Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Unwanted, Remus is sold into slavery, forced to be the Black family's servant. Life is not going well, until he finally meets the heir to the family: Sirius Black.

Notes: The spaces thing is still there! I made a little rant about this earlier, but when ever I look over it again, some of these words look like they haven't been spaced, but I have spaced them! Anyway, I am depressed, again. Life just isn't working out right now and let me tell you it is not going well. Well, as much I hate to admit this, fanfiction is my reality, but ignore me! Continuing!

-Chapter Four-

He was trapped. Stuck in his room for the punishment, no one was allowed to talk to him or even feed him. He was not allowed to leave, it was forbidden. His best friend was going to die, and his servant whom he had grown to adore, though the other did not seem too fond of him. He was trapped, with no way out. He had a sick feeing that Regulus had finally gotten the best of him.

For the first time in many years, Sirius cried.

Barred in a dirty and filthy cage with no one but a boy.

Remus glanced over at James, who had his head tucked in his arms, which were resting on his knees in a defeated way. He was about to say something when James interrupt angrily.

"You had to run away didn't you Remus!" He spat, looking up anger. "Well now look what you got us into, this hell hole." Remus stared down at his hands in despair, feeling guilty for his actions. If he had just stayed put then this would not be happening. James looked at Remus again and softened his gaze, though clearly still mad.

"Listen Remus," James said softly, "why did you do it? Why would you run like that?" Remus looked at him with tears brimming his eyes.

"Because, I didn't want to be a slave anymore," Remus whispered, "I wanted tog o back to my parents and live like we used to. I was going to finally attend a nice school. It was only months ago that I noticed my parents were low on money, but it didn't occur to me they would sell their own son. I was always different, always picked on because I have unnatural eyes. What kind of child has amber eyes? But, my uncle had come over soon after; he never liked me, thought me a demon.

"The conversation had taken all afternoon, but I wasn't able to listen to what they were saying. My uncle had left. After his appearance it was like mama was constantly around me, trying to get me to do things with me, like she was going to lose me any time," Remus gave a bitter smile, "papa ignored me, tried avoid me completely, but kept a fatherly position still. It wasn't until one day that they both were sickly looking and when we were eating dinner; some men had come into our house. Of course my immediate reaction was that they were burglars, but papa and mama had still not moved.

"They went over to me and…and well, just picked me up uselessly and injected something, I can't remember," he put a hand to his head, "I got panicky and tried to fight them off but I was getting tired and so I tried to just yell at mom and dad to help, but they didn't even move. Finally, they went to the door as the men were putting me in the car and papa –papa was waving mockingly at me," Remus' breath hitched and he started sobbing.

He felt arms wrap around him and looked up to see James smiling down at him. Remus sobbed, clinging to the only support he had in this situation.

"I-I j-just wanted to-to know why they d-did that to me," Remus cried, clinging to James as if he was drowning man holding onto an anchor. James smiled soothingly, sighing into Remus' shoulder and resting his body.

"I'm sorry," Remus whispered, "…James."

"A little late to finally using my name," James said dryly. He felt Remus' body sag in his grasp and he regretted saying those words.

"It is isn't it?" He laughed bitterly. "Wonder what Sirius is doing?"

James didn't reply to that.


A soft voice made him look up to see Lily looking deeply concerned. He immediately became frightened that she had entered his room.

"Lily!" He exclaimed. "You aren't supposed to be here, you might get caught." Lily looked hurt, but brushed it off and went forward to kneel in front of him, where she wiped away some of the tears. She smiled encouragingly at Sirius and hugged him tightly, knowing he needed the support.

"James is going to be executed isn't he," she whispered, stroking his hair as a mother might do to comfort a crying child. He sobbed into her chest and nodded to her question. Lily sighed, trying to be the strong one in this situation. Sirius went limp in her grip and she let him slid down until his head was in her lap. The young servant smiled comfortingly at him. Sirius returned it weakly. Finally, after a moment of silence, Lily spoke up. "We will find a way to get them out Sirius, so cheer up, ne?" He buried his head in her skirt and nodded weakly.

