A/N: Yes I'm back

A/N: Yes I'm back! Crazy, huh? I just lost all inspiration but some did come back.

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"Yes, Wrath?" Burden asked frustrated because she really wanted to go with Envy.

Wrath now jumping on to her lap, getting closer to his sister and best friend, "Do you

want to go out and play?"

"Maybe later Wrath, not now." Burden said exasperated. Wrath looked up at her, and she saw the flash of hurt across his face.

"Oh okay.."

'Oh I guess I could pass catching up with Envy.'

"You know what Wrath, I do have some time to play." And without a secongd thought Wrath dragged her outside.

It was raining.

"What the hell!" Burden exclaimed pretty pissed off.

"I love the rain!" Wrath stated not listening one bit. Wrath twirled and danced not even knowing the effect he had on Burden. As if in a trance, she almost remembered doing this.

'That's crazy, I've never done this before. I've only been here for awhile and Wrath never took me out to play in the rain.' But as she looked at Wrath she could swear he had blond hair for a moment.

"C'mon Wrath let's get inside, it's starting to get dark." Wrath pouted for a bit but finally complied.


After she dried herself off, she picked up a book that she had discarded on her floor. She situated herself on her bed and began to read. As she read she didn't notice the presence behind her until she felt hot breathing on her ear.

Envy smiled into her hair, "How's your book?"

Burden turned around, but didn't get the chance to as Envy attacked her lips with such animosity she just knew that he had a fun time at his 'meeting'. He took her book out of her hands and threw it to the ground, even with much protest on her part. Envy not caring began to kiss down her neck.

"You had a nice time I trust?" Burden asked, trying to keep herself level headed.

"Of course." He stated, against her collarbone.

Continuing his ministrations, Envy came back up, crushing his lips against hers. 'That's gonna leave a bruise.' She thought, then turned her attention to the homunculus before her. Biting slightly on her lip, making her open her mouth, Envy shot his tongue into her mouth, divulging in her taste. Burden held back a moan as his hands wandered from her hips to her chest.

"Sorry love, but I have to see Dante." He stated as he broke off with a chaste kiss. Burden wimpered at the loss of contact, not ready for it to end. Dropping to her knees she started to pull his man skirt down.(A/N: Really what the hell is that thing?)

"You're not going anywhere." She commanded lustily, forcing him to sit on her bed as she finished taking off his bottoms. She took notice that he was hard when she put her mouth on his member.

Letting out a moan as she began to bob back and forth on his cock, "Oh-I won't go anywhere."

Burden then took her mouth off him, only to come back deep throating him. Moaning, Envy made her more willing to please. She tantalizingly squeezed his balls, working on a rhythm that he would enjoy. When he laced his hands through her hair she knew he was about to climax, so she stepped up her effort. Envy cried out, coming into her mouth, which she swallowed quickly.

Getting off her knees she was swept into a kiss, "You know I love you right?" Envy said.

"Yes I do, I love you too."

"I can talk to Dante anytime, let's just continue from where we left off." He then pulled her on the bed.


So how was that? I think for my first hentai scene, it went okay. I hope 2 pages make it up. I WILL be updating soon, but for now,