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Atlantis: The Apocalypse

Chapter 2

A glimpse into the future

X watched the ruined planes in front of him, no sign of any living being, even reploids could be seen, and they have become a very rare sight these days. The plague had brought its toll on everyone.

He heard footsteps behind him, but he continued to watch his surroundings ignoring who was approach. The approaching reploid moved his scarf from his face as it blew with the wind, placing his shield into the ground; he leaned against it and stared at his brother.

It hurt him to see his brother this way, the innocent youth he knew was now gone, killed by the harsh realties of the world they lived in. He was himself shaken from what he had seen, he couldn't look at the mirror without seeing the haunted dark look in his eyes without flinching and looking away.

He could only imagine what his brother had gone through, who was awake from the beginning. He slightly flinched when his brothers' gaze was directed at him. They were totally empty devoid of any emotions; they were now only cold dark abysses. When they were directed toward you, it would give you a sense of being judged they replayed the horrors he had seen.

X prove

X looked sadly as he watched Protoman uncomfortably flinch as he looked at him, he didn't blame him, and he couldn't even look into his reflection without feeling a slight fear. Fear he wondered that word seemed strange to him, he shrugged he appreciated and was somehow grateful that his brother and sister remained with him despite their discomfort. The few that were on his team were too scared to be around him unless it's necessary.

He could feel guilt every time he looked at Protoman or Roll; he had woken them up from a peaceful slumber to the horrors of the surrounding world. Even though he didn't want to admit he wanted companionship, all his friends had died and those few who were alive were too scared of the cold reploid that was somehow immune to the virus. On finding their capsules he was too ecstatic too let the chance of having a real family back.

Protoman Prove

He redirected his gaze to the ruined plains once more; leaving Protoman with a sense of guilt knowing that he was the one caused X to look away. He sighed even though X thought h was unreadable to those who are around him; he was wrong as soon as you get to know him he could be read like a book by watching his body movements.

The last of the northern islands had sunk, we only found some of the survivors, but many were too infected and they died. X nodded but remained quite Protoman sighed and turned around to leave and wait for any instructions his brother may have, but he stopped in his tracks when he heard a voice.

"Protoman, what would you do if you were given a chance to change everything"

"Changing the past, it would be tricky if time travel was possible, do you have something in mind".

Protoman stood waiting for his brothers to speak.

"You know, every time I see a reploid or any of the remaining humans die by disease or be killed by a mad reploid, I let it go, and don't try to stop it, saying to myself what is ones life compared too many.''

"But is it true, I once believed that every life is precious and deserves a chance to repent but as years passed all you could do was watch them die, and kill off those who where dying to try to reduce the infection, no matter that the infected individual was a victim himself."

"Such childless believes have no pace in this world".

All what Protoman could do was stand and listen to his brothers words. He could feel his heart brake once more, to know and see but to hear these words from X mouth showed the extent of the damage to the x-hunters soul.

Roll who has arrived a few minutes ago walked up to X and pulled him into a hug she wanted to push his daemons away and get her older brother back, even though she knew that it probably wont be possible if they continued to live like this. Surprised to feel an arm wrap around her waist she smiled a sad smile.

It was time she thought "X there is something I need to show you."

A few miles away

They had arrived to the place were X had found their capsules; this was a secret neither Doctor Light knew about. What wasn't known that did not build X alone but he had outside help. He was known as a Michael he had appeared out of n where and offered to help X Dr. Light to rebuild X, even tough he was suspicious at the stranger they soon became best of friends.

She remembered when he first approached her that day.

Flash back

She had let her hair loose and stood feeling the wind move her hair. She had grown more quite after X died and spend hr time alone. Staring back sadly at the lab she, she knew that Dr. Light was rebuilding her brother, but she doubted that he will be the same he may have X memories but he was a new individual, probably he will have his own different personality.

She had accepted her brothers' death, but she considered Meg man X as a new addition, she won't condemn him to the name oh his predecessor. She then felt a hand on her shoulder,

"How are you doing Roll"?

Roll stared back and smiled sadly at the doctor

"Ill be fine, thank you. Where's father is he still inside."

Nodding his head, roll stared back and sighed it seems that was not eating well again these days, his health was slowly detrating. Heading toward the lab she prepared herself to face another argument and pull from his lab.

Roll their something I need to tell you.

He continued to tell Roll about his history and life in Atlantis. As the hour past Roll feared that the doctor had gone made like wily and started to back away. He quickly moved and took hold of her hand. I want to show you proof roll I haven't gone made like wily.

Looking into his eyes all what could she was sincerity no madness could be seen in his gaze or poster, but wasn't it the same with Dr. Wily, she sighed what did she have to loose. She nodded and followed him.

Two hours later

She stood at the same place Michael had stood watching Atlantis sink, she knew that this wasn't a hologram he had shown her the blue prints and even tested it. So everything he said was true, she turned around and watched Michael's sad gaze as he stared at his home lost in memories as it broke down and fell into the ocean.

"I believe you, but what do you want from me now."

"Roll, the only thing I want from you is to keep show this to X one day".

"But aren't you going to activate him in a matter of weeks."

"No, Roll this time isn't where X fate les we have agreed to place him, you and Protoman in a capsule as well."

"I will, but I would be doing it for him not you doctor."

He nodded I didn't expect anything else", nodding he took them back to their time.

End of flash back.

I want to tell you about something I have been hiding even before we entered the capsule, the history of Atlantis, and our last hope to rewrite the past.

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