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Story: The Time on the Cinnamon Moon

Chapter 20: Epilogue

The wind blew on her hair, violently yet soft. She tightened her grip on his waist, as she rested her head on his back. The night was beautiful, the half-moon shone brilliantly and the stars twinkled like bells.

"Remus, you're silly!" she exclaimed over the raging wind.

"Are you saying that because you hate flying, dear Hermione?" he smirked, making her speechless, blushing in embarrassment.

"Ha-ha" Hermione sarcastically said. Remus laughed out loud.

She looked down the broom, watching the ant-sized trees and the miniature scenery. Everything looked so pretty, even in the dark. But it was too high, and it made her feel sick to the stomach. She bit her lower lip and groaned softly.

"Hermione, would you closes your eyes. I want this to be a surprise."

She pouted. "Fine" And closed her eyes. "Make me feel more sick." At this he laughed again.

She could feel the wind more precisely. She let her senses loose and tried to enjoy the ride, to feel everything down to the last detail. She smiled a little when she felt the broom descend and finally land. It would be her favorite thing while flying. Remus grabbed her hand gently and kissed her cheek. Her smiled widened, whilst he helped her down the broom.

"Where are we?" she asked softly, as if the clam atmosphere would break by any loud noise.

He kissed her hand gently. "You'll see."

Hermione could smell a sweet scent all around her. It was overwhelming in her excitement to not look around, to not appreciate the beautiful surrounding.

"Open your eyes, Hermione" he softly said.

She did as he said and gasped in surprise. She stood in the field full of wild flowers. The place she held deep in her heart…her memories. The place where Remus had proposed twice. Once when she was Jane, then when she was his Hermione. She looked at Remus, unable to speak. He knew her raging emotions and kissed her in the lips. A soft melancholy kiss. She sighed.

He separated from her, and murmured against her lips. "Happy 25th anniversary, honey!"

Remus led her towards the oak tree, where below it, he had placed a blanket, two glasses of wine and a lit candle. "Now, do you think I'm silly?" he asked a playful smirk on his lips.

She smiled. "No" her voice was barely a whisper. "I think you're awfully romantic and thoughtful, how did you.."

"…kow you wanted to come here?" he finished for her, taking a moment to sip his wine before answering. "I know you too much. I pay attention to everything you do, to everything you say. I want to make you feel special everyday of our married lives. I'm glad I married you, I-I…your…my…only one…Hermione, are you crying?"

She hid her tears by looking down at her wine. "No" she hiccupped.

Remus smile turned tender, as he grabbed Hermione's wrist and pulled her towards him, embracing her in his arms. "Are you sad?" he whispered.

"No, I'm happy" she whispered back. "I don't ever regret our marriage, either…even if we have had our complications." Hermione closed her eyes, remembering when they first started dating. It was immediately after Remus and Hermione's true confession by the lake. To everyone supposed knowledge, they had fallen madly in love with each other over the summer. Only the two of them knew the truth. And they preferred it that way; it was their little secret in the tale of their happy ending. It it would have been put up on Hermione's decision, she would have married right away. Even at her young age. But Remus preferred to wait. When their engagement was announced, everybody was thrilled, even Tonks, who had taken a likening in Charlie. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were a little worried about the age difference, but it was soon forgotten…But to Hermione's parent, it was a different story. They were shocked by her decisions, and when she declined to leave Remus, they cut her off permanently of the family. To society in general, they were often the center of critization. A teacher and a student, a man and a child, a wolf and a human. Total opposites, yet so much in love. Still, they couldn't find jobs and life turned difficult when she got pregnant. A wolf letting his mate breed monsters. Those accusations drove her to tears. Nevertheless, they made it through. All because of love.

Hermione sighed in his arms as she returned from her memories. "I'm so happy" she repeated.

He laughed and both fell on the ground. Remus on top of her. "Me too" he said, and kissed her senseless, letting their feelings roam free.

Remus didn't represent his age, thanks to his werewolf genes, aging was slow. Sure he had changed a little. His hair was grey, and he had few almost unnoticeable wrinkles. Still, he remained as handsome as ever. She smiled against his lips as his hands began roaming his body. Into her graying brown hair, memorizing her freckled filled face, her eyes, her nose, her lips, down to her leg and up her thigh…

"Steady boy" she whispered breaking the heavy silence, filled only by their heavy breathing.

"Why?" he kissed below her ear. "We are alone, why should we stop?" Her breath became shallow, after all this years, she still couldn't control her raging hormones.

""I-I suppose" she gasped. "But aren't 3 children and a grandchild enough?"

His lips stopped at her collarbone. "Mmmm" he murmured. "I wouldn't mind another one, but I suppose you're right."

Remus rolled off of her and lay in the grass faced up, besides her, holding her hand. "Such a beautiful night." He whispered.

Hermione's nodded unable to speak, staring agape at the shining stars, her hair sprayed out in the ground. A cold chill unexpectedly blew.

"We should get going." Said Remus, as he stood up, grabbed her hand in a gentleman fashion, walking hand in hand towards the broom.

As Hermione got on the broom she couldn't help but look at the sky. "Thank you" she thought, gazing over at the moon. "For Remus, for giving me the chance of a lifetime…"

A secret smile appeared on her lips as she looked down at the golden necklace around her neck. A locket. Hermione grabbed it in her hands. On the front there was a couple of cinnamon sticks in the shape of a crescent moon, besides the image a message was inscribed. "The time on the cinnamon moon" She smiled even more widely.

Wrapping her arms around Remus waist she rested her head on his back. "Are you ready?"

Hermione Lupin closed her eyes." As ready as I'll ever be."

- - - - - - END - - - - - -

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