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In this story, the special unit never went after any of the aliens. Max, Isabel & Michael live peacefully, knowing who they really are, where they came from and they're satisfied so they don't try to search about Antar or anything. Tess does appear in this story but there's no Zan. And yes, Max, Isabel & Michael are aliens in this story but not Tess. Alex didn't die in this story so he's still in it, together with Liz, Maria and all the other main characters like the parents and all.

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Chapter 1

This is a diary entry of Max's, dated 2 years after Graduation

This is the first birthday I've been spending alone since Liz and I got together during our first high school year. To be honest, it sucks being all alone on my 20th birthday. I wish things were the same as they were. I miss Liz so much. I can't believe I could actually lead myself to believe that she was cheating on me with Kyle. Yes, she was spending more time with Kyle, and I didn't like but I wish I didn't jump to conclusions just like that.

I should never, ever have gone with Tess. I thought Liz was cheating on me and I asked Tess out so that we would be even but that was so wrong of me. Liz got really upset and it hurt so bad to see her like that. We had a talk, and she told me that she spent time with Kyle because he was very upset about Jessica Hank who literally shattered him. I felt so bad. I saw that she was totally honest about it, her eyes said it all. She said she saw me getting serious with Tess and broke up with me just like that, two months after Graduation.

How could I have been so stupid? I could have been out having fun with Liz right now, or make out with her or something. I just can't stand not being with her. And this is all taking its toll on me. How much more could me birthday suck?

What Max didn't realize was that his day was about to get even more shocking. He couldn't sleep without getting Liz out of his mind. Out of nowhere, he heard someone knocking on the door. He suspected it must be Isabel, who went out with Alex after the whole family celebrated Max's birthday with a home-cooked dinner, or his parents, who had gone out shopping for groceries. "I'm coming," he hollered as he made his way down the staircase.

Max opened the door and got the biggest shock of his life. "Is there a Mr. Evans living here?" the policeman at the door asked, holding a clipboard. "Yeah, which Mr. Evans are you looking for? My dad's not in at the moment," Max replied, worried that something might have happened to Isabel or anyone he & his family knew. "I'm looking for a Mr. Max Evans." The policeman said. "Oh, that would be me. What's going on?" Max asked, getting more worried. "There was an accident along the highway that leads to Northwestern University. We haven't been able identify who exactly the victim is, they're still working on it. All we know is that it's a female." The policeman informed Max. "What happened in the accident?" Max asked.

"A drunk driver crashed into the girl's car and she rammed into a tree. She's being taken to the local hospital now," the policeman said. "Jackie, it's him. Bring the small one here." "What small one?" Max asked, surprised. "You don't know about the baby? There was a baby in the car with the victim. She placed a note in the storage drawer near the steering wheel of the car. It read 'if anything should happen to me, please go and find Max Evans' and there was your address below it," the policeman said, shocking Max entirely.

Max stood there, entirely shocked by this whole thing. Thoughts ran through his mind. 'Who could have written that note? Was it Liz? It couldn't be, they made a clean break. Whose baby was that? Was it his? Was it someone else's?' Max had no idea. "Here, we thought the female victim would want you to take care of her," the policewoman named Jackie said as she handed the baby girl to Max. "We'll let you know more once we find out more," the policeman said. "Thanks, I'll be looking forward to more news." Max said, as he closed the door.

He brought the little girl into the living room. She looked to be about 5, 6 months old. Upon further examination, a realization hit him. The baby girl had Liz's gorgeous brown hair and his brown eyes!

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