back and walked out the office, not saying another word.

"Run as far as you want...but not matter how much you try, you won't escape."

Gaara surveyed his surroundings, where was he? The background, the sky, was black, no sight of light anywhere, and yet, he appeared to see everything perfectly.

"Where am I?" He asked, but no reply came.

"Run…but no matter where you go…you won't escape."

"What do you mean?"

"Start running…demon."


Suddenly, there was a searing pain in his head. Gaara woke up; he was panting and covered in sweat.

It was only a dream.

He thought about how ridiculous he must've been, being scared like that. After all, it was only a dream…only a dream.

Or was it?

Just yesterday, Gaara had visited the Kazekage, but with no luck. He had been trying to find information on a rumor he had heard in the village.

Wait, the rumor…what was it about again?

He wondered for a moment.

Hn. I can't remember it.

"Gaara!" It was Temari's voice. She was always the mother of the two, the only one who even cared slightly about him, but he didn't care. Having friends don't mean you gain strength, it doesn't mean you get stronger.

He ignored her.

Like what she says is important.

Temari's footstep could be heard in the distance. Whatever it was, she was determined to tell Gaara, whether he liked it or not. There was a knock on the door. Then another, then another.

I'm not going to open it.

"I mean it!" She hollered at him through the door, the brick wall that was separating them. "Open this door or else."

"Or else what?" Gaara questioned, not afraid of her.

BOOM. The door blew off its hinges.

"I warned you Gaara," Temari was trying to hide her chuckles. "And now, you have no door."

Gaara clenched his fist. Every ounce of blood in his body told him to attack her sister. He hadn't killed in a while, and now, when he thought about it, killing her wouldn't be a bad idea.

I thought you knew better.

Temari's eyes widened as she saw sand particles begin to form around Gaara's fists.

Now you'll pay.