Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Unwanted, Remus is sold into slavery, forced to be the Black family's servant. Life is not going well, until he finally meets the heir to the family: Sirius Black.

Notes: I have noticed that no matter how many times I revise this, I always have spelling errors! Still, when I go to read it again on it looks like some words had not been spaced, even though I remember never letting something like that go. The reason for that is because Microsoft Word automatically lets you know if you have a word like that! Okay, anyway, I am going to continue now, any advice would be great!

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-Chapter Three-

The first thing Remus hated the most was Sirius Black, the second was James Potter. Both were extremely annoying, each acting happy and carefree when no one was looking, and harsh and cold when everybody was. It was frustrating and it scared him, making the poor boy believe that both of them were actually bipolar, jumping from manic to depressed in just a few short seconds.

Remus sighed; finishing the bed he was making and went to go join Sirius at breakfast like he was supposed to. It was his job after all. Being there only one day did not make things easier. Walking down the many different hallways, trying to find his way to the dining room, Remus soon found himself lost and confused.

"Oh god, I'm lost," he whispered to himself, turning left and right in order to try and decipher where he was. He soon found himself facing a younger looking Sirius, though Remus could tell it wasn't really his lord that he was looking at. Remus looked warily at the boy approaching him.

"Who are you? I demand to know!" The boy said hotly, tapping his foot impatiently. Remus rose an eyebrow at the demand and was about to retort back a snappish remark but kept silent, shifting from foot to foot uncomfortably. "Well!" He snapped again, making Remus jump. The young boy frowned, feeling impatient.

"I'm…" Remus paused, was it okay to say his name? "I'm Remus Lupin, the young lords servant." The boy in front of him bristled, not liking that answer at all.

"Why does he always get to go and get the servants and I don't!" The boy shouted, stomping his foot. Remus backed up a little.

"I-I don't know," he muttered, feeling like he should answer. The boy turned towards him again, a glint in his eye.

"I know," he said triumphantly, "I'll have you, you are pretty enough." Remus' eye twitched, he was not some object to be handed around. Besides, he thought, if he thoughtSirius was bad, this boy was much worse. Remus took a step back.

"Um…I have to get to the Dining Hall, so if you would excuse me," Remus was turning to leave when a hand grabbed his wrist, forcing him to turn back around. The young boy was looking annoyed, but happy at the same time.

"I'll take you."

"No thanks."

"You can't refuse you know. My name is Regulus Black, Sirius' brother." He said triumphantly. Remus suddenly remembered Sirius' warning about him, to stay away from his brother. Remus swallowed nervously, carefully trying to take his wrist out of the young boys grip. Regulus let him go, walking ahead of him. He suddenly turned.

"Are you coming? I am taking you to the Dining Hall." He snapped, walking down the hallway again, except with Remus following a little uncertainly.

After what seemed like ages and Regulus rambling on about how he was the greatest and far moresuperior than Sirius, they finally arrived at the designated area. By the size of it, at least five hundred people could fit in that room. Remus vaguely wondered how large the biggest room was in this castle. Sirius looked over as the doors opened, his gaze immediately darkening when he saw Regulus and then Remus being pulled in by his idiotic brother.

I thought I told him to stay away from Regulus? Sirius thought, unable to push down the feeling of annoyance at someone disobeying him.

Sirius caught Remus' eye and gave him silent instructions on where to go, so as not to get his parents mad. He was so lucky the boy was as smart as he was sexy. Sirius blushed, adopting a glazed over look as he imagined Remus lying beneath him- his thoughts were interrupted when he caught what his brother was saying.

"I am never able to go with you to the slave ships," he complained, "I am fifteen! I am plenty old enough." Their father smiled a sadistic smirk, or that was what it looked like to Remus, apparently the Blacks' did not know how to smile. Or at least not friendly smiles. Remus stood directly behind Sirius, only keeping his distance, like he was supposed to.

James stood in the back corner, smile at him encouragingly from where he stood. Remus returned it weakly, turning back to wait for them to finish. Discreetly taking out a 'cheat sheet' as James called it, which read what he was supposed to do when Sirius was finished. Remus scanned over it quickly before putting it back just as swiftly.

