A Fox's Heritage


Almost 500 years have passed since the defeat of Naraku and the second shattering of the Shikon Jewel. The completion of the jewel took much longer than anyone expected. Kagome 'tricked' Kouga into handing over his two shards, but the matter of Kohaku was much more difficult. After Naraku's spell was broken, Kohaku remembered everything. He griefed the loss of his family and village members for over a year while staying away from Sango. When he did come back, he looked into his sister's eyes and whispered words of brotherly love. Then, he took out his jewel shard. That was the final piece to the jewel.

Inuyasha did not become a full demon like he wished to be. Instead, the jewel was burned with Kohaku's remains and he, along with the jewel, were buried on sacred ground meant for priestesses. Sango and Miroku lived to the ripe old age of 89 and 90 respectively. They had several children, many of whom have descendants still living in the 21st century.

Kagome made freqeunt visits to the feudal era. It was her second home. But shortly after the jewel's completion, the well sealed itself up and she was trapped in her own time. After the deaths of the demon slayer and monk, Inuyasha was never heard from again. Some say he is wandering Demon World endlessly, waiting for the moment Kagome was sealed away, which brings up another topic. Around this time, King Enma, the ruler of Spirit World established the barriers in between the different worlds. There was a mass movement of demons into Demon World. Years passed, and the humans forgot about demons. The stories become myths and legends. The Shikon Jewel was never talked about again.
- - -

"Wow! Tell us again!" yelled a small fox kit. A small groupd of fox children were gathered around an older male fox. It was the time for the weekly story telling. This morning held the conclusion of the fabled story of the Shikon Jewel.

"No, no, you've heard far too many times already. Besides, my throat needs a rest," protested a familiar brown fox, waving his hands defensively. He had grown very handsome over the years. His pointed ears had turned into fox ears with a black tip. His hair had straightened out considerably, but it still contained a bit of a wave. His hair also contained a silver sheen. He had grown it out until it reached his waist. His turquise eyes shone more brightly than as a child. He had very sharp and elegant features that gave him a deadly, yet handsome look. His short, puffy tail grew out and was long and silky. He looked just like his father.

"My, my, Shippo, you've become quite the storyteller," said a feminine voice from the shadows.

"It's all I have left," replied Shippo, "just memories to be passed onto the younger generation." The soft look he used while speaking to the children turned cold, which was a sign for them to leave his house immediately.

A few murmured good byes and the pattering of feet disappeared. Shippo turned to his guest with one brow raised.

"And to what do I owe this pleasure, Kagura?"

Kagura looked around the room with obvious disdain on her face. Her fan covered her mouth as her eyes narrowed, searching for any spies. Kagura looked the same as she did 500 years ago. Only her hair and clothes were different. She left her long hair cascade down until it reached her midback. A few feathers were tucked in behind her ears. She wore a dress that was kimono like, but was lighter and easier to move in.

"There have been rumors..."

"Oh, you know that rumors are never true," snorted Shippo.

"No, you don't understand." Kagura paused. She sighed. "'Rumor' is probably not the right word since its origin came from a Spirit World official."

"Really? You've caught my attention." Shippo gestured for the wind demoness to seat herself at the table. He poured two glasses of whiskey and gave one to her. Kagura grasped it with a shaking hand.

"I'm sorry, Shippo. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I would never forgive myself if you heard from someone other than myself," said Kagura. Over the centuries, she had become a very close friend of Shippo and Youko.

She took a sip. The warm liquid burned as it made its way to her stomach. It relieved her pain somewhat. She looked into Shippo's eyes and suddenly turned her gaze away. She stared at the swirling liquid. Her finger traced the rim of the glass as a way to stall.

"Kagura, get on it with it. I don't have all day," said Shippo, rubbing his temples.

Kagura took a sharp intake of breatha and spoke. "Youko Kurama died last night."

Shippo stared at her with unblinking eyes. He pulled back the entire glass of alcohol and gasped for breath. "You lie." His eyes twinkled with unshed tears that glared at the demoness. He pounded his fist against the table. The two glasses and the bottle jumped into the air.

Kagura shook her head. "He was caught by..."


"...a Spirit World bounty hunter..."

"NO! This is a trick. It's just another trick. He'll walk through that door with that stupid grin on his face. We'll yell at him and he'll laugh it off."

Kagura shook her head. Then, she did something very unlike her. She cried. The tears fell silently against her cheek.

"...he was tricked and killed," the demoness finished.

Shippo stood up abruptly. His chair toppled over. He glared at the door. Suddenly, it burst into flames. Kagura jumped up and shook him from the shoulders. The fire died down. He embraced Kagura and buried his face into her air. He cried. Time passed by slowly for the two. It was no telling when they would get over the death of another friend.

Human World was very quiet. A lone woman was walking in the park. She had long, ebony colored hair and her lips were the color of rubies. She smiled to herself and touched her flat stomach lightly. A child was beginning to take form inside of her. What she didn't know was that child was going to be very special.

A silver orb floated above her head. The call of the soulless fetus was too much for this wandering soul to bare. It circled her a few times and it flew at her. It hit her stomach and remained there. She wasn't the wiser.

Youko Kurama will live again.

CrazyDreamerGirl: And that my dear friends, was the end. I feel so sad now. To clarify a few things, this is NOT a Shippo and Kagura pairing. They are merely friends. If anything, Kagura loved Kuronue and that's why she hung around Youko and Shippo for the past few centuries. Oh, Shippo's answer is very subtely mentioned in the epilogue. There will be no sequel as far as now.

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