..After hearing the news that Matt and Ashley were actually dating, I came up with the idea for this fic. Its more of a Jeff/Trish than anything else, but Matt and Ashley have plenty enough in it too.

It's a chapter fic, so there'll be plenty more to enjoy. I wrote this whole chapter in just a day so expect more soon, I'm sure!

Enjoy.. READ AND REVIEW! .. they're important, ya know

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Thy Kingdom Come

Author: Candy

Author e-mail: pg-13

Characters: Jeff Hardy - Trish Stratus, Matt Hardy - Ashley, and others to come.

Distribution: WF-TA, WWE Library, and that's about it.

Disclaimer: Just like everyone else, I don't own anything recognized.

Summary: While tagging along with Ashley as she pays a little visit to a certain darker Hardy boy, Trish happens to fall for a Hardy of her own. Chapter fic. Read n Review.

Baby, lets be nothing.

I hear it lasts forever. . .

Trish felt the cold wind upon her shoulders, the thin wool blanket she had wrapped around herself slipping from them, but she welcomed the chilly air as it swept past. The fiery golden leaves fell carelessly around her from the trees encircling above, the beautiful wind carrying some to the gray-hued lake, where they floated on the little water like boats upon a stream.

Alas, this was her home. Her backyard of a beautiful kingdom.

She had sat out here upon her throne, a queen without her king, on many different occasions. Sometimes to think, or to write, or to rest. Or sometimes, just to sit. But this time it was some-what different. She'd be saying good-bye for a while .. a month or two, at least.

The minute Ashley stepped into the Raw arena that night, she had Trish had hit it off immediately, a relationship that surprised even themselves. But what was even more surprising was that Ashley had fallen head over heels in love with a newly single Matt Hardy.

They'd been together ever since.

So where did this leave the single, lowly Woman's champ? Tagging along on a trip to North Carolina with her friend to the home of none other than Matt Hardy.

Trish - not yet fully healed from her back trauma - and Ashley had been granted a vacation, one that Ashley had immediately decided to spend with her love, who had been off work due to being in the middle of switching shows.

Sighing to herself, Trish turned and checked on her bags, sitting in the middle off the leaf-covered driveway. Ashley would arrive any minute to pick her up, and from there they'd catch a plane to Cameron.

Upon hearing the rustling of leaves and the roar of a quiet engine, the blonde diva shook the leaves from her blanket and walked across her yard, waiting for the little white car to appear.

And when it finally did, the driver practically jumped out of the window, running into Trish's arms for squealish, girly hug.

"Gosh, I thought you'd never get here."

Ashley pulled back, a smile on her face that reflected in her eyes, and looked Trish devilishly. "Sorry, I had some last minute things to pick up from the store before I came,"

Rolling her big brown eyes, Trish let out a small huff of laughter before she turned to grab her bags, heading towards the ajar trunk of Ashley's car. "I really don't wanna know what store you're talking about, Ash."

Grabbing her keys from her pocket as she laughed lightly, the newest diva got into the front seat of her car. "I guess I'll leave that to your imagination," She started up the car, waiting for Trish to hop into the passenger seat before saying any more. "..we have fifteen minutes to get to the airport, then its off to NC for a whole month. You ready?"

Trish let out a low sigh as she contemplated the question, her mind screaming at her that this was a stupid thing to tag along to. But it was a little too late for that.

"Oh hell yes."

Laughing girlishly, Ashley barreled out of the long driveway and onto the busy highway, obviously a little over-excited about their little vacation.

But Trish, meanwhile, had her head turned towards her home, waving farewell to her kingdom as it disappeared slowly into the hollow distance.

"Are they here yet?"

Jeff Hardy groaned, putting down his drawing for what seemed like the millionth time and checked out the window of Matt's newly built home. "No, Matthew." He grumbled, "For the hundredth time, they won't be here for another twenty minutes yet."

Matt shook his head, continuing to pace around his living room, pounding his fist into his hand rhythmically as he waited for the arrival of his girlfriend.

"Just be patient, man. They'll get here."

Ignoring the words of his baby brother, Matt continued to pace around his living room while Jeff sat drawing contently on the couch with his mind - as usual - in other places.

Obviously someplace far away.

Deciding that maybe pacing around the house wasn't going to be much of a help to anything, the Hardy headed towards the kitchen, but upon hearing the rustling of leaves that hadn't come from the wind, he froze.

"Was that..?"

Rolling his eyes, Jeff pulled back the curtain with his pinky, squinting out onto the driveway. "No, not unless they rented an ugly red car."

"That's them!" Shouting at the top of his lungs, Jeff chuckled to himself as his brother bounded down the stairs, practically ripping the door off his hinges and ran into the arms of his lover.

Meanwhile, he had lingered behind long enough to see Trish emerge from the car as he stepped out onto the porch. The little blonde diva looked somewhat content there by herself, struggling with the luggage that was piled into the trunk.

"Need help?"

Trish let out a quiet, barley audible gasp at the sound of the familiar, southern drawl, surprised by the sudden appearance. "Jeff.. you scared me."

She had almost forgotten about the younger Hardy boy.. Which came as a surprise to even herself after the on-screen history they had shared years past.

But it was a pleasant surprise, she realized.

"Sorry," Jeff laughed a little, grabbing the bags from the trunk and tossing them into the leaf-covered driveway. After slamming the trunk shut, he rose slowly, grinning at Trish with his cute little smile. "..it's been a while, hasn't it?"

The blonde smiled, her hands in her hips as she looked up at him, his boyish features staring back at her. She had sorta forgot how cute he actually was for a man that was almost thirty.


"Years, maybe? Last time I saw you, we were at Adam's wedding."

Jeff laughed as he rolled his eyes, peeking to the side to make sure his brother hadn't heard the hint of Adam's name. Lucky for all of them, he didn't.

Turning back to Trish, he picked up the bags she had left and led her into the house, admiring her along the way. She looked so cute and simple there.. In her brown cotton sweats and a white tank top. Her beautiful hair, which was usually down, up in a careless bun.

Something unusual for a chilly fall day.

But something beautiful for him.

Matt and Ashley lingered behind with their stuff, wrapped in each other for warmth.

And as Trish stared out the window, admiring them as she sat sipping a glass of hot chocolate Jeff had handed her, she subconsciously felt a blanket being wrapped around her goosebump-filled shoulders.

But the blanket had seemed somewhat warmer than usual.

And it wasn't until she turned around, finding herself smiling back at none other than Jeff Hardy, did she realize why.