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"Mom! I can't believe you got Rascal Flatts! This is awesome." Chris yelled into Piper's ear, as his favorite band took the P3 stage.

Piper grinned at him. "Only the best for my baby boy." She kissed his cheek, and then whispered into his ear. "I love you, Chris. Happy Birthday, sweetie."

Chris turned and hugged her tightly. "Thanks mom. I have a feeling this might just be the best day of my life." His gaze drew over to Maya, who was standing next to Wyatt and Abby.

Piper followed his gaze. "Did she forgive you yet for turning her evil?" she asked with a laugh.

"Yeah. Turns out the guy we were torturing in the Underworld has a rap sheet as long as my arm. According to Darryl, it includes some really nasty stuff including drug trafficking, domestic assault, assault with a deadly weapon, possession, attempted rape. After we found that out, Maya was just pissed off that she hadn't vanquished him."

Piper smiled, "Wyatt said he was screaming about demons and evil sorcerer's when he got arrested. They think he's crazy, and are sending him in for mental evaluation."

"Not bad work then. You know, considering that I was an evil ringleader. At least no one was hurt."

Piper hesitated. "Are you still upset at Wyatt for not vanquishing you?"

"No, not really. I mean, honestly, I couldn't have vanquished him without trying absolutely everything else there was first. I guess I can't expect anything else from him." Chris hugged his mom quickly, and left, walking over to Wyatt, Abby and Maya.

"So, what was it like being evil, anyway? I mean, were you even aware you'd changed?" Abby asked Maya curiously. She hadn't even been turned evil, and felt slightly left out, since everyone else she knew had been now.

"Not really. Until I changed back, I didn't think I was any different. Actually, I noticed the change in Chris, but it wasn't a big deal. It was still like, 'wow… how hot is he in that outfit', ya know? Not, 'oh my God, he's evil.'" Maya shrugged. "After we got changed back though, that's when it hits you how…soulless you felt. It's not a fun feeling, Abby."

"Well, at least you got to wear a cool outfit." Abby offered hesitantly.

"Yeah. Leather is awesome, I've decided. It like lifts and separates better than a Miracle Bra. I mean… holy cow. For the first time in my entire life, I had cleavage! It was the best outfit I've ever had." Maya said animatedly.

Abby laughed. "So at least there's one good thing about being evil. You got a good fashion tip."

"There were two good things, Abby. All I have to say is Chris in leather pants." Maya sighed a little, remembering the way it hugged all the right spots.

"Maya, I kept them, you know. Maybe if you're nice I'll wear 'em again some day." Chris drawled out slowly, with a huge grin on his face.

"Oohh... Won't I be the lucky girl?" Maya grinned back at him.

"Wy, Abby, will you guys excuse us for a minute? I have to talk to Maya in private for a minute." Chris asked after listening to the band for a few minutes.

Wyatt exchanged a glance with Chris. Chris nodded quickly, and took Maya's arm. They walked hand in hand to Piper's office.

"Chris, what are we doing in here? Your favorite band is playing, and you're missing your own birthday party." Maya asked, confused.

"Well, I never really told you what I wanted for my birthday, Maya." Chris started hesitantly.

"Chris…" Maya started, but Chris stopped her.

"No, let me finish, okay?" He cleared his throat, and pulled a box from his pocket. He knelt down on one knee, and opened the box, showing her the ring inside. "Maya, I want to be your husband. Will you marry me?"

Instantly tears filled Maya's eyes. She nodded. "I love you. Of course, I'll marry you!" She hugged him tightly and kissed him hard.

Chris let out a ragged sigh of relief and pulled the ring from the box. "I hope you don't mind it's not a diamond. See I thought that diamonds are too plain for you. So instead, I used a sapphire. It's the Ancient Hindu birthstone of July."

"And since I was possessed by a Hindu goddess when we met 3 summers ago, you got a sapphire? That is the sweetest, most beautiful thing, Chris. Really, I love it." Maya's smile was brilliant, and she watched as Chris slid the ring onto her finger.

"Can we go tell my family now?" Chris asked anxiously.

"Absolutely. Have you told anyone that you were doing this?"

"Just Wy. I showed him the ring this morning." Chris chuckled. "He said I couldn't give you the ring. It's too romantic, and Abby would expect more from him."

Maya laughed. "What a slug. I got the good Halliwell brother." She hugged him close.

Together they walked out of the office. The club went silent as everyone stared at the two of them. Even the band stopped playing and looked over at them.

"Wyatt! You have got the biggest mouth!" Chris yelled, knowing immediately that his brother had blabbed.

"Yeah, yeah. What did she say?" Wyatt yelled back with a grin.

Chris didn't answer, instead, he hugged Maya close as she flashed a grin and raised her hand, showing off her ring. Cheers and congratulations immediately erupted.

Wyatt was the first to reach them. "Maya, are you sure you want to be part of this crazy family?" he asked playfully, hugging her.

"I think I'll take my chances. Where else will I get all this action and excitement? Sure beats watching TV at home." Maya smiled at him and returned his hug.

Wyatt released her and turned to Chris, giving him a hard, quick hug. "Congratulations, little brother. How's it feel?"

Chris smiled, and returned his brother's hard hug. "It feels like the best day of my life."