Title: Melly and CrazyKid: The VA's two youngest patients/horrors 2/?
Author: Murdock's Crazylady and Retard Mel
Rated: G for now..

Archive: Yes, with a comment card

Summary: Two 4 and 5-year-old patients terrorize the VA with pranks and other mischief

Warning: Torment to all patients, including the real team, whom is running this VA, and to all clones (but mostly Face and Hannibal, hehe)
Disclaimer: I don't own the team. Not that I wouldn't mind having Dwight for a big brother though, I do own CrazyKid and Melly, they are my true child side, and Melly is a true friend of mine. He knows about this story, and is helping me write it.
Copyright: 2001 Murdock's CrazyLady (MCL) and Retard Mel (RM)
Author's notes :
PLEASE send comments. This is my first story of this nature. I know there isn't a real childrens ward at the VA, but in my version, there is. Please bare in mind that this is a fun story and that I am in no way normal..er, I mean well...just read it! (please?!)

CrazyKid meets her partner in havoc

The morning after the incident with Hannibal, CrazyKid still refused to talk to anyone, including her big brother. She knew exactly how she was going to get even with them. She'd hack herself out, and make them sorry they took her computer and taken away her work right along with it. That evening, she got an idea and searched for a compy.

Crazykid was in a small office, hacking into the main computer when a noise to her left made her jump and hit the 'show desktop button' on the keyboard. She looked over and saw a boy, standing there, looking at her. He was a little taller than her, with shaggy brown hair and eyes, wearing blue jeans and a red 'Fear This' T-Shirt.

CrazyKid was ready to begin her work again when he walked over and looked at the PC's monitor. He put his arms on the pc desk and sat his chin in his hands. "Whatcha doin?" He asked. Crazykid pushed his elbows out from under his chin. "Nothin. Now eiver yeave or shut-up. I'm bizzy." CrazyKid replied, turning back to her key tapping. The boy smiled at her. "So YOU are CrazyKid." He said, and she scowled at him, hating the fact that this stranger knew who she was.

"So. Iffin you gonna tell, go ahead. I ain't worried. I'm gettin outta here. Nobody gonna stop my work nomore. This'll show em who sleeps at night an who ain't." CrazyKid replied, angerly hitting the keys in fast taps. She soon heard him giggle. "I ain't tellin on you, I just think you're a good hacker. We heard all bout you on the CW." The boy replied, and CrazyKid was surprised, normally all her rep got her was in trouble. "Reawy?" This got her attention, and she turned to him. He nodded.

"Yepper. Why you tryin ta leave, anyhow? We heard somethin about you an Hannibal, but we dinnit know nomore than dat." He asked. CrazyKid sighed, remembering the night before. "I dinnit go ta bed when I was possed to an BA woked up Hannibal, an he panked me. An Now I'm mad at him an I gonna get eben wit him!" CrazyKid answered, and he nodded.

"Hey, I gotta better idea, don't hack out. I gotta good one. Whatta ya say?" The boy asked. CrazyKid thought about it. "Kay. What you name?" She asked, closing out her open stuff on the pc, and getting down from the chair. "My name's Mel, an I am a hacker like you. BUT I am really in here cos I like ta play tricks on people. I used ta set fires, but I am better at not doin that nomore." Mel answered, and CrazyKid smiled, Finally, she had a partner in the crime she'd always dreamed of reaking, but never could alone.

"How many am you?" CrazyKid asked. He smiled. "I'm a whole 5-years-old. How bout you?" Mel answered. "I fouwr. I dus moved hew, wit my grampa, an my big broder, and Face an BA. I ony been hewe 9 times 30 days. Dat's what my big broder Muwdock telled me." CrazyKid answered. They continued to talk as she followed him out of the office and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey, why is us goin ta the kitchen?" CrazyKid asked, as they stopped in from of the locked door. He pulled out a ring of keys, stolen from the nurse on the Children's Wing, and selected a key. "Cos. We needs stuff in here to get eben, member?" He asked, turning the key and opening the door. "Oh, yeah, I forgotted." CrazyKid replied, following him inside. Behind her, Mel relocked the door, just in case one of the security people came on they're rounds.

"Kay, we needs yime gween jewwo, an wed koowaid." Mel said, as CrazyKid took notice to the backpack he was wearing. She hadn't noticed it before. She helped him load what they needed into the red Jansport backpack and giggled when he told her his idea. "Dis's donna be fun! Whoo-haa!" CrazyKid replied, happily as they quietly left the kitchen and he relocked the door, putting the ring of a million keys back onto his belt loop. Mel laughed with her as they headed towards their fist victim. It was by now 8pm, and first rounds had started. And, a certain man was in bed, probably asleep. Hmmm, for now that is...