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Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting through the memories

Darkness after the sunset

By 8 that night, CK had cried herself to sleep twice, and later when BA brought her dinner to her, CK ignored him. She didn't go near the tray, or even touch the Coca-Cola she lived for. CK merely curled into a ball on her bed and cried until she fell asleep. CK had just fallen asleep, taking in sharp breaths every now and then, when Hannibal was on his way to say goodnight, and to look in on her. As he walked towards CK's room, he saw the back of a familiar leather jacket.

"BA, she's my sister, an I got every right to see her!" Murdock said, arguing a calm BA. BA knew to expect this, and was taking it all in stride. BA nodded no. "Hannibal's orders man, take it up wit him." BA said and Murdock refused to take no for an answer. Murdock threw up his hands. "She's 4 years old BA! 4! she doesn't understand why she's being locked up like a criminal!" Murdock pointed out and BA was about to reply when Hannibal walked up. BA looked at him and Hannibal gave him a slight nod, one that said he was doing okay. "It's okay, BA." The Colonel said and then Murdock turned to him.

"Colonel, I wanna see CK. It's been almost 3 days since I even got to hug my kid sister and I can't take it!" Murdock said, his eyes pleading with the Colonel. Hannibal looked at BA and nodded. "Alright Murdock, but just be forwarned, she's refused to eat, and she's done nothing but cry and sleep. Just be ready, Murdock." Hannibal said and Murdock didn't care. He couldn't care less at the moment, all he wanted to do was squeeze his little sister again. BA unlocked the door, Murdock went in, and BA relocked it behind him. Murdock went over to CK's bed and silently gasped at the sight of his sister. Her eyes were swollen 1 size too big for her, and her entire face was red and puffy. Murdock's eyes watered as he sat down on her bed beside her. He rolled her over and pulled her into his lap. Holding her gently, he buried his face in the top of her head.

The sight of her face had reminded him of the memories of a year ago when CK looked even worse. At that point on time, her eyes were always bloodshot, and purple rings always encircled them from both lack of sleep and food. Her skin was flat white pale, with all color drained from it. Her ribs could be counted one by one, she was so skinny. The parents that had adopted CK were using her for some sort of experiment for their own entertainment, and even placed bets with friends when the next wave of throwing up would hit her. Murdock was always forced to sit by and watch, and was never allowed to help the only sibling he'd ever had. CK was too young, fragile and small to protest what they had been doing to her. But Murdock wasn't. He was just afraid, just as afraid of what they might do to day after she'd fainted right in the middle of a trip to the bathroom, the parents whom were supossed to care for them, sat on the couch high on drugs, laughing at CK as she lay on the floor barely breathing.

One day, things grew imbareable when CK broke the garage window nextdoor. She was playing with Murdock's huge softball, and it went through the small window. HE heard and began screaming as he came out the back door, looking for his punching bag. CK had hidden underneath a big garbage can, but HE found her and dragged her inside. Her screams could be heard across the block, while he beat the poor kid with an extension cord. CK was bleeding from the cuts in her skin, and Murdock stood and watched, until he couldn't take one more lash of that brown enemy, and punched HIM with all he had. CK fell as HE fell, and Murdock grabbed her, as she screamed and cried with him to safety of Sue, the neighbor's house. She was very nice and CK adored her. She'd let them in and took care of CK, humming to her while she doctored the horrible lashes across her small pale white back, behind and the backs of her legs.

HE came banging on the door, trying to take the kids back, and Sue had to call the police. Sue hid the kids and told them HE was high on drugs and drunk as well, and he was arrested. CK's worst beating came after that, when HE came back from jail the next day. HE beat CK again, and burned her hand by holding it over a gas stove. Her screams were again heard al over the neighborhood, and no one called anyone to help. HE was trying to drown CK when a fire broke out and killed HIM and HER..Murdock regretted that day, because he'd done the one thing he'd never thougt he'd do. He'd left her there, even when he saw HIM about to beat CK again. He'd left her with HIM..He came home after the fire and found CK in a police car..He'd never forget it. He still felt enourmous guilt over it...

They both were put into the VA that day, and Hannibal was asked to take over and run it, and had ever since. Coming out of that horrible memory, Murdock began to cry. His child like mind ached at the fear of all the bad things happening to CK again. Murdock's crying woke CK, and she painfully opened her eyes, and tried to look at him. "Big..broder? eyes hurt." CK said softly as she fought to keep them open. Murdock gently kissed her forhead above each of her eyes. "You've been crying for so long muchacha, and now they're sad too." Murdock replied, as CK felt her tears returning.

"Grampa, he.." CK stammered, using the rarely heard grampa when she spoke of Murdock and her's family member. Murdock listened. "What, what did grampa do? did he...spank you? is that it?" Murdock asked and he got a shake of the head, no. "He dinnit...worser...den dat...he sended Melly away..Ta New Yorks!" Ck said, barely able to tell him for sleep setting in. "Murdock, me never gonna see him nomore!" CK began to cry again and Murdock held her. "Me wanna come..come home..Me not wanna be alone nomore." CK said as she lay her head against his chest and fell asleep. Murdock kissed the top of her head and stood up holding her. He walked over to the door and BA unlocked it, as Hannibal saw him holding CK, he told himself he knew this was going to happen. "Murdock." Hannibal began, but Murdock cut him off.

