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Story: The Time on the Cinnamon Moon

Chapter 19: Dreams Do Come True

A week had passed and to Hermione it seemed that more had gone by. She deeply tried to not feel depressed, but found that she could not do so. Lupin kept avoiding her, like if she was a contagious virus…he even avoided her gaze…and she felt as if she could die in that very moment…die and rot from life. But most of all, she felt sick, both physical and mentally when she saw him with Tonks, the woman who had steal him…the woman that he was enslaved to.

Harry and Ron never knew she had left, in fact it seemed like she had never gone away. For them it had only passed a minute, even less, and to her it had been two memorable months. How life sometimes played wicked games!

"Hermione, do you feel alright?" asked Harry on her seventh morning since her return.

"I feel fine" she replied, taking a spoonful of porridge. It didn't tasted like the one Remus made for her on the first day she had been stuck in the past. She sighed looking into the porridge; she remembered the despair she had felt when she knew she couldn't get back to the present time, and now that she was there, she felt despair as well. She wished she could somehow get back…how ironic! She had gone thin and pale, Harry and Ron noticed, but she did not care. Nothing made sense for her now.

A figure stepped into the kitchen and Hermione looked up startled. Tonk was holding his hand and Lupin did not seem to notice Hermione. Ron and Harry looked at each other. They knew how she felt, and like they had expected it, she stood up excusing herself.

Lupin walked into the living room and looked outside the window. He sighed. Besides the lake sat the figure of Hermione. The way her brown curls danced around the wind were breathtaking. She was beautiful in every way, inside and out. Her kindness brought anyone a smile to his or her face. That was why he loved her. That was why he still did. With another sigh, he pressed his forehead on the glass. If only she knew that he still hadn't moved on. He tried, but he could only think of her. He spent sleepless nights because of her. That was one of the reasons he still hadn't married, hoping to see her again. But once he did, and saw how young she was, he couldn't take it. The thoughts on his mind were not right. So, he began going out with Tonks…to forget her.

"Oh, Hermione," he sighed. The moment he knew she was Jane, he had wished to die in anguish…like he was now…suffering…

"Remus?" spoke someone. Startled he turned around, to gaze into the eyes of Nymphadora Tonks. "Watcha doing here?"

Blushing, Remus stood up straight and replied, "Nothing" a bit to hurriedly. She raised her eyebrows and looked outside the window. Realization took place.

"You were watching Hermione, weren't you?"

Feeling stupid and uncovered he murmured a slight no. That made her frown. "You love her, don't you?" she murmured, sadness overcoming her senses, anguish written all over her face. "Don't try to deny it."

"No, I don't feel that way about her." Answered Remus turning away. Why couldn't he admit it? "She's just a dear friend of mine."

Tonks grabbed his hand and turn him around. "Do not lie!" She exclaimed, tears filling her eyes. " You DO lover her. I see the way you look at her. In a way that sometimes…I wished it towards me instead."

Remus felt awful, as if a bullet had pierced his stomach. She loved him, but he didn't. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

She smiled slightly. "You're always sorry." She said bitterly. "It isn't your fault if you don't love me. I can't make you love me." She lifted her bowed head, and forced a smile, wiping her tears away. While passing her hand through her bubbled gum colored hair, she said, "I think it's better if you went to her."

With one last smile Tonks made to leave, but Lupin held her back. "But I can't leave you."

"You can and you will," she replied in a way that would have make Mrs. Weasley proud. In a softer tone she added, "I just want to be happy."

Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye." And she turned around and left. Lupin was free.

Hermione sat besides the lake, looking at her reflection. Leaves and flower petals flew with the wind. She wished she could be like them, flying away from her problems. She looked down and observed her ring. Harry and Ron had asked about it and she answered saying that her mother gave it to her as a keepsake. If they knew…She smiled at it, and began turning it around on her finger. Will she be able to cope with her sadness and move on, like Lupin supposedly did? Will she be able to love again? That she doubted it, her heart only screamed Remus.

She looked up at the sky and sighed. A perfect and beautiful day like the one were they kissed for the first time, in this very scenery.

Footsteps crunching on the dry brown leaves reached her ears. Someone was approaching. Startled she turned around only to find herself staring confusingly at him. Remus J. Lupin. He looked embarrassed, nervous, with his hands deep within his pockets, wearing a light white-buttoned shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Hermione wanted to turn away, but she found she couldn't do so.

