Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Unwanted, Remus is sold into slavery, forced to be the Black family's servant. Life is not going well, until he finally meets the heir to the family: Sirius Black.

Notes: Alright, the reason I have not been updating lately is because I have become quite obsessed with the Sims 2, if you know what that is, great! More power to you, if you don't, you really need to get it because it is the best PC game (not really a game but still).

-Chapter Two-

"Father I find no reason to go out and get a new slave," Sirius said softly, voice laced with a sort of complaining ring. James walked beside them, eyeing both of them with a soft smile of amusement, making sure the Lord did not see of course. He also noticed that after Sirius' comment, Mr. Black stopped and looked at his son with contempt.

"James is no longer suitable for you, I feel it is time for another," he said stiffly, casting a look at James, who had gone red with anger. He allowed himself a smirk, "besides, you can not allow yourself to get close to slaves." Sirius remained silent, but continued on ahead without further glances back to see if his father was coming.

Footsteps, followed by his father who soon passed him, and glancing back atJames who was following as well. He stifled an annoyed sigh, making sure that he kept a strait face, though he had to glance back once more to see if James was fine. He didn't like it when his father picked James apart with his accusations and comments; after all, it was not James' fault for being a slave.


"Prince, thisisJames Potter," a servant said, pushing a young boy forward in front of Sirius, who looked only mildly interested for being only twelve years old. By the looks of it, his new servant was the same age. Sirius snorted, giving a wave of his hand to send the servant away.

Until he looked at James fully, he did not see the importance of the new servant, but finally turning to look at him was a whole other story. He knew this boy! James Potter was the heir to the Potters' land, which was by a Blacks' standards, pretty high. Now he knew why his father and mother had taken him. They tricked the Potters, because by owning the heir, and if the Potters' do not have anymore kids, then James would be free to have the land.

Of course, if James were to have the land it would automatically go to the Blacks', those bastards. Sirius broke form his silent thoughts looking at the scowling boy with playful glee, something a Black was never supposed to do, but being childlike was better than their standards.

"I'm -," Sirius started but was cut off by James.

"Sirius Black, I know okay," James said bitterly, practically spitting out every word. Sirius paused, sensing a lot of anger from the boy. But who could blame him? He had just been at the top of the food chain and now a servant, which sucks.

Sirius patted the space in front of himself on the bed. He sat cross legged as James sat down stiffly. "So, James," Sirius started, "wanna talk about it." James paused, but soon opened his mouth and started explaining what had happened.

End Flashback

Ever since, they became very close, though still keeping the 'Lord to Slave' sort of posture in public. Sirius was, in a guilty way, thankful his father had murdered the Potters, because that had brought the two even closer. Sirius had seen James at his lowest and Sirius still had to give James that chance.

James' attention seemed to be on one of the maids' daughter, Lily Evans. Pretty girl, in Sirius' opinion, but James knew that he preferred the male gender. He looked up when he felthis fatherstop in front of the docks, which the slave ship was waiting. Apparently the slaves were coming from France this time, some from his area but not much.

That was what appealed his father to this ship, it brought in foreigners and not just people from the common lands, like most slave ships. Sirius sighed softly, he and his mother and father stopping in front of Lucius Malfoy, whom was only two years older than James and Sirius, but already owned the business from his father.

"Good afternoon, milady, milord, I hope you have come to purchase more slaves," Lucius almost hissed, his voice sickeningly sweet. Sirius' father frowned, not liking the fact that he is being held up.

"Hurry up Malfoy! I have no time for talk; I have an important meeting to go to!" His father snapped, tapping his foot to get his point of impatience across. Sirius looked from his father to his mother, who looked equally annoyed with the talk going on. Lucius' smile faded only slightly, but was put up once more.

"I have some nice ones for you," he said, motioning the workers to bring them out. All of them were led out one by one, all chained to one another in order to keep them in one line. Sirius stared at them all with hidden pity, but otherwise kept a strait face. He watched in silence as his mother and father spoke to each other quietly about which ones to pick.

The line was almost never ending and Sirius' patience was wearing thin. Glancing back he saw James discreetly moving from foot to foot from the soreness of standing up so much. Sirius felt himself silently agreeing.

"James!" His father snapped from the front of the group. James silently took a breath and stepped forward, bowing slightly.

"Yes sir," he said calmly but almost as if he was alert.

"Tie them up and bring them to the cart," his father demanded, eyeing James with loathing. James hesitated only slightly but complied with a bow. He softly led the head of the group to the cart, which was waiting near the woman he was guiding sniffled and leaned in closer, James comforting her detached care. Sirius didn't like these trips, the only time the Slave cart was used was when they went on trips like these, and they really weren't pleasant.

"Sirius, you still haven't picked your personal slave," his mother said stiffly, "and now there aren't anymore servants for you to choose." He saw Lucius stiffen out of the corner of his eye.

