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Forgetting of it completely, here is Chapter 5!

"Gahh! Stupid vines! Fear my sword!Dieee!"Link yelled.

"Shut up! You want every one to know about us trying to kill the shadow? Tim hasn't said a word since we started, or complained!" Jane


"Well, I don't think Tim ever has spoken! Why can't we take the open road? It's Simple. Walk on a path-Go to the shadow's new palace-

Kill the shadow. But nooooooo-we take the backcountry jungle!" Link shouted

"We are under cover this way, and can ambush easaly!"Jane cried.

"Shut Up! I hear something-if you yell, we can't be unknown. We'll be killed before we get there!

That is why we need disgies!"Tim said, with his half French half British accent. Link could see his red hair come out of his helmet, as he took it off.

"And, we are near a town. Link, you won't like this, but it is nessasary."Tim said.

"No, I'm listaning."Link said.

Out of the store came three giddy school girls and I will name them left to , Timantha, and Jenny.

As you probably guessed, Link did not like these disguises, but they could walk on open road.

It took a while to find disguises that fit, and they scared the store owner. But, they now worked well, and they went on their quest.

"Well, we need food." Link said, in his fake shrilly voice." We could go to the bakery. It looks so prittyful!"Tim said in his fake voice.

"I hate traveling with you two." Jane said, in her real voice. They got pastries, and were on their way." I hate this skirt. Did I need to wear a really short skirt?!" Link said.

"Ya gotta fit the part, you know." Jane said. Then Link saw something he smiled at.

A bag of magic powder, and cuccus(?).Soon, the group was riding on a giant travels were much smother now.

Saria stood in front of the palace. She knew At this point, she was on a time limit. She clutched her head-and made the doors blow up, using magic, of course.

"I know you're in here. Why hide, shadow?" She asked, and heard a sneer." You seem so rushed. Sit down. Have a drink." The shadow replied." You can't trick me. I came to kill you. Now die."

She took out a staff, and teleported behind the shadow, casting light spells, damaging the shadow. It grabbed her, slightly corrupting her." You are so hopeless, and still, so weak." He started pumping shadow through her body,

As she screamed, and jumped back, using the shadow for energy." I can't be tricked as easy. Not this time!" They rushed at each other again.

"You can't catch us, never!" Link yelled, riding away from a mob of cuucus. "I hate it when this happens, it's so annoying!"Link then threw

A bomb, and kept fleeing. He was launching arrows, and then got attacked, showing blood trickle down his face, as Jane used magic, and they teleported to a nearby cave.

It was night by then. "Thanks Jane, now we can get rest, and I don't have to wear this skirt! Link then took it off, as they made a fire. Tim took some bread out, and they ate.

Then they slept by the fire, Link yet lied awake for a little. It still was weird for him to travel with people he hardly knew.

As Saria did enough damage, the shadow gathered all the energy in the palace and transformed.

Saria jumped, as he slashed with a shadow energy sword, cutting most her clothes and causing deep wounds in her skin.

She looked in horror as the shadow was ready to attack again, while she was stunned, losing blood.

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