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Dark Reflection

It happened in the second year of Ganondorf's reign.

It was simple enough: he needed a guardian for the newly conquered Water Temple, a vanguard for Morpha. Ganondorf got a flash of inspiration when he glanced at the water at his feet. A reflection….

Ganondorf immediately made a shadow copy of Link, and created the illusion in a large room. It had the same sword skills as Link, and had the dual properties of a shadow, as well.

It would be a little over five years when this Dark Link would see another soul.


Dark Link merely sat complacently where he was set in his room. The days and hours passed by unmarked, each the same as the last. Dark Link marked time by when he felt tired and went to sleep, and when he woke up. When he was awake, that was "day". He didn't really know the true meaning of the word, it just was in his mind as the word for when you are awake.

Dark Link thought a great deal, but lack of experience and stimulus made them simple. He thought about his existence. What was a shadow? In the darkness, a light flashed, and a shadow was born. Dark Link didn't question these answers. After all, why would he lie to himself? That sentence was the one to make him move. After all, was there a difference between darkness and shadow? He lifted his hand experimentally; a dark smudge the shape of his hand appeared on the ground under it. The smudge was a shadow. Dark Link looked up; there was a false, watery-looking sun, providing light. That was the light source, and his uplifted hand blocked it from that patch of ground. Therefore, a shadow was the absence of light when light is blocked by an object.

If he was a shadow, then whose shadow was he? He turned his head this way and that, neck and shoulders ached slightly from inaction. There was no one there but himself and the dead tree he was leaning against. Dark Link looked up at it. Was he the tree's shadow? Dark Link studied his own shape, then the tree's. No, he could not be the tree's shadow, because he was of a vastly different shape. Dark Link looked back at his outstretched hand. If he had a shadow, how could he be a shadow himself? Dark Link poked himself in the arm to test. Solid. Shadows aren't solid, therefore he wasn't a shadow. Satisfied, Dark Link went to sleep. Night.


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