Step one, help him up and lead him out.

Step two, walk behind him as he went about his daily life.

Sounded easy enough.

Remus snapped out of his thoughts as he was roughly grabbed by the wrist and turned to face the lord of the lands, Mr. Black himself. He swallowed the lump in his throat, trying not to seem to frightened, that seemed to be working.

"He is to strong for you Regulus," his father spat, "he does not show much fear, he could easily run away and I must admit that this servant is very young, so he will live long." Sirius cleared his throat, getting their attention. Everyone turned to face him, a scowl set on his brother's face.

"I'm done, so can I be excused?" He asked, looking at Remus. The young boy jumped into action, stepping behind Sirius and helped out of his seat, following silently as the young prince made his way out of the room. Remus tried to ignore the awkward silence as they walked down the hall. Sirius seemed to be upset and it was proven when he pulled Remus into a nearby closet.

"I thought I told you to stay away from my brother," he said, voice trying to remain calm. "I know you don't like me but that was for your own safety." Remus was silent, wanting to snap at the prince but decided that wasn't the best course of action.

"He came up to me in the hall," Remus said, uncertain, "he didn't allow me any time to escape…I suppose." Sirius seemed to calm a bit, fully understanding what Remus was talking about. He looked strait into amber eyes, unable to tear his gaze away. Remus felt the same. Finally, Remus looked away, feeling nervous.

"Sorry…your majesty," he whispered. Sirius' gaze softened considerably and he smiled stupidly, trying to get Remus to grin back. The other boy just avoided contact and shifted from foot to foot nervously, finally draining in the fact that this closet was smaller than what he qualified as comfortable. Looking at the prince, Remus saw that he didn't think it was as bad as the brunette thought.

He seemed comfortable.

Remus blushed, not at all thinking good thoughts. He's secretly planning on raping me! Remus thought frantically, looking around for an escape. Sirius didn't seem to notice.

That pie we had yesterday was goodSirius thought, oblivious to the panic Remus was going through I wonder what it would be like to slam one in Regulus' face? Sirius adopted a dreamy look; one Remus did not miss, though he did, however, misinterpret it. Remus' eyes widened.

What is that look he is giving me? Remus practically screamed at himself Is he thinking about 'doing' it with me? THAT PERVERT!

Before he could stop himself his hand had connected with the princes' cheek with a loud smacking sound. "You pervert, how could you think such thoughts!" Remus yelled, taking a step back, but hitting a mop and ended up falling over. The mop fell forward, smacking the still stunned Sirius in the face, knocking him over as well. Both sat on the floor, stunned.

"What thoughts!" Sirius yelled, clearly confused. "Are you upset that I want to hit Regulus with a pie?" Remus stopped his ragged breathing and looked at Sirius, just as confused as the other boy. Remus blushed, feeling rather stupid at this point. How could he mistake something like that? Now he was going to be hanged for sure…

Sirius giggled slightly and stood up, brushing himself off. "Come now, how are you going to escort me when you're lying on the ground?" Remus turned his gaze to the floor as he stood up and walked behind the prince silently.

The day went by rather lamely. First, Sirius had to attend a meeting with Riddle, a nasty man that constantly eyed him and Sirius hungrily. Sirius always seemed to notice the looks, but he kept still and waited it out. Remus had no idea what those meetings were about, but guessed they were important since Mr. Black was always on the edge of his seat.

Second, they went to greet the rest of the Malfoy family –Remus was glad Lucius never showed up- and they spoke about the plans for Narcissa and Lucius' wedding that was going to be taken place soon. Sirius had little or no interest.

Lunch was served soon after and while Remus went to eat in the kitchens, James took over the rest of the day for him, so he could get some rest. That was where he met Lily Evans, James' crush.

"Hello, you must be the new one everybody's been talking about," she said, plopping down nest to him on one of the kitchen stools, where he was currently eating. Quickly swallowing the piece of meat he was sucking on, Remus bowed his head gently, smiling at her. "Yeah, I'm Remus Lupin, nice to meet you," he replied, turning to face her.

Lily smiled, "it was nice meeting you Remus. I have to get back to work, hope to see you around." Remus nodded, going back to his food after she left.

