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Zula looked down at herself. Just this once she wished she didn't have the scares on her arms form training. Had the pale skin other girls had instead of the semi-tan skin she did have. That way she would actually look good at her wedding.

Look at me
I will never pass for
a perfect bride

The word wedding made her cringe. Admiral Zhao was to be her husband. Aula couldn't stand him. The only reason he wanted to marry her was so that he might be able to become firelord. And her father had agreed to their marriage. Never in her life had she hoped that Zuko would catch the avatar. Not once in her life had she hated her father this much.

Or a perfect daughter

She looked at the dress she was wearing and sighed. It was designed to show off her body. Or rather the body everyone thought she had.

Can it be
I'm not meant to play
this part?

The teen walked over to her bed. Slowly she touched the outfit that was laying on it. This outfit was her training outfit. Just this afternoon she had worn it for probably the last time. How much Zula wanted to go back to when she could wear pants and armor and no one would even bat and eyelid. But she new she couldn't. Not now and not ever again.

Now I see
that if I were truly
to be myself
I would break my
family's heart

There was a knock on her door.

"Come in"

Two servants walked in. Knowing what they were there for she went and sat in a chair by her dresser. The servants then began to do her hair and makeup. Half an hour later they were done. Getting up Zula walked over to her mirror. There it was. A 'picture' of someone in a dress with her hair nicely pulled back and pinned up into roses. A face and neck covered with powder to make her skin look paler then it actually was. The exact opposite of what Zula really was.

Who is that girl I see
staring straight
back at me?
Why is my reflection someone
I don't know?

Once the servants left she went over to her closet. Opening it she saw all the stuff that had been on the floor of her bedroom. Some armor, a couple of swards, and some everyday outfits as well. Closing the door she turned to face her room. It was clean, which was new, but no matter how hard she tried there were still signs of her wanting to be a warrior. The tapestries that hung from her walls, her training outfit lay neatly on the bed, and the boots in the corner were dead give a ways. Zula cast a longing look at the boots. How she wanted to wear them instead of these high heels.

Somehow I cannot hide
who I am
though I've tried.

Five minutes until she had to leave. Only five minutes until she lost the tile of miss forever. Zula sighed yet again. Glancing in the mirror she hated what she saw. Until she remembered the power she had has princess.

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

She stood in front of Zhao. They were a minute away from ending the ceremony. Glancing around under her veil she let her eyes rest on her family. Her father was there looking like, well he didn't have and expression on, but Zula knew that he really didn't care one way or another. Zuko was there as well having had a five day suspension put on his banishment. Though his face showed nothing Zula new that his eyes would show how he felt. Sure enough when she looked in them she saw concern for her and hatred towards Zhao. Glancing back at her soon to be husband she was just in time to hear the last of the words directed towards her.

"I do" she answered.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Zhao went to go life the veil. On his face was a smile but Zula new that he wanted to get this done and over with as much as her. With the veil lifted the man just stared. In fact no one could believe what their princess had done. Everyone but Zuko. He was standing there smirking at his little sister's brilliance. For there was Zhao staring at the two halves of Zula. The person who was now his wife.

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

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And for those of you who are confused in the movie, Mulan is singing this song in front of a bunch of headstones. When she sees her reflection she takes out her hair from its clip and wipes half of her make up off. Well Zula does pretty much the same thing only because her hair was in like four different things she took out only two of them.