CrazyDreamerGirl: Hey, it's me again with another strange story. I've had this idea in my head for the longest time. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Shippo is thinking about his parents, his real parents. They are not who you thought they were. (slight yyh crossover, but you don't need to watch it to understand) One-shot, maybe...

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A Fox's Heritage

The small kit sighed. The half demon, also known as Inuyasha, made Kagome angry once again. No one wants to make her angry. She can be very frightening, especially since Inuyasha is under a curse. Every time the young priestess says "sit" he is forcefully slammed into the ground, eating dirt every single time. Anyway, this time they were arguing about Kagome going home to her time. She does not neccessarily belong in the feudal era. She comes from the future where the medicine and food is much better, well, that was the general feeling in the traveling group. Kagome stomped off, leaving Inuyasha to eat dirt, again. She grabbed her yellow backpack and went to the Bone Eater's Well. That well is a portal between the two very different time periods. Only Kagome and Inuyasha have the ability to travel through time.


The small kit sighed again. The demon slayer, Sango, was attacking Miroku, the lecherous monk. He can't keep his hands off her, Shippo thought. Then, there was the echo of a slap. Miroku never gives up, even when he just wakes up from being unconscious. Moments later, a very mad and blushing young lady came stomping back. It was Sango. Following her was a young monk with a large bump on his head and the red imprint of a hand on his left cheek. Miroku truly never gives up.

Shippo stood up and walked slowly towards the forest. He had found a small pond near the village and decided to go there. The pond was crystal blue, surrounded by flowers and grass. Lily pads covered almost half the pond.


There was a frog as well. It was sitting peacefully on a lily pad. A small fly flew by and in the blink of an eye the frog's tongue extended far from its mouth, grabbed the fly, and swallowed. Shippo sat down near the edge of the pond, cross legged. He looked at his reflection in the water. He saw a pair of turquise eyes looking back. He swiped at the water.

"Mom, Dad, why won't you come for me? I hope you didn't forget," he said sadly.

It had been about two years ago. His father and mother left him at the village with his uncle. He had to pretend he was his real father. His real parents were being chased by many bounty hunters. He was not safe with them. They promised to come back. His mother had cried so much that day. His father was not showing it, but he was crying on the inside. He cried too, but tried to stay brave...

The sound of a cicada snapped him out of his memories of that day. My father is the greatest thief ever. He's legendary. The legendary Youko Kurama. My mother wasn't neccessarily famous, but to me, she is the most beautiful fox demon ever, Shippo thought. He stared at the water again. He took a good look at himself. He had his mother's eyes and hair color. He had also inherited her shape shifting ability. He hit the water again. He stood up and made his right hand into a fist.

"I'm going to brave and strong. I'm going to be famous just like you, Dad, and then you and Mom can find me," Shippo announced. He stood there looking up at the sky and listening to the sounds of nature. He turned around and walked back to Kaede's village.

He was standing at the doorway of the hut. Miroku and Sango had calmed down and Inuyasha was not there. He was most likely at the well, waiting. Kilala was taking a nap in the corner and Kaede was making something to eat later on. Before entering the hut, he looked back and said, "I hope you didn't forget." He went inside with a big smile, pretending nothing was wrong like every single time.

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CrazyDreamerGirl: I always thought there should be a different side to Shippo other than making Inuyasha angry. This is the first story I've written that is not meant to be comical. I hope you liked it as much as I did making it. I was thinking, if any of you think that this can make a good plot, I can make it into a multichapter story. All you have to do is request it. Please review and no flames please!