Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Remus is sold into slavery, forced to be the Black family's servant. Life is not going well, until he finally meets the heir to the family: Sirius Black.

Notes: This is a new try, though I have no idea how it will turn out. For those of you how are wondering, I will continue Rarity of the Breed, but I couldn't resist! Anyway, I hope I get plenty of reviews for this one.

On with the story!

-Chapter One-

"Leave me alone!" Remus screamed, kicking and fighting against the people that held him, all of them much stronger than him. To his horror they were taking him to where an old fashioned car waited, the driver waiting patiently. "Mom, dad! Help! Make them stop!" Remus screamed, looking back at where his parents stood on the front porch, watching them with peculiar looks on their faces. His mother shook her head, going back inside. His father waved good bye, almost in a mocking manner, and followed his wife.

Remus sobbed, slumping against the man carrying him. Why would they do this to him? He was their son, and he had a feeling that they were taking him to a-not-so-nice place. The man holding him smirked down at him, brushing some of the tears away. "Don't worry kiddo! Your new life will suit a boy like you perfectly!" He laughed, getting in the car and setting the sobbing boy down next to him, another man getting in on the other side.

He was only fifteen, what didthey want with him? Not to mention he wasn't very athletic either, but he was strong that was a definite fact. Remus let his bangs drop over his eyes, only looking up briefly when the car started up and went down the street, rumbling along.

Remus looked back at his home, suddenly an unwanted wave of anger hitting him. The young boy turned back, trying to ignore everything around him.

"This is going to be fun kid," the man on his right teased. Remus ignored him, though a thought crossed his mind: So much fun bastard.

Sirius Black sat back in his chair, inhaling deep breaths out of frustration. He had just gotten done chasing his blasted brother all through the castle because the little brat stole his journal. Sirius usually didn't write in it, but he did when his parents and him got in a serious row, but that wasn't too often. Usually James came to save the day, but still…

Apparently after his father had caught him, the man had told him that they would be getting a new batch of servants. Needless to say, he was not as pleased as his mother and father would have wanted but he kept a strait face and told them it was fine. His birthday was just two days ago, and he was now sixteen years old, old enough to have a personal servant instead of the ones that worked around the castle in general.

Getting back to his room, he started to huff and puff like a spoiled child. That was where he was now, sitting on his bed with his arms crossed, acting the way Regulus did after he lost a fight with Sirius. And that was how James found him.

"Sirius, don't be like that, maybe after you get one you can become friends with her," James said, patting his friend on the back. Sirius looked up at him.

"Who said I wanted a girl to be my slave?" Sirius asked, looking at James as though he had never seen anything like him.

"I don't know," James replied thoughtfully, "I know you're gay Sirius, but we wouldn't your parents finding out. Maybe getting a male is too risky."

That's right; Sirius Black was the most known gay in the entire village, though no one in his family knew about that. He intended it that way. Sirius looked back at James, taking a big sigh and sitting down on the bed. "James, get my night clothes, I think I want to go to bed," he said yawning. James nodded, after all, he was a servant in the castle, and even if Sirius was his best friend he had to obey him.

"Here," James whispered, setting the clothes down next to the boy and walking out, "sleep well…prince." He said with a snicker. Sirius looked at him with a smirk.

"You know it!" But James had already shut the door.

Remus rocked softly with the movements of the boat, apparently he was not informed that he was being sold over seas. The young boy was shivering, from the cold or the fear he couldn't tell anymore, he just didn't care. Remus sniffled, wiping his eyes stubbornly, refusing to cry. The ship gave another violent jolt, sending the young boy flying onto his side.

"Having trouble young boy?" a voice asked mockingly from the doorway, making Remus turn slowly. Remus was still shaking, trying to pick himself up off of the floor, but the rocking made all the more difficult. He stopped when his chain –connecting to his foot- was pulled towards the newcomer, announcing anything from good.

"Poor boy, I don't think we had the pleasure of meeting yet," the man, maybe only about eighteen, said, "I am Lucius Malfoy, the owner of this little boat you are now on." Remus stood still, not testing any movements.

"After all these years, helping my father with this business and getting the job I have never met anyone as pretty as you," Lucius purred, stepping closer now, "but because you are on my boat, I am entitled to anything, Remus. Including you." Remus felt all the bones in his body freeze up at that moment, fear etching its way into his system.

"That means, for the rest of this boat ride, you and I are going to be having a lot of fun together."

Remus froze, if this is what his life was going to be like he would rather be dead. Too bad that is not an option. Only when Lucius pinned him underneath did he scream…although he knew no one would help.


Uncear beginning I know, but it is supposed to be like that. Review!