"But if we are going to find a way to get them out you need to pull your fat self together," she scolded, lifting his head up. Sirius frowned at the insult but picked himself up off the floor and walked over to the window. Lily watched him as a bright smile lightened his features. Suddenly, he turned to Lily.

"I have an idea!" She couldn't help but smile.

James took out his pocket watch and looked at it dully. "We have three days and two hours to live," he said dryly. Remus stood by the barred door with a deep look of concentration on his face. James couldn't help but be curious as to what that boy was thinking. A bright smile lit his features when he saw Lily entering.

When she caught sight of them she hurried over and stood in front of them with as much authority as she could. "Are you guys alright?" She whispered, making them both nod. Remus slinked away guiltily, earning a look of worry cross her features.

"Remus I don't blame you," she said softly, "we knew it was tough for you and Sirius is not mad at you." Remus still looked uncertain.

"Look, we are right now putting a plan into action that could save you both," she said, a little annoyed. The news brightened James' mood considerably, and he inched his way up to her so his hand touched hers through the bars. "What plan Lily?"

She smiled brightly.

Remus looked uncertain but went up close and she whispered it both to them softly, making them both smile.

"Of course," she said, getting up to leave, "this could get all four of us in trouble, so we may have to be on the run for a while." Both nodded.

"Well, stay safe you two," she whispered, waving goodbye and leaving to her duties. Remus placed his hand on the bar and breathed a sigh. Your entire fault, never forgiving you he thought to himself bitterly. James looked concerned by his friend's lack of response but brushed it off and went to lay on one of the filthy cots that occupied the small cellar.

"Do you think it will work Remus?" James asked suddenly, looking over at his cell mate. Remus shrugged, turning onto his side away from James. He wasn't in the mood to deal with anything.

James frowned; closing his eyes he suddenly fell into a fitful sleep, leaving Remus to ponder the events of the passed few days. It was his fault they were in that position, all because he had a ridiculous hate for Sirius and James. Remus closed his eyes, following James into dreams.

-2 days passed-

Sirius sat patiently in front of his parents, who seemed very deep in thought. They looked angry, yet happy all at once. Sirius guessed they were ecstatic about being able to punish him with a reason and the fact that James would be out of their way. To them, James had served his purpose four years ago, and now he was just another mouth to feed –if they fed him.

"I have it."

Sirius glanced up, tempted to make a snappy remark but did not want his punishment to be worse. He bit his lip anxiously, not liking the look on their faces. His father sneered, a matching look of his mother.

"You will watch your servants be executed tomorrow."

Sirius flinched at that. It really did work to his advantage, he was able to set the plan in motion but he knew it would be hard to watch them up there like that. His parents caught the hurt look at looked very pleased with themselves. "We hope that punishment will suffice," Asara snapped. Sirius nodded weakly, getting up to leave.

Walking down the halls Sirius cast a glance around to make sure no one saw him and walked down the hall that led to the cells. He grimaced at the dripping walls and the mold growing at the corners but made his way down the stone steps until he reached the barred cells that held various people. Most of them looked dead, some were unconscious but one managed to catch the hem of his robes in an attempt to stop him.

"You don't want me to be here prince! Tell them to let me go!" Sirius narrowed his eyes. He didn't like people who begged, it showed weakness and that wasn't good to him. Sirius shook his head at the man, finally recognizing him as a murderer who murdered many children.

He continued on his way.

Finally, Sirius made his way to the cell where his two friends were staying and he was dispirited to find both were fast asleep on the floor. Why they were on the floor when they had cots was a mystery to him but he brushed it off anyway.

His eyes caught Remus and he couldn't look away. The boy was going to be sixteen in one day, which was tomorrow: the day of his execution. Sirius frowned, glancing at James next, whom was going to be punished for Remus' mistake.

Everyone made mistakes though, and Sirius couldn't be mad at Remus for it.

Sirius looked back at Remus as the boy stirred slightly, rolling onto his back and falling back into dreams. His closed mouth was now opened slightly and his breathing was slightly uneven, though nothing to be worried about. His hands and feet twitched once in awhile, like he was running in his dreams.

