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Summary: Sequel to Just Like Her. The movie has ended and Felicite was in the Underworld, now they will reunite and try to find a way for peace.

Chapter 1: Reuniting Old Friends


In the darkest corner of the Underworld, nothing could be seen, and no one could be found. Yet within this far dark corner, a single vampire hid, fear and confusion her only company. Within the span of a day, Felicite's life, her purpose, had been turned upside down. Before last night's events, she was a warrior, bent on killing the lycan menace. However, now she was unsure what was happening. Selene, her mentor, friend, and the very person who made her a vampire, had murdered Viktor, her own dark father and a leader of the coven, an Elder. Her heart told her that Selene had been betrayed, hurt, and she did it out of her love for Michael, but it was still hard to except. Then there was Michael. He had turned out to be the only family she had left and the key to regaining her lost memory, a link to her past. Yet he was now the first hybrid, the one creature that the vampires had feared being created. Viktor killed his own beloved daughter to defend against it.

Her mind whirled, barely able to concentrate, until she caught the faint sound of footsteps and voices. Fear took over as she backed herself up against the wall and clutched her knees in hopes of becoming invisible. As the voices got louder and footstep closer, her fear evaporated as she recognized the voices belonging to Selene and Michael.

At first she did not move, unsure how they would react to seeing her. But gradually, she got up the courage to face her mentor, remembering how Selene was the only one who had cared about her in the coven. She was the reason she was an immortal. If it wasn't for Selene she would probably be dead, she owed her everything. Her weak body began to move even though it hurt in so many places and in so many ways. Felicite pushed through the pain and came to the edge of the darkness, but still lingered in the lightened shadows, to make sure she was not loosing her mind and then be discovered by the lycans, 'I may not survive a second encounter with them', she thought. But that was when two familiar shapes came around the turn just in front of the girl's hiding place.

"Are you sure she made it through, my cousin was strong, but that was insane?" Michael questioned.

"I know her, she made it, and even if she didn't, I'm not giving up on her this easily," Selene said in a cold and unwavering tone of voice.

"Okay," he said a hint ofapology in his tone.

"Come on, we need to keep looking," she commanded. Selene looked distressed. Felicite moved out into the light, allowing herself to be seen.

"Hey," she said.

"Oh god, Cat you're okay," Selene said with great relief. She ran to the injured and battered vampire and hugged her. A low sigh of relief blew pastFelicite's left ear.

Once released, she looked at the two people before her. They each had some nasty injuries on them. Selene had a once bleeding head wound and Michael had a few bruises and slashes from his battle with Viktor. "Are you guys okay?"

"Fine," they answered in unison.

Felicite wiped a small smudge of blood from Selene's head, by her wound. "Yeah, you look it."

"What about you, your leg hasn't healed at all, that looks like hell," Michael said, motioning towards her gashed leg.

"Actually it was worse, it has begun to heal," she answered with a sarcastic smile. "So, where are we headed?"

"I'm not sure," she said, admitting, for the first time in Felicite's memory, weakness. "I guess I have to go in search of the truth, so Marcus will accept me back into the coven. You should probably go back now, though," Selene said as almost an after thought.

"What! They wouldn't let me back there; I was too close to you. And in case you forget, you just killed Viktor," Felicite argued. Selene cringed as she mentioned killing Viktor. Felicite could tell she was not exactly proud of what she had done. "Sorry," Felicite apologized.

"Don't be Cat. I killed him. I'll have to learn to live with that," she answered not completely believing herself. Selene moved her hand to touch the necklace that lay around her neck. Felicite had not noticed it there a few minutes ago. It was Sonja's necklace. The one Lucian had worn since her death. It seemed almost too fitting that Selene ware it now. "You need to return to the coven, Cat," Selene rementioned.

"I almost agree with Felicite on that one. Are you sure it is a good idea for her to return there?" Michael asked.

"She needs to go back. It's safe there, stable. It's not good for any one to live on the run," she argued. She began to talk to Felicite again. "I won't have your life destroyed by running away from the vampires for, possibly, the rest of eternity. If you return to the vampires saying that you didn't know about what happened to Viktor and acting upset about it when they tell you, they will allow you to return. They can not afford to reject any 'loyal' warriors. Then stay in touch with Michael and see if you two can come up with a way to end the blood feud. Maybe using both sides' weaknesses and plans, this war might be ended."