"Mother," Sirius said coldly, "I believe Lucius has one more." All attention was drawn from him to Malfoy, who narrowed his eyes at Sirius, whom in reply smirked harshly. Lucius could not lie to the Lord and Lady, so he cleared and started.

"Well, yes I have one more, but he is sickly and unconscious right now," Lucius replied carefully, trying to pick his words, "I wouldn't want to sell you damaged goods." Sirius' father lightened his acusing gaze.

"Fine, we wouldn't need-," he said but was cut off by Sirius.

"I want to see him," Sirius demanded. Lucius tried mulling over his options, but seeing no choice, he motioned for his workers to bring the slave out. Only when Sirius saw him did his breath catch in his throat. Though unconscious, the boy was around his age and extremely frail. He had an almost feminine structure, but highly good looking. Soft golden locks framed his face, his expression soft –probably only because he was unconscious.

The man holding him looked like he could easily crush him. "He is from France, name is Remus Lupin," Lucius said softly, though someone would have to be blind to miss the irritation of letting him go. Sirius cleared his throat, getting his parents attention.

"I'll take him," Sirius replied. His mother and father replied with a soft nod and motioned for James to take him to the cart where the others were piled up. James looked uncertain if he couldn't take the weight but was surprised to find the boy named Remus extremely light. James frowned, he didn't like that.

Sirius' parents stalked away, Sirius following silently but stopped to give Lucius a smug smirk. Malfoy snarled, turning on his heel and storming away back to his ship, where the crew was waiting to make another trip out.

Sirius returned to his room after a meetingto see James tidying up around the place while Remus still laid unconscious on the bed. Upon entering, James looked up at Sirius and grinned. "Welcome back, had fun greeting the Riddle's I suppose?" He asked jokingly, earning a roll of the eyes from Sirius.

"Come now Jamie," Sirius laughed, "when have you known father's meetings to be exciting." James scowled at the nickname, but shrugged and looked at the now shifting boy.

"Looks like he's waking up," James said softly, no hint of joking in his voice. Sirius heard the silent plea within it though. James wanted him to treat the kid right. A soft moan brought them both to look at the bed, where a wide pair of amber eyes stared right back at them.

He immediately jumped up. "Where am I? Who are you two?" He demanded, his voice squeaking, but positively adorable –in Sirius' opinion. Sirius put on his serious façade and looked at Remus with a bored expression.

"Welcome to Britain Remus, you are now my servant," he said bluntly, making the boy on the bed sputter only slightly. James rolled his eyes on the bluntness Sirius put into his words. Remus trembled tens times worse, tears springing to his eyes. Sirius faltered only slightly, but remained impassive about the situation.

"You'll get it eventually, dress me, undress me, accompany me when we go to special meetings, obey my father and mother, the works," Sirius said. Remus whimpered, sliding back a little more, making Sirius worried.

"Remus right?" He started again, making his way to the bed and sitting down on it, leaving enough space between them. Remus nodded, scooting back a little more. James smiled and sat down on the other side of the bed, making Remus feel slightly trapped and no where to run.

"Are you really from France, you don't really have an accent," James said, watching as the boy turned to him before speaking softly and a little less shaky.

"Well I was born there, but I grew up here, but just a month ago we moved back to France," Remus said looking out the window, "I didn't expect father and mother to sell me like that though." He added that last part so quietly Sirius didn't think he heard it right.

Before Sirius could let Remus get in a depressed mood, he started another question, "How old are you?" The boy in front of him silently contemplated answering at all but decided it must be best if he did.

"Fifteen, I am turning sixteen in two weeks," he replied. Sirius lighted up at this, feeling his child like attitude surfacing. He smiled widely at the unprepared boy. "Really, I'm sixteen, birthday was three days ago," he explained, then turned a little sad, "too bad you missed it, James and I had a lot of fun."

Remus couldn't believe this guy in front of him. Was he nice or mean? He couldn't tell, and that was always Remus' specialty, being able to tell if a person was easy to read, good or bad, or even just insane. But Sirius, well he couldn't tell.

Looking at the grinning James, he noticed both him and the prince had started babbling about the small party they had in his room. He felt strange sitting here between them while they ignored everything around them but themselves. He never wanted this, just two days ago he was sitting with his parents talking excitedly about the plans they had for his birthday.

Then, he was taken away, they just came into the house like they owned the place and easily picked him up and carried him out as if he was nothing at all. The boat ride was bad enough, he just wanted to forget about it, but Malfoy touching him and kissing his body while raping him just wouldn't leave his mind.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a finger brush his cheeks softly. He looked up to see Sirius' worried expression. "You were crying," James said, also a look of worry, "everything all right?" Something inside Remus stirred and he suddenly found himself angry with everything around him. He hastily slapped Sirius' hand away, not caring if he was a prince or not.

"No, everything is not alright," he snapped, "it's not alright that I am suddenly in this god awful country, a slave to some kid with an unbalanced attitude! Not to mention his trusty side kicked who also seems to have a bit of an insanity problem! Oh and how is this for fun! I was ra…" Remus fell silent, catching himself at the last moment.

