A.N some of you wanted to know what happened so I have put this prologue in because I havent been able to put it in sufficient words in the book.


Serenity ran through the white marble corridors heading towards the servants quarters hoping to find Christopher