WAIT... Say what! That's right, kids! Miss Rock has a new chapter for you! WOOT for days.

This song (Ever in Me, Rob Thomas) was a chance find. I was planning on doing a new chapter using a Matchbox 20 song anyway, but this one fit so much more. And after the little liaison of ch2, it was rough sailing for the creatives. Where does one go after something like that? But I have it now.

As a note, I seem to enjoy portraying Tommy as somewhat damaged. We really don't know too much about him from the show, but he seems so guarded that this persona (if you will) seems like it would fit. I also like portraying Jude as stronger than most ppl (even our beloved IS writers) seem to. I can tell she is. We all know she is. But, yes...

Enjoy, lovelies.

Chapter 3 / Ever the Same

We were drawn from the weeds.
We were brave like soldiers.
Falling down under the pale moonlight.

Madame Fate, her skillful hand and masterful artistry weaved the two of them together. It wasn't chance. It wasn't coincidence. It wasn't even a karmic trail they'd have to travel. It was Fate, merciful and cruel, that brought the destiny of such differently alike people into the same living orb, delivering with her Tale of Two Cities a brilliant tapestry of love and contempt no one could contest.

You were holding to me.

She pulled him into her state of being, living vicariously through him for the time. She loved him and traveled the corners of the earth to do so. She took his cross to bear upon her pure, unmarred back, dying to rid him of the demonic blackness that undermined his courteous thought.

Like a someone broken and I couldn't tell you but I'm telling you now.

He clung to her waist, a shipwrecked sailor, unyielding in his quest for her all. He drowned in her tidal admiration, her waves of sanctification, her crests of forgiveness. He thanked her. He bowed to her and wished he could give her a thousand hand-written apologies for everything he'd done; did; may do. He wished it, but knew she wouldn't accept it. She would say he was better than a cliché and smile to him in deified jest before laughing away the thought.

Just let me hold you while you're falling apart.
Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down.
Fall on me.

The more time they spent together, the more she knew how broken he really was. The crux of their relationship was the flip-flop of roles. Before, he was her knight in shining armor. Now, she was his Joan of Arc riding to the aid of her beloved.

Tell me everything you want me to be.
Forever with you; forever in me.
Ever the same.

He would die living up to his concocted expectations that he knew she wanted. He would die with her in his soul, brightening its corners and erasing the chalk marks of failed equations. He would live to be her only one, reveling in their synonymous position.

We would stand in the wind.
We were free like water flowing down under the warmth of the sun.
Now it's cold and we're scared and we've both been shaken.

The hidden shadows that loomed over their successful partnership didn't impede upon their happiness. They were free from within, but people knew. People stepped up and told them to stop. Threats of termination on all fronts; threats to lock away the only thing they knew as ok. They roamed in their secrecy and frolicked in the hushed whispers. It couldn't stop the beating.

Hell, look at us, man.
This doesn't need to be the end.

She was the one to settle him, convince him. She was the one that said it would be ok no matter if hell and half of Georgia knew they were what was speculated.

Just let me hold you while you're falling apart.
Just let me hold you so we both fall down.

She would cry out from the injustice and he would catch her crumbling. If Jericho were to be destroyed, they'd live under the rubble together

Fall on me; tell me everything you want me to be.
Forever with you; forever in me.
Ever the same.

He forgot she was young, she didn't. She couldn't help but remember that she was "only whatever", but she worked relentlessly trying to rid everyone of the reminders. It didn't make them different in any of the ways people thought they should be.

Call on me.
I'll be there for you and you'll be there for me.
Forever with you; forever in me.
Ever the same.

Plotting the plans and planning the ploys, they met in their Yalta and laid down the movement for attack. They allied against the cordial axis, hands in pockets and defiance in eyes, taunting them. Move us; try it; hit us with your best shots. They charged full steam ahead, jousting styles equal. You will never succeed. This is eternal.

You may need me there to carry all your weight, but you're no burden I assure.
You tide me over with a warmth I'll not forget but I can only give you love.

They were the crusaders for a fair victory, battle stars of the fight to help the other. The outside world was but a figment of their imaginations gone too far. They were the vulnerable hostages under the watchful captors. Different lives, same plight. Different dealings, same conclusion. Different reasons, same love.

Ever the same.