"Okay, I'll go along with it for now," Felicite said. "How do I get in touch?"

"Just call Selene's cell. She'll be with me," Michael interjected.

"Are you sure? I'm not exactly going on an Easter egg hunt," Selene asked turning to look at him.

"Yes, I have no where else to go, no one else to trust, who knows and understands what has just happened to me," Michael said.

"Alright get out of here, the sun went down about a half hour ago. Go home and remember, let no one know about being in touch with Michael. You're not suppose to know the truth."

"I'll remember." She gave them each a hug and turned to go back to the coven. It scared her to be going back without Selene but that would be a death sentence for both. She just prayed that Selene's plan would work.

Felicite limped her way to the gate of the mansion. Her leg still ached although the blood had stopped and dried. She pushed the page button and waited for a response. Moments later, a male vampire, unknown to her, appeared on the screen just above the button. "Who's there?" he asked.

"Felicite, please, it's almost dawn," she pleaded. The man nodded, terminating the connection. Beside her the gates opened offering her refuge. She limped as quickly as she could into the safety of the mansion. Reaching the steps, the doors were thrown open and two death dealers emerged and escorted her roughly inside. Once inside they held her in front of a man she had never seen before, dressed in a cloak and very nice clothes. "Who are you?" he asked

"Felicite Vander," she answered, trying not to show her fear.

"You smell of Lycan," he accused. "Where have you been?"

"In the battle of the Underworld," she responded.

"Every one else returned yesterday, in a group, why weren't you with them?" he demanded.

"I was wounded," she said, motioning to her once bleeding leg. "I hid until I felt strong enough to venture back home." Her pulse was racing a mile a minute, but she hoped that they wouldn't notice.

"My Lord," a small timid male addressed. "She is the young vampire turned but three years ago, in this very mansion."

"So you are the dark child of the traitor Selene," he accused.

"Who are you calling a traitor!" she yelled rashly.

"What did you say?" he asked.

She was on fire with anger. "Selene is my friend, my mentor, and a loyal member of the coven," she said, using her rash out break as a cover.

"So you are still loyal to her," he accused.

"Yes and I don't see why you wouldn't, Viktor is her dark father," she said acting confused as to their behavior.

"She killed VIKTOR!" he exclaimed.

"What?" she responded, a look of true disbelief swept her face for show.

"You didn't know?" a new male asked, emerging from the shadows under the stairs.

"She is lying, I'm sure," the assistant blurted out, but with a look from the original interrogator he cowered away, shutting his mouth quickly.

"Lord Marcus," the newest man addressed. "I believe I should interrogate the girl, after a thorough medical exam, myself. If that is okay with you?" he suggested, bowing his head slightly, showing he had some power.

"Lord Marcus," she whispered to herself. It was the first time that she had taken the time to truly think, that explains why he was so respected. This was also the first time she had sniffed the air and detected the smell, a smell that was both familiar and yet not. But she didn't have the time to get a good understanding of it because Marcus talked again.

"Very well Trevor, take her where you need to. Get everything we need to know out of her," Marcus ordered.

"As you wish my Lord," Trevor answered. He motioned for the death dealers to release Felicite and for her to follow him. Unsure what was in store for her, she followed. He led her down familiar corridors to the tojo, where the doctor, Malachi, looked her over and tended to her leg wound. "A lycan must have grabbed a hold of your leg, that is the only thing that could have done this," Malachi informed both Felicite and her warden. Trevor merely nodded at his deduction. He was stone-faced and a little scary, but her fear was hidden beneath her own concrete façade.

"Well, other than the wound on your leg, you are fine Miss Felicite," the doctor informed her. "It is only a clawing so you will heal with some rest and blood," he directed.

"Thank-you sir," she answered numbly. The doctor nodded and Trevor lead her to, what she assumed to be, his office.

He motioned for her to take a seat in front of his desk as he sat behind it. "So what happened in the Underworld, to you specifically?" he asked. He still wore a stony façade, but his voice hinted at compassion.

