Link ran away to survive. He knew he might not make it, but he had to try. As he tripped he knew it was over. He waited to die and yelled "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" As his arm sliced in half, he only wished he had a way to do this entire journey over... The whole thing started a week ago, and you should know the whole story.

Link was cooking hash browns for his breakfast, when Saria visited him. "Link! A black eyeball is attacking the town!" she panicked.

Link, grabbed his sword and ran of. He yelled, "Vatti! Show yourself!" Link saw Vatti zoom past him. Link also realized that Vatti had the Triforce!

Link griped the Master sword and stabbed he saw a Vatti behind Vatti,
and two more Vattis behind that Vatti. The truth hit Link like a rock. Vatti had the four sword!

Link took his sword out of Vatti. It hurt Vatti so he flew away. Link walked to the nearest sink and washed his sword of whatever it is that is inside giant eyeballs. He walked back to his house and saw a strage songbook, with Gannon reading it. Link couldn't use a slippery sword, so his hands turned to fists and so did Saria's. Link socked Gannon in the back of his head.

Saria told Link to stall ran to the kitchen. Link took a pen and stabed Gannon in his chest. Gannon cut Link's foot with his pitchfork, as Saria ran in the room with a knife and stabed Ganon through his head. Ganon ran, without his songbook.

"This songbook has a song that says if I play it, I will go where I am needed. In any time or place." Link said as he read on. "Wait, where's my orcina?"

"Uhhhhh, Link, it's right there." Saria said pointing to his orcina.
Link grabbed it, and started to play.

Next second Link saw Saria, but she was captured by someone. Link felt something sharp in his pocket and took it out, to his relief, it was the knife (Link forgot to bring his sword). Link yelled out and went killing all the guards. He untied Saria and played his orcina when suddenly, Saria pulled him down.

"How are you here? You die- I mean, dreaded coming here so I came" Saria said as she found out he was from the past. Link played the song and went off. Saria knew he would find out eventually.

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