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Author: Candy

Rating: pg-13

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(( Chapter 2 ))

Trish hadn't gotten much sleep that night. After hearing faint sounds coming from Matt's bedroom across the hall that she had recognized almost immediately, sleep had became something she couldn't seem to grasp. Slipping into a shallow slumber some hours later, she managed to get a little sleep, but awoke around 5 in the morning at the sound of the obnoxious cawing of crows outside her open window.

Which brought her back here, standing on the porch on the side of the house, facing the blazing forest against the gray morning sky. It was colder then usual - which Trish summed up to the early morning hour - but the wind was dead. Leaves in every shade of red and yellow laid upon the ground, still as she'd ever seen them.

The world seemed silent.. as if she had been the only one to wake at such an hour.

Even the sun wasn't out…covered by the clouds of autumn.

Behind her, Trish heard the rumbling of a car engine as it crept up the driveway. And when she turned, she spotted a black corvette driving slowly, crumpling the leaves beneath it.

And when the driver slowly stood, she couldn't help but smile.

He walked nonchalantly though the yard, brushing aside leaves with his feet as he held his head low, his eyes fixed on the art supplies he had in his arms. But when he came to the steps, he finally looked up, his piercing green eyes landing on Trish's small form almost immediately.

Somehow, he didn't seem very surprised.

"Hey, Trish.. What are you doing up so early?"

The blonde lifted her chilled shoulders in a small shrug, turning back towards the seemingly endless forest. "..I couldn't sleep, you know how it goes."

The Hardy nodded, turning also to the direction Trish was looking at. Stepping slowly up the porch, as if the simple gesture was painful, he crept up behind Trish, her back grazing his chest ever so slightly. "..it's beautiful, isn't it? ..sorta like.. a kingdom."

Smiling subconsciously at the comment, the blonde turned her head to the side, just enough to see Jeff smiling at her as well. "..it sure is."

Releasing a small huff with his smile, Jeff turned towards the quiet house, letting the screen door slam behind him as he entered it. Leaving Trish to wonder in a quiet amusement what he had meant.

Yes, she had always considered her home her kingdom..

But there was something in his words that suggested differently.

Turning towards the sky, Trish felt an uplifting wind pick her hair up off her shoulders, scattering the leaves for a mere second, but it quickly died down.

And after that, the world was still. Leaves decorated the earth in silent art forms of a rare kind. The sky, a luminous gray, moving with the clouds as it lit up the sleeping earth.

Then down came the sunrays, to wash it all away.