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Story: The time on the cinnamon moon

Chapter 2: Seeing you again

The trunk shut closed, as Hermoine finished packing up her belongins. A faint depressed sigh, that she tried to hold, escaped her throat. How could she gain the courage to see him again?

She gave a look at her bedside table and saw a picture that had been taken on their fifth year over the summer. Lupin, Sirius, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Fred, George and herself, all laughing and waving constantly. A sad smile appeared on her lips as she watched the one she loved so dearly, gave a wink… Such innocent times…happiness had always surrounded them. But she had lost Him, not to the death, but to another women…

Her attention to the photo was disturbed, as she heard the doorbell rang. She immediately got out her bedroom and ran downstairs, with her cat, Crookshanks behind her heels.

There in front of the door stood three hooded figures. At first she didn't know what to do, she thought they were Voldemorts followers. But as soon as they placed down their hoods, she sighed in relief, as she recognized this three awfully familiar persons.

One had raven hair, green eyes, glasses and a unmistakable scar on his forehead. The other young man had brightly colored red hair and freckles. The last one had brown slik hair that fell onto his eyes, with unrecognizable hints of grey. She blushed as she saw him…

The young man, with the raven hair, was the first one to notice her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hermoine!" he exclaimed, as a small smile appeared on his face.

She smiled and went to them, her brown curly hair swinging gracefully at her every move.

"Hello, Harry, Ron…Lupin." she greeted them, a small smile plastered on her soft rosy lips.

The three men smiled at her, and as soon as they did, she threw herself on Harry, then Ron, embracing them…but stopped in front of Lupin, blushing and only giving him a small shy smile. Her heart…it hurt…

Harry noticed the tension that came from his friend, and stepped in, saying: "Should we get going then?"

Hermoine nodded lazily, but then a question popped into her mind.

"How are we going to get there?" she asked

"Flying, of course" answered Harry

"Yeah," spoke Ron, with a smirk "Harry and me will be carrying your trunk and you will be…"

"Flying with me." finished Lupin with a fatherly smile.

Hermoine looked away, as she saw his smile. Yes, he would only see them as children and him, the father…

Her hands were wrapped around Lupin's waist, as they flew on his broom. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but blush at the closeness between them.

The awfully midnight cold wind slapped on her face, making her eyes watered. She felt uncomfortable and to make matters worse, she absolutely and sincerely hated flying.

"Are you doing okay back there?" called Lupin, throughout the thundering sounds of them slicing the wind at speed. Hermoine couldn't help but notice the hint of amusement in the way he spoke.

"Yes…barely." murmured Hermoine, only barely for him to hear.

The night was really beautiful, as a white crescent moon and twinkling stars adorned it.

The group of people were now getting closer to the ground ( "Thank god" thought Hermoine). Hermoine could observe a small cabin on top of a hill. Although, it looked to be abandoned, it had a charming and cute look.

Harry and Ron were the first one to land with the trunk, and then it was Hermoine and Lupins turn; They did it rather gracefully. Hermoine sighed in relief as her feets touched the soft wet grass. But she could'nt help but observe a hidden smirk that played on Lupin's lips. Why, though?

The party of four and Hermoine's cat (that Ron and Harry carried with the trunk) began walking towards the vine covered porch, therefore standing in front of the door made of wood.

Hermoine saw with interest as Lupin touched the door with his wand and then murmuring something that sounded awfully like "Dumbledores lemon drops"…after that there was only silence.

Sudenly, they heard someone, that by the way broke the silence, say from inside the cabin. "What's the password?"

Lupin smiled to himself slightly as if he recognized who that voice was and went on knocking the door the door three times, stopped, then twoplus two more times, in a rythmitic way.

And as soon as he stopped, Hermoine heard the 'click' of several locks being, well, unlocked.

The door opened in a rather fast way, revealing a person standing there with a smirk on her face.

"Remus!" she exclaimed.

- - - end chapter 2 - - -

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