"Well I must say that was an exciting day," Sirius exclaimed dryly, shrugging off his coat, where Remus took it and hung it up on the stand. "Talking with father's clients is not what I call fun in the sun." Remus nodded politely, not wanting another incident like in the closet. Sirius looked at him for a moment, but shrugged it off and continued towards the walk in closet in his room. Remus waited outside, wondering what the prince was doing in there. Sirius came out a moment later, wearing his pajamas and his hair tied up loosely.

Remus helped him into the bed and went to walk away but Sirius called him back. "What did you think I was thinking about in the closet earlier today?" Sirius asked, earning a bright blush from the other boy.

"I was thinking that you were…um…you know," Remus shifted uncomfortably, "you know what, I think you should go to bed." Sirius sighed, laying down and looked at the other boy a little longer that time.

"If anybody else saw you slap me," Sirius said, getting Remus' attention, "you would be hanged." Sirius intended on going strait to sleep but what Remus said next hurt him a lot more that he thought.

"Better dead than your servant."

Sirius turned around, but Remus was gone.

The next morning was not one Sirius had expected, not something he expected at all. When he first woke up, he expected Remus to be there with his clothes ready and waiting, but that wasn't the case. Tired and slightly annoyed, Sirius dressed himself with some difficulty and made his way to breakfast.

The boy didn't show up even then.

All through the meal Sirius earned angry glances from his parents about his personal servants' lack of attendance, but he brushed it off and continued eating. Luckily James saved the day. He escorted Sirius for the rest of the day; of course, the prince was wondering where Remus was the entire time.

The rain started to come down hard that afternoon and all through the evening. Sirius and James returned to the room and Sirius sat down on the bed, James in the chair next to the bed. Finally, after a moment of silence, Sirius spoke up.

"James, where is Remus?" Sirius asked. "He hasn't been here all day." James sighed, truly stumped at what to say or do. Sirius sighed, laying down with his hands clasped behind his back and looking deep in thought. James leaned forward, chin resting in his hands which were balanced on his knees. It was a posture frowned upon in the castle or in front of people in public. Sirius closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and wondering what the hell happened to Remus.

"Maybe he ran away?" James asked.

"Damn it James! How could you say that?" Sirius exploded, sitting up with an angry expression on his face. James froze, shaking his head and leaning back, trying to ignore that outburst. Both were just settling down when a knock on the door sounded. James stood up immediately and went to answer it.

An old man stood in the doorway, his beard going down passed his navel and his long white hair went down passed the middle of his back. Blue eyes were sparkling behind half moon spectacles. James laughed, "Dumbledore!" The name made Sirius jump up in bed and smile widely.

"Hello boys," Dumbledore greeted fondly, hugging James with one arm while holding something in the other. Sirius came to the door, smiling widely and beckoning him. Dumbledore stepped in, still carrying the object in his arms, having it halfway tucked in his robes. James went off to go find a towel for the old man while Sirius offered him a seat on the bed.

"What are you doing here Dumbledore?" Sirius asked. The blue eyes turned to him, and Sirius noticed a tint of sadness.

"I was out for a walk this afternoon, when I stumbled upon this boy here," Dumbledore said, holding out theboy he had partially contained within the folds of his robes. Sirius' eyes widened considerably, and he immediately took the boy in his arms.

"I'm afraid he was suffering from being out in the rain for at least three hours," Dumbledore said, "I brought him to the closest place besides my home." Sirius tucked the boy in and gently brushed the sandy blonde bangs from his pale forehead. He turned back towards Dumbledore once he got the man's statement to sink in.

"Why couldn't you just let him stay at your home?" Sirius asked, sitting down next to Dumbledore. The man sighed, running a hand through his beard with a heavy air around him. Sirius cocked his head to the side, confused by his mentor's attitude. Dumbledore was the kingdom's philosopher, and an extremely kind man.

His parents didn't like him, but Sirius found the old man's company rather enjoyable, everybody who wasn't as rotten as his parent's did.

"Well Sirius, I have some men staying in my home for the next week," Dumbledore said softly. "The boy would not get a good enough rest if he were to stay at my home." Sirius knew that wasn't all, but didn't press it.

