A/N: It's amazing how many ideas I get from my textbook...it's kind of freaky when you think about it. Well, basically, the title tells you everything. Guess which fable this is! ENJOY

Chapter ONE: Naruto and Sasuke

Once upon a time, there were two boys. Of course, they weren't just any normal boys…they were ninjas. These ninjas, you see, were rivals; they wanted to beat each other at anything they could. Whether it was 'Who could throw the shuriken the fastest', or 'First to Daze Sakura,' they challenged each other. Eventually, they became bored with their idiotic contests, and decided to have one final test for the both of them.

As I hope you can already guess, the names of these two are Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto was a ditzy child, but who can blame him? He was an orphan after all. Although, there was one secret that should've been kept secret, should've never been revealed. He was, the Nine-Tail Fox, or Kyuubi. Being a demon wasn't easy, but it didn't really bother him physically in life. What really caused trouble for him was that everyone expected him to be Kyuubi, not Naruto. Now, he only had one true secret, a secret that all of us have, somewhere deep in our hearts. Naruto had a crush on a certain girl, and her name was Sakura.

Sasuke wasn't born all snobby and cold. In fact, he was born quite normal (well, not really). When Sasuke was little, something unimaginably horrible and sickening had happened, his bigger brother decided to kill his whole family. Ever since then, he was different, he never smiled as much, and he never trusted anyone again. There was only one problem on Sasuke's mind, and that was revenge, for his family, for himself, and for the right of the world. And, due to that reason, his only lifelong ambition was to beat and kill his brother. Truly, it was an easy task, but there was always one obstacle in his path…LOVE CRAZED GIRLS.

Now that you know the characters, we move on to the story…

Team Number Seven consisted of three people, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. They were supposed to work together to finish their missions successfully and skillfully. Although, this never really happened, because Naruto and Sasuke had to fight each other all the time! It seemed like this war would never end, until one day, Kakashi-Sensei, their teacher, came up with a great plan.

The two young boys would race each other, across obstacle such as a lake, a hill, and a bridge. It was easy to understand and easy to settle, so Naruto and Sasuke agreed.

"That baka…there's no way he could beat me in speed, he should know that already…"

Sasuke thought he already had the results of this race. Every ounce of evidence on this planet would say that he would win, and there was no doubt, absolutely no margin of error.

Being as confident and stubborn as he is, Naruto thought the same way.

"He thinks he's so high and mighty…wait till I kick his butt!"

The both of them went home smiling to themselves, dreaming about the great race that would prove their superiority. After all, they needed some rest, the race was tomorrow!

This certain race was to take place in a large field, and a small portion of the forest that was rather isolated. The competitors, Naruto and Sasuke, were already at the finish line, but Kakashi hadn't yet arrived.

"Where is he?" Sasuke had begun to get frustrated. Waiting this long for a stupid race just wasn't worth it.

"He's probably off doing something else…" The other boy sighed; he knew it was too good to be true.

Just when everyone had given up hope, there was a poof in the background.

"Hello everyone!" It was Kakashi, and he was holding quite a strange magazine in his hand. "I'm not late…am I?"

Everybody gave out a huge sigh, but now wasn't the time to beat up Kakashi-Sensei, but to see the greatest race in the history of Konoha.

"Ready guys?" The referee, or otherwise known as Kakashi, began to countdown. "3…2…1…and…GO!"

At that exact moment, Naruto and Sasuke disappeared from sight. Sakura's estimate had been that they probably reached the bridge already. But, not only did those to leave the starting point, but a huge crowd of girls scramble after Sasuke, obviously wanting to see their 'man' in action.

"I've got this race down…" Sasuke thought, after all, he was ahead, and by quite a lot actually…"There's no way that baka is going to beat me now…"

No matter which way you viewed the situation, the results would all point to Sasuke, the winner. And it was true, that he would've won the race….Until they came….

"WE LOVE YOU SASUKE! MARRY US! WE LOVE YOU!" The fan girls cheered in unison. "WE LOVE YOU! PLEASE! MARRY US!"

There was absolutely no escape for Sasuke, they mauled and glomped him all at once. It was just too much! Let me describe it to you in these three words: IT WAS TORTUREUnfortunately, under all the weight and pressure of the who-knows-how-many girls on him, Sasuke could not move. He was stuck, only a few feet from the finish line.

Naruto could see that it was his time to strike. While Sasuke was buried under all those girls, he would surpass him, and that way, win the race. And so, that is just what he did.

"Hah…I wonder how embarrassing it is for him…" Naruto sneered at the thought of the humiliation Sasuke would have to endure. "And they all thought he was going to win…"

So, as you, the reader can see, although Sasuke had the speed of ten hundred eagles, and the hotness of a thousand million suns, he still couldn't win the race. Instead, Naruto, which no one liked, and did not use his power to the fullest potential, won.

The moral to this fable?

Even if you may be almighty and popular, that doesn't mean you can't get beat by an outsider, who knows? One day, you just might get killed by a tiny little ant.

DISCLAMER: All basic idea of story belongs to Aesop, and his lovely little Fables. Naruto and its characters rightfully belong to the person who created them.