"Who returned?" she asked, looking out the window, at the last glimpses of night.

"A small group consisting of Gerald, Morgan, Xander, Paul, and Rachael they informed us of what they found. Viktor lying in the pool of run off water, with his head sliced in half. His sword was on the ground a good twenty feet away, with his own blood along the blade. There were claw marks and a giant hole in the upper level, as if something had been thrown through that very portion of wall. There were two dead death dealers, and one dying one. He is who told them that Selene had ambushed them, while they were shooting the hybrid, a blue creature with black eyes, and long sharp claws. Selene was the one who stole Viktor's abandoned sword and sliced his head in two. They apparently walked off together. Now back to my question, what happened to you?"

"I went with the other death dealers into the battle. We found an open storeroom where the battle really got heated. I fought a good while but eventually ran after a fleeing lycan. It was such a labyrinth that I lost him. However, I heard this faint growl and when I investigated, I was ambushed by a group of lycans. They attacked swiftly and nimbly; I escaped with only the scratch on my leg, thanks to Kahn stumbling over me, overwhelmed by the enemy. After that battle I followed, limping, behind the group. I soon could no longer stand the pain and hid, where I stayed for almost a day and a half," she lied, still looking out the window in wonder and remembrance. It was also a good way to hide her eyes from revealing the truth. Yes, she had hidden and found the lycans, getting her wound, but it was Selene and Michael who had saved her and she had followed them from there until they found Kraven. She fell back and hid where she still had a view of the fight between Viktor, Michael, and Selene. It was then that she moved once again into the dark corner to think, and was later found by her mentor and cousin.

"So you never saw anything of the battle with the hybrid, the Traitor, and Viktor?" he asked skeptically.

"No, I can't believe it. Selene was so loyal to the coven, she loved Viktor, she would never do anything to harm him," she protested. 'This might just work,' she thought.

"Well that bitch killed the very Elder that gave her immortal life, believe it," Trevor said, showing for the first time some emotion on his face. Felicite curled her toes to keep from leaping over the desk and strangling the man. She kept her cool, keeping in character as planned.

"Well, if it is true, she betrayed not only the coven, but me too. I still have a score to settle with those beasts. I wish to stay here, train further, if that is a possibility," she explained.

"What score have you to settle?"

"My family was killed by the lycans, just like Selene. She may have forgotten, but my wounds are still fresh. I won't let them continue to destroy innocent families for their sick experiments and sport," she answered.

"You knew Selene, why do you think she did it, turned on her family?" he asked.

"I don't know," she answered and in all truth she wasn't sure.

He raised an eyebrow; "Well I guess we should get a room set up for you. I doubt you would want to stay in the room you shared with Selene, to many painful memories," he stated almost as a question.

"Yes, a move would be nice," she agreed.

"Of course," he answered slightly surprised. "Erika will show you to your room," he said opening the door, where Erika was waiting. Felicite swallowed hard, not wanting to face Erika, the one person who hated Selene and, in Felicite's mind, her as well.

"Come on kitten," Erika said, in an almost too sweet voice. Again Felicite took another huge swallow andbreath and rose from the chair to follow.

Erika led Felicite down many corridors until they were in an unfamiliar part of the mansion. This was a place she had maybe been once in her three years as a Vampire. Her room, a whole floor below her old one, was near the servant's quarters. It was much smaller than her old room, but she had also been bunking with the closest equivalent to an Elders daughter that existed at the time. But now they viewed her as an outsider, a possible traitor, not as the loyal ally she once was.

She thanked Erika and quickly shut the door before Erika could pounce. She let out a sigh of relief, and took her first good look around the room. It was a dark hole in the wall. It possessed black walls and blood red carpets. It had a bathroom with shower so at least she didn't have to share a bath with other people. The bed and bureau was small but she preferred it that way. She had few cloths and a small bed made her feel more secure.

It occurred to her that maybe she should inform Selene and Michael that she was okay. It rang and a familiar voice answered. "Hello."

"Got in," Felicite informed her friend.

"Excellent. I'll to talk to you tomorrow night, hopefully," Selene said.

"Okay, talk to you then," Felicite answered a little defeated.