A frowned creased his features before he opened them, revealing amber eyes that were slightly dim and unaware from just waking up. Sirius smiled slightly at the sight and watched as Remus sat up, looking like he was trying to get his bearings.

"Well, glad your up," Sirius said lightly.

Remus jumped, looking up and finally meeting the young princes' gaze. He blushed slightly at being seen on the floor sleeping but moved forward slightly in acknowledgment. Sirius smiled slightly at this.

"Have a nice nap?" He asked lightly, trying to start the conversation slow. Guilt was clearly evident in Remus' eyes, and so going to fast was most likely a bad idea. The boy before him nodded slightly, a small smile forming on his lips.

"How's lazy ass over there?" Sirius asked, pointing to the lump in the corner. Remus giggled slightly and shrugged, still not speaking. Sirius went into thought about what to say next and came up with something.

"Happy birthday to you," he said in almost sing-song.

"Happy birthday to you," he continued.

"Happy birthday to Remus," he sang now.

"Happy birthday to you!" He exclaimed the last part enthusiastically and Remus just stared at him in shock. Sirius assumed it was the shock that he had actually remembered such a thing like Remus' birthday. After a few moments Remus grinned widely, blushing slightly as well.

"I can't believe you of all people would remember," he whispered. Sirius was right, it was the shock that he actually remembered.

"I never forget birthdays," Sirius said lightly. He caught the motion Remus made of moving closer, almost as if the boy was unconsciously calling for company and warmth from someone other than James. He looked down slightly and Sirius had the feeling he was going to say something so did not speak for a while.

"Is the plan going to work? You realize we will be outcasts," he said, amber eyes meeting blue.

Sirius nodded, "being outcasts doesn't matter, and I hate my family anyway."

Remus nodded, unconsciously moving even closer. He was almost pressed against the bars now. Sirius noticed and raised his arms, hesitating but taking Remus into an embrace. The boy beneath his froze for a second or two but gave in and hugged him back. "Stop blaming yourself Remus," Sirius whispered, smoothing out the dirty hair from not being washed properly.

"It is my fault though," he whispered, tightening in his grip.

"It was a mistake, everyone makes them," he replied.

"I put people at risk though," he said, voice getting slightly louder. Sirius sighed. He nodded to that last statement, knowing Remus would feel it rather than see it. The boy beneath him shuddered and snuggled closer.

"Do you remember that night you ran away Remus? Can you tell me what happened that night?" Sirius asked, pulling away so he could look into Remus' eyes. The boy in question froze, unsure at first, but the reassuring smile made his reconsider. Before he knew what he was doing, Remus started explaining.

"I had woken up before anyone else, it was about two o' clock in the morning," he said. "I got out with a little door by the garden wall, I think it was originally used for people to get in and out easily without being noticed, but anyway, I had made it out and I started my journey towards France.

"The forest was tough and by the time I was halfway through it was afternoon and started raining. I had no cover so I continued going, but by evening I had the strangest feeling I was being followed, but I ignored it. By evening I was wet, miserable, and about to pass out. Then…I think I was pushed down…it was fuzzy, and then there was pressure on my neck, like I was being choked…then…um…I think I was screaming but I wasn't sure.

"I passed out when I saw a man walking towards me and woke up here," he said, "I remember a feeling like I was relieved to be back there, but I had no idea why, so as a way to forget it I started acting bitter towards everyone; except Lily, no one can be mad at her for long."

Sirius followed along perfectly and sighed softly. "Did you get a look at the faces of the people who attacked you?" He asked.

Remus shook his head, "it was blurry, I was about to pass out, but they were definitely men that was for sure.

"How do you know?" Remus looked uncomfortable.

"Well they a…well, ahem, a distinct bulge in their pants," he said softly, blushing profusely. Sirius snorted with amusement, but also had a strange feeling of anger that they dare get aroused like that.

"How do you feel like gay people Remus?" He asked, now even he knew why he asked it but it just slipped out. Remus looked at him for a long moment before answering.