Unconsciously, he wrapped his arms around himself, not caring if he had completely startled both the prince and his trusty sidekick.

Sirius frowned, Remus had a lot of problems to deal with and he thought his sudden change of attitude might have been too much. Remus wasn't like James, who just immediately sat down and talked to him about problems after he came here, this boy needed some time to get rest.

Remus seemed to be in a state of indifference now, so James gently laid him down and pulled the covers up, putting his finger up to his mouth in order to tell Sirius he was sleeping. Sirius coughed slightly, getting James' attention and motioned towards the walk in closet.

James nodded and both walked in, shutting the door behind them with a soft click. "Well, where are you going to sleep now?" James whispered, cocking his head to one side in curiosity. Sirius frowned, he hadn't thought of that, but he was required to stay in his room or else it would be punishment for James.

"Well, it is a big enough bed that three people could sleep in it," Sirius said thoughtfully, his cheeks turning an interesting shade of red. James snickered.

"Yeah Siri, but what were to happen if you two were to get a bit closer during the night," James said slyly, making a grin appear on Sirius' face.

"Probably scare him half to death," Sirius replied. They both chuckled for a while but fell silent again after a while, both in their own thoughts. James glanced back at Sirius who was looking out the window with disinterest. Sirius looked hurt, for a reason James couldn't begin to comprehend.

"He's so beautiful," Sirius whispered, "but he is so scared, I can't do what my brother would do." James paused, listening for Sirius to continue. He guessed Sirius was talking about having sex with Remus, but to Sirius that would be wrong. In truth, it was.

"Get to sleep Sirius," James said, opening the door and leading him out. He was going to undress Sirius and put him in his nightclothes but Sirius brushed him off and smiled at him. "I can handle it, don't worry," he replied, undressing himself and putting his night clothes on.

James waved good bye and headed off for his own quarters, leaving Sirius alone in a giant bed with a sleeping boy.

Sirius looked at Remus' face with concern; it was so pain stricken that Sirius was afraid it would break if he even touched it. He could feel how different the boy in front of him was and in two weeks, it would be his birthday and Remus would be sixteen, the same age as James and him. Sirius couldn't help but smiling at that thought, maybe he could throw a surprise birthday party between the three of them?

Whatever he thought tiredly, closing his eyes and joining Remus in the world of dreams.

"Oh Remus! We are so happy; you are going to be sixteen!" His mother said happily, hugging her son closely. Remus smiled contentedly, embracing her back and taking in his mother's flowery scent.

Remus opened his eyes, expecting to see his mother but found himself embracing the prince! Sirius smiled at him, pulling back and laughing at a joke James had just made. Remus sat confused, "w-what happened? Why are you here in France?"

Sirius and James stopped to stare at him eerily. "We aren't in France, Remus. You are with me of course," Sirius replied, taking him in his arms once more, "now and forever, always mine." Remus shakily retuned the hug, not sure what would happen if he refused. "Forever mine, Remus my Remus," he whispered, voice becoming husky, dripping with lust.

"Stop it, please," Remus said, pulling away. Sirius smirked, grabbing him again and laying him down on the floor. "Stop, please…"

"Happy Birthday Remus," Sirius whispered dangerously.

"Stop it! Please stop!" Remus screamed, sitting strait up in bed, panting. The boy held his hands in his lap, trying to catch his breath again. A soft motion of a shifting body caught his attention and through the moonlight he was able to see it was Sirius. He froze, the dream flashing across his mind like a burning home.

"No, that wasn't real was it!"

The outburst caused Sirius to mumble incoherently in his sleep and open his eyes. Amber met blue, frightened with sleepy. Remus sobbed, hugging himself closer, the action making Sirius sit up worriedly.

"What is it Remus?" He asked, voice worried but he was still somewhat asleep. Remus shook his head, glaring at Sirius bitterly.

"Why are you in the same bed as me?" Remus asked, petrified. Sirius seemed to contemplate this as well, or at least trying to decide how to explain this one. Well, either one, he cleared his throat as if starting a long speech.

"Well, when James tucked you in earlier we didn't think that we were happening to tuck you into my bed so we went to talk for a while but then I got tired you see," Sirius paused, looking at Remus pointedly, "well I decided that this bed was big enough to fit three so I could sleep in it too without it being to awkward." Remus narrowed his eyes at him briefly.

"Whatever," Remus snapped and laid down again, his back facing Sirius. The prince frowned; feeling a bit hurt by that reaction but shrugged it off. Then something crossed his mind and before he fell asleep again, he turned to Remus, hoping he would hear it too.

"You start your work tomorrow," he said softly, hearing a sigh from the other boy, "but I want you to stay away from brother, you will know him when you see him, he looks a lot like me." No answer responded, so Sirius shrugged and turned to fall back asleep.

Before he fully fell asleep he thought he heard a sob, but passed it off as a half sleep delusion. Turning back to sleep mode, he closed his eyes and fell into a slumber.


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