"May I sit here?" he asked, smiling in a boyish way, the way she loved so much.

Hermione only nodded, wondering why wasn't he with Tonks. He sat on the grass besides her and sighed. "Beautiful day, isn't it?" he said, in a way that led to small talk.

"Yes, it is." She whispered, looking at the cotton cloud far away sailing in the blue sky. Turning to him she added, "What is it that you want, Lupin?"

He couldn't help noticing her cold tone. But it was his fault after all, she thought he had stopped loving her. "Call me Remus." He replied. "I went down here 'cause I want to talk to you…"

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "About…?"

"About how much I love you and how sorry I am." He said. "Can you forgive me?"

Hermione felt her blood turning ice cold. She couldn't take it. This was a lie. He would say it and then go away. He would leave her again broken. He would make her cry again. He would destroy whatever chance she had to get on with her life. She made a move to stand up and go away, but Remus stopped her.

"Don't go"

Hermione turned her eyes away from him frowning. She wanted for him to let her hands go. "I thought you didn't loved wanted for us to be together. You are with tonks."

"She left me." He softly chuckled, then grabbing her chin, turned her towards him. "I only want you and only you."

Hermione opened her eyes wide. Did he really mean it? Did he really desire her? Was this a dream? His eyes told her something. He was saying the truth. He wasn't insecure, instead he was sure of himself. Tears slowly fogged her mind. Her mind wasn't working well. Her heart was beating too fast. Her body felt too warm. Her head spun uncontrollably. She closed her eyes and she felt as if she was falling. She was fainting, and falling into the lake. The water splashed all over.

"Hermione!" she heard Remus scream.

He took of his pair of shoes and dived into the lake, rapidly grabbing her by the waist and pulling her to the surface. She spit the water from her mouth, clearly embarrassed by how she had acted.

"Are you okay?" He asked worried, yet soflty.

"Yes." She replied, blushing. "I just got dizzy."

"You always get dizzy when you're excited."

His voice a soft, husky murmur. He observed her thoroughly. How much he had missed those big brown eyes, those soft pink lips, and the way she bit them, the few freckles she had in her face, her fair skin…everything. He noticed how her soft curly brown hair stuck to her wet face. She looked like a goddess that way. "I like you wet." He said bluntly, caressing her cheek.

Remus took a handful of courage leaned forward and capture her lips in his. It seemed like a decade since he had last kissed them.

Even though he had aged, and he was more mature, he kissed the same: firm, soft and passionate. A way that made Hermione sight against his lips, as he pressed his body against hers. This was pure bliss…Unconsciously, she cried. Tears of happiness left her eyes and Remus kissed each of them away.

"Remus?" she whispered.

He kissed her cheek and rested his head on her shoulder blades. "Yes?" he murmured against her skin. He breathed in deep her scent…soft, and sweet.

"Are you sure? Won't you be shunned by society? Won't people talk about us?" She said voicing the worries that both of them previously had.

He separated from her and smiled, placing a hair behind her ear. "I don't care what they say or think." He said. "I just want to be with you."

Hermione blushed. "I do too."

"But aren't you scared people will shunned you because your with a werewolf, your former professor?" he asked.

She shook her head. "I was willing to take that risk a long time ago. People's words mean nothing to me."

"Good," he smiled more widely and kissed her lips. "You know, the ring I gave you? I suggest that you treasure it well."

Hermione took her ring of her finger and kissed it. "I always will." She said hugging him.

"Good," he whispered in her ear. "Because someday, sooner than you think, I'm willing to make you my bride."

Her body was on the edge to catch fire. Her heart was beating soft, a sweet melody wrapped in true love. He kissed bellow the ear making her giggle. "I love you." He murmured, this time kissing her neck.

And Hermione knew he truly did. "I love you too." She whispered, resting her head on his shoulder. And he knew she truly did.

Dreams can come true, Hermione thought. Even though if it took suffering, anguish, tears, sadness and a little bit of magic to make it through. Eventually bad things turned into good things. It was all worth it in the end. He was all worth it in the end. A final tear slipped her closed eyes. The tear that sealed their love forever. No matter what, true loved came in the end.

…Now she didn't wished she was a bird, because she didn't wanted to fly away. She just wanted to stay in his arms forever. She had found the answer to all her problems.

- - - The End - - -

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