"I don't care what sex people prefer, just as long as they aren't raping me…" he trailed off there, and that made Sirius frown, but shrugged it off and smiled encouragingly at him. Remus looked nervous.

"Good! Because I'm gay!"

That caught Remus by surprise, but he giggled. "So am I, but I never thought I would be telling you that." He replied. Sirius nearly fell over with shock.

"Really, so am I!" He exclaimed. Remus sighed.

"I know Sirius, you just told me as a first confession," he replied smoothly, not wanting to embarrass him. Sirius blushed none the less, a little embarrassed that he forgot that detail. Remus just smiled.

"You won't let us die Sirius, right?" He sounded uncertain.

Sirius grinned, "of course not!"

He suddenly turned grim when his fathers voice called out to him form the halls upstairs. He sighed exasperatedly and hugged Remus briefly before getting up and walking back up the stairs. After he left Remus sat back down on the dirty floor and thought about Sirius' visit.

He blushed suddenly.

Did Sirius kiss him when he gave that hug?

James growled at the guard who roughly pushed his forward up the stairs to where the gallows were. It was obvious his guard was gay as James soon found a hand on his butt, but did his best to ignore it. He glanced behind him to see Remus having the same problems as he, though the younger was good at keeping a strait face.

The messy haired teen bit his lip as they emerged to the outside, where the sunlight hit him full force. He blinked his eyes once or twice to adjust his eyes and was pushed forward. He stood quietly as the crowd cheered for the hanging. These people are twisted he thought bitterly.

His hands were tied behind his back painfully tight and he was pushed forward along with Remus. James looked down to see Sirius staring up at them with a mi of emotions in his gaze; the most evident one was the pain. It probably hurt him to see this. Looking over Remus he was surprised to see him smiling lightly at the prince, which the other boy gladly returned.

He felt the noose wrap around his neck and gag him a little. Looking around he noticed the guard standing next to a lever that dropped the floor. Glancing around he saw Lily was eyeing the man, taking out piece of rope and making her way to the front. Good, they know what they are doing he thought, relieved beyond belief.

Remus on the other hand, didn't look nearly as relieved because he was never worried in the first place. Over that night he had stayed awake in thought, trying to convince himself that Sirius was right, and they would fine. Remus felt almost…excited about this whole thing.

Sirius stood in front of him, bouncing from foot to foot, waiting for the man to give the speech and hand them. A minister stood in front of them and he cleared his throat.

"Remus John Lupin you have the charges of disobeying and running away," he said as the crowd 'booed' at the boy, "the consequences are a trip to the gallows and a chance to rot in the ground. You are also charged of endangering others and directly assaulting the king."

Remus bit his tongue when he wanted to protest to that last part. He never attacked the king, and Sirius didn't look like he liked that accusation either. The man cleared his throat and stopped the cheering crowd.

"James Harold Potter you are charged with the assistance in helping a wanted criminal and an assignation attempt of the great scholar Albus Dumbledore," he said, the crowd was angry now and demanding the hanging. James immediately made a noise of protest but he caught sight of Dumbledore in the crowd, who looked very angry.

Sirius looked up as his mentor stepped next to him, a frown etching his features. Sirius nodded his head in greeting making sure his parents weren't looking. The man at the front had stopped talking and he looked to see Lily making her way to the guard standing near the lever. Sirius also made his way to the front, a knife in his hand.

"I will make the distraction," Dumbledore said, just loud enough so Sirius could catch it. The prince grinned brightly and made his way to the front. He saw Remus and James hold their eyes tightly shut.


Lily looped the rope around the lever and pulled as hard as she could, the guard unable to pull it back. I am so lucky he is stupid Lily thought, yanking on it as the guard tried yanking it the other way. Sirius jumped up onto the stand and cut the ropes to them both. Angry yells surrounded him and he worked fast to get James' hands free.

People were now trying to get onto the stand, reaching angrily to Sirius. Finally, James' ropes were free and the boy ran to Lily, who still held the lever. Sirius glanced, not seeing the time to free Remus so he ended up scooping him, getting an arm under his knees and lifting him up.