"How long are you staying?" Sirius asked, watching as James walked in with a couple towels. Dumbledore took the towels and dried himself off, smiling at James and turning towards the prince again.

"I'm afraid I must be off now, I only came to drop the boy back off," Dumbledore said.

"What was he doing?" Sirius asked, slightly annoyed at Remus.

"He looked as if he was running away, but when I found him someone was attacking him," Dumbledore said. "It was the yelling that brought me out to him."

"Who was it Dumbledore?" James asked, lying down in between the two of them. Dumbledore furrowed his brow, trying to think.

"I don't know, ran off before I could get to them," he said, getting up. "I must be off, much to do you know." Sirius smiled at him and he and James led him towards the front gate. Dumbledore quickly informed them that his parents did not know that Remus had run away, and also did not know that Dumbledore was here.

"So keep it secret, ne?" He asked, winking.

Both nodded and saidtheir goodbye'sbefore goingback to the room.

When Remus had awoken, he was down with a horrible flu, and refused to talk about what had happened. Luckily, that day Sirius did not have to accompany his parents so he was free to stay with James as he took care of Remus. The boy was pale and ran a high fever, eventually forcing James to call a doctor.

"Well he shouldn't have been out the rain like that!" The doctor had complained, tucking Remus in and escorted out by a servant near by. Sirius scowled at the boy in bed and snapped at James to explain to him why he would even think about running away.

"Maybe because he doesn't like you," James replied, shrugging. He went back to folding clothes while Sirius huffed and threw a fit. The dark haired boy paced the room irritably for the rest of the afternoon, only stopping when dinner was called.

A week and a half passed before Remus was well enough to continue his duties, though he did it with little or no grace to it like he usually did. He would throw up once in while, and that was why James stayed near him. The blonde haired boy had grown –if possible- even bitterer towards the prince and James.

"I'm fine!" He snapped when Sirius had asked him if he was alright. He would give the same reply toJameswhenever heasked him that. He ignored the hurt looks they both sent him and continued on with his duties.

It was not until dinner did the trouble start.

It started with normal conversation with Sirius' father talking about the days events while Remus stood back, waiting for them to finish. He was starting to drift off into his own reality when Regulus' voice cut him off. Usually it didn't matter but what he said caught his attention.

"I heard some servants talking together," he said pompously, "did you know what they said?" Sirius sighed, unable to resist.

"You were a pile of crap."

Glares were sent his way and he immediately shut up, going back to eating. Regulus cleared his throat before continuing again.

"They had seen Remus escaping a week again and brought back again by Dumbledore," he said, "it seems Sirius and that one guy," –James glared- "had known all along and they were keeping it from you." Sirius had long since dropped his silver ware and was staring wide eyed at Regulus, ho smirked at him cruelly.

A moment of intense silence soon followed, but the room soonerupted.


Remus winced at the sound of Sirius' father's yell, but nothing was more of a shock when he was suddenly yanked forward, held by both his wrists by two painfully tight grips. He looked up into the lords angered face. He knew a servant running away was a dangerous crime, and it made the lord especially angry.

"Cerius, please," Sirius' mother said, "not at the table."

"Asara, this is a crime! This little brat has showed disrespect!" He snapped, squeezing his grip tighter. Remus winced at the pain and he vaguely heard Sirius' command to let him go. James stood back, wide eyed.

"Not only that, but James knew too!" He yelled. A slap echoed across the room as he slapped Remus across the face. The boy held back tears, biting his lip stubbornly. Cerius turned to a guard who had run into the room from all the racket.

"Schedule a hanging tomorrow," he spat out angrily, "Lupin and Potter." James leapt back, scared out of his mind. Sirius was quickly trying to think of an excuse but two guards had already dragged them out of the room. He turned to his father who was seething and finally seemed to register his presence.

"Anyone who disobeys a Black is punished Sirius!" He spat. "See to it you are punished as well." Sirius turned towards Regulus numbly, who had a triumphant smirk on his face.


That was chapter Three. Cliffhanger I know, anyway, I wanted to bring up the subject about Regulus' age. I think he is a lot younger than Sirius in the books, but for my purposes, he is only one year younger, so there, just don't complain.