"This is all your fault. First you seperate her from the only family she's ever had and then you send her friend away as a punishment. That's not right and even I know that. And I am not letting her alone for one more second." Murdock said, and Hannibal knew he'd only make it worse than now unless he let Murdock take CK with him. "Fine. But, if she pulls anything, I am holding you responsable." The CO said and Murdock stalked off, carrying his baby sister in his arms. As he watched Murdock go, Hannibal turned to BA. "Make sure you move everything back in in the morning after she's awake. I have a feeling she's going to be up bright and early, and ready to hack. OH and don't forget to wipe out her emails before giving her computer back." Ba gave an okay, and Hannibal went to bed down for the night, while BA went into the empty room and began to pack up CK's things.

Murdock carried CK back to their room and Face looked up from a book of french he was reading. "Murdock, why is CK here?" Face asked, thinking Murdock had broke her out. " I told the colonel I wasn't leaving her alone after what he did and he didn't stop me." HM replied as he sat down on his bed holding CK. She was still asleep, with her head on his shoulder. "What he did? You mean, uh?" Face asked pointing to the back of CK. Murdock shook his head no. "No. Worse, he moved the boy, Mel, away to another hospital." Murdock replied and Face was relieved. "That's all?" Face asked. "To NEW YORK Face!" Murdock said, and Face couldn't believe it.

"New York?!" Face exclaimed, loosing his place in his book as he took out his thumb. He lay the book down beside him and sat up. "Yeah Face, and she's been cryin all day about it. She won't even eat!" Murdock said worridly as he brushed CK's bangs out of her eyes. Murdock looked tearfully back up at Face from CK. "It's just like when..when mom and dad.." Murdock said, his tears not hidden anymore. Face got up and sat beside Murdock on his bed, feeling his big brotherly feelings kicking in. Murdock was a few years older than him, but Murdock didn't know he was any older, mentally. Thanks to his weird and drug addict parents, he had been born that way, with the mentality of a 15-year-old tops.

Face hugged Murdock and Murdock held onto CK tightly but gently. "She's gonna die Face, she's gonna die.." Murdock said and Face shook his head no. "No, Murdock, no. Listen to me, CrazyKid has the colonel's blood. She'll get through this, and I can bet she'll have a whopper of a plan. Believe me, she's goinna be okay. Now us, we will probably go down with her, and end up in straight jackets for a month, but hey, we've been through worse with some of Hannibal's plans. Huh, Murdock?" Face said, as he saw Murdock was calming down. "Yeah like the duck call one. Them hunters thought we was ducks!" Murdock said laughing, and Face laughed along, glad to see Murdock not crying anymore.

"I think you should put CK on your bed to sleep. She'll sleep the night, I think, if she's with you. Theres should be enough room for the both of you, heck I outta know. She's slept with me more than once." Face said and Murdock yawned. "Okay." He said, as he lay CK down and cover her. "Night Facey. Thanks for makin me feel better." Murdock said as he lay beside CK on top of the covers. "Night Murdock, you're welcome." Face said as he watched Murdock roll over and close his eyes. Face smiled at the Kodak moment laying in the bed beside him and rolled over to sleep too. The light went out and sleep soon set in for all 3.

New York. A huge place with so many different people. Worf took Mel into the NY VA and a nurse at the desk was waiting for them. "Hello there, you must be Mel." The lady said to Mel. Mel stood next to Worf quietly. "Mel, the lady is talking to you." Worf said and Mel looked up at him. "Hi." Mel said, then returned to being quiet.

"We'll need the rest of his info, but we've already been faxed the rest." The lady exclaimed as they all walked down the hall towards Mel's new home: W-15, New York VA hospital. As Worf ad the lady taked, Mel walked into his new room and took his backpack and jacket off. Worf soon stood in the doorway, watching as Mel's stuff was put back into his new room. The orderlies brought the last box a half hour later.

Worf hated this moment, but it was time for him to say his goodbyes and head back to LA. Worf walked over and watched as Mel set his computer up. "I have to go now, Mel. I hope you like it here as much as you liked the va in LA. Try to stay out of trouble, okay?" Worf said, and Mel crawled out from underneath his desk.

"Kay. Say, can you tell CrazyKid goodbye for me? I mean, I know I cain't say it to her myself, but will you tell her, please?" Mel asked, and Worf knew he'd be going against Hannibal, but he nodded okay and walked out.

Mel sighed and turned his PC's power on. He'd waited to push the button to turn it on for a reason. The monitor screen lit up and the desktop was filled with a tiled background of himself and his bestfriend in crime, CrazyKid Murdock.


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Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting Through The Memories