Lily let the rope free and the guard tumbled backwards, pulling the lever. Sirius felt the floor under him leave and he fell. Remus tumbled over, leaving the out of breath prince. Remus picked up the knife and started cutting the ropes himself. He looked over and saw the people start to come over to him.

The guards grabbed Sirius, bringing him back to attention but a large explosion got them distracted and he went over to the now free Remus, who was standing up and beckoning him towards him. "Come on Sirius!" Remus grabbed his hand and both made a mad dash towards Lily and James.

All four ran quickly to the gardens and Remus led them to the trap door that he escaped from earlier and opened it, ushering them through. The angry yells were nothing compared to the angry screeches of Sirius' father. The four continued to run until they were out of breath and had reached the forest.

James collapsed at the base of a tree and took in deep breaths, the adrenaline that kept him going drained out. Remus collapsed across from him and Sirius next to him. "That was great," Lily panted, plopping down next to James. Remus smiled weakly and laid down on his back, completely wiped out.

"By tomorrow the whole kingdom will be looking for us," Sirius said, scratching his head to get the leaves and dirt out. James yawned and nodded. The four sat in silence for a while before Remus spoke up to break the silence.

"You blame me don't you," he whispered, making them all sit up at once.

"How many times do we have to tell you Remus," Sirius sighed, "we don't blame you, and besides, because of this I am now free from my family's influence." James smiled at his friend and nodded, falling back to the ground lazily. Lily curled up and was asleep in seconds. Sirius sat looking at the stars in silence, Remus lying next to him.

"I never liked the full moon," Remus whispered, not wanting to wake the rest. Sirius looked over at him in confusion.

"It has a power, like it can control someone just by bathing them in the moonlight," Remus explained, "I was always wary of that power, besides, its said that werewolves come out on the full moon and normal wolves are granted a night of absolute power." Sirius chuckled, turning back to the sky.

"Werewolves don't exist," Sirius said, then his expression turned happy, "how 'bout we get nicknames!" Remus looked at him for a moment but the idea wasn't too bad. They could by nicknames to keep away from people guessing they were runaways. He still didn't like it very much though, most likely Sirius was going to think of something stupid.

"How about we call you Moony?" Sirius asked. Remus gave him a funny look and Sirius let out a bark like laugh. Remus smirked.

"You sound like a dog when you laugh you know that," he teased, "so how about we call you Padfoot." He never meant that to be taken seriously but the prince looked at him with wide, excited eyes.

"What a great idea," he exclaimed, "have you ever seen James when he is caught doing something, he looks like a deer caught in headlights, so what would be a good name to that? Something relating to a deer? I know, deer's antlers look like prongs, so what would be a good name?"

"Prongs," Remus replied dryly, rolling his eyes. Sirius' face brightened considerably and he laughed, nodding his head vigorously.

"And Lily will be called Lily! Or Lils," Sirius said happily. Remus smiled faintly and rolled onto his side. He yawned briefly before going into a deep slumber. Sirius looked at him a little more before turning onto his side and was about to go to sleep when something caught his attention.

"Happy birthday Moony." But he was asleep.

"Alright we have a couple days walk until the next town," Lily said, looking north. Sirius yawned and stretched, his tongue lolling out briefly before standing up. James was looking south and seemed deep in thought. Remus was looking east.

"Lily," James said, getting her attention, "the town of Little Hangleton is closer, why don't we go there." Lily shook her head immediately.

"That town is ruled by the lord who is closest to the king here, they are good friends," Lily said, "that will be the first place the king will go, and no doubt he is asking for assistance in the search for us." James sighed, rubbing his temple in annoyance.

"We are officially runaways," he mumbled. Remus grinned.

"At least you aren't alone, you have us," he said, laughing and going the way Lily pointed to. Sirius grinned at Remus and followed him.

"Time to start our new lives James," Lily said, turning away from him and catching up with the other two. James nodded hesitantly before following.


Okay, they are now runaways, and we have a new story. Should I make this next section a sequel, a separate story of what? Anyway, tell me what you guys think about Mpreg?