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Atlantis: The Apocalypse

Chapter 1

A History Untold

The Fall of Atlantis

Wiping the sweat of his brow he looked around at the rocky walls. Even though he was a biologist excavations for ancient artifacts were his passion, to discover the unknown of something not under the microscope.

Professor Michael, he turned around to see one of the diggers calling out to him.

Blinking he tried to see as he followed his co-worker through the dust. He had a hard time maintaining his excitement they were on a break on one of the greatest discoveries in history. But what he didn't know it will be also a discovery that will open one of the gates to hell, and the end to the life they once knew.

Staring through the eye piece of the microscope he wondered what the thing they had discovered was. Returning the slide he left the lab and went home. He couldn't help but worry at the pathogen he had found in the mummified corpse. A whole city was buried under the sand, after a long search the only clue that anyone lived was the mummified corpse.

It was branded with crosses and writings which seemed to be written in blood. But scientific curiosities overcame spiritual suppuration. He didn't believe in things such as bad luck, curses or the gods' anger. But their was a nagging feeling shouting at the back of his mind to burn everything that they had found.

He sighed as he locked the apartment doors, and went to find something to eat in the kitchen. He grimaced as he opened the fridge, a smell of rotten food reached his nose. Quickly closing it he knew that he needed to clean the fridge soon but he didn't know it was this bad.

Rubbing his nose he tried to get rid of the neusting smell. Staring out of the window he looked at the city below. Even though it was only 186 A.C. Atlantis had reached a level of advanced technology, then any other nation in the world. Nations where people still lived in wooden houses and died from simple diseases such as the flue and chicken pox, diseases which they had discovered cures and vaccines more then 50 years ago.

Some of the people were against Atlantis cutting off itself from the rest of the world; he was one of the leaders of organizations that demanded of the government to declare itself to the world. But the government still kept its stand, they were afraid of what other nations will do when they see all their nations riches. They argued that the rest of the world wasn't prepared to be introduced to such technology.

He thought back with sadness as he remembered the embassy that they had send, only one survivor had returned the rest were brutally murdered and copse were hung after they were looted by a race that called themselves Vikings. This had sent them hurtling backwards, years of work was almost lost. Peoples fear rose higher then before and more and more people ran to the government asking that their isolation to remain.

He too was starting to doubt that the rest of mankind was prepared to deal with what they had to offer. It was estimated that it would take thousands of years for the rest of the human society to reach their level of technological advancement. He and the others agreed to wait and give a small nudge here and their, small in not to alert anyone of their existence, but enough to give a satisfactory effect.

He looked at the clock and found that he needed to go see how the translations with the coffins' writings. Reaching the museum he headed to search for the office. Hearing a voice calling his name, he turned around to see Kin running in his direction. He smiled at the young boys' enthusiasm; he was very dedicated to his work, and had a promising future.

Kin was almost jumping up and down with joy, he grinned at the professor as he tried to regain his composer. He felt himself swell with pride as he looked at the professor he had always admired him and the discoveries he had a hand in, it was quite an honor to work on the same project with someone like him.

We discovered what the writings said, its very exceptional sir.

Never seen something like this before.

Michael smiled softly at the young man who had turned around and headed rather hurriedly toward the lab. But as he came closer to were the coffin was being kept he couldn't help but shiver he felt that something evil was present.

Shaking his head he gave a small laugh at his foolishness he is a man of science not a spiritual believer in the unknown. Everything had a scientific base, ghosts and evil spirits do not exist. Kin opened the door unaware of the dilemma the professor was going though.

Michael suddenly felt a breath of cool air passing by; as he stared into the room he reluctantly followed. Staring at the projections of the translated writings, he smiled forgetting his worries he soon got immersed in the translations.

The writings told of an evil spirit sent by the gods in a moment of anger to punish their people. It had eaten away the flesh of the living and had weakened the earth. But the man they had found in the coffin had lead them away were they had built the city underground.

But why was no evidence was found that anyone lived their, he guessed that they had abandoned it a while later but why that was the question, and why was he only one buried their.

He walked out of the museum wondering on what he had found. They had more writings of some kind of warning; they had gathered that the evil sprit was representing some kind of diseases.

Instead of heading home he headed toward the ocean, his late mother was a seer, even though he was a man of science he still believe in his mother's visions, and abilities. He had inherited her powers but more of a six senses the only visions he had were a sort of warnings, they had ceased after the vision he had of his mother's death.

He had suppressed his abilities to a certain extent, but not enough to suppress his six sense. His senses were now warning him of an upcoming danger, and a sense that this would be one of the last few days that Atlantis would find peace.

Two weeks Later…

He stood at the outskirts of the city listening to the screams of the dying. He felt tears falling from his eyes as he wondered how things could get this way. They had isolated the sick, placing as much people as they could to delay their pain, as they awaited their death.

He now truly understood the meaning of the evil spirit they had found in the translations. The disease had escaped and spread through the population like fire. No child, no animal or plant was spared. The earth had starting to break away; no one could understand how the virus had such an effect.

He looked at his hands and saw them drenched in blood; he had helped in this discovery costing his people their lives. But his instincts as a seer told him otherwise; it needed to be one Atlantis was doomed since the day they had build their first building they were intruders in this time period, the world was not prepared for them yet.

Embracing his seer abilities, he turned around his life wasn't here to help the survivors, nor try to fix the past. He left the island and watched it break away and sink into the dark sea burying its secrets. But Atlantis will once more resurface and join history as the site where the Apocalypse began once more.

This time he was prepared he will not allow history to repeat itself, using his abilities he disappeared to the future where the saver of mankind was being born. MegaMan X would be the only being that would be immune to the virus and will able to save and rewrite the future of the second Apocalypse saving the loss once lost in the second rising of darkness.

He appeared 5,000 years later where Dr. Light has started to build his most powerful creation MegaMan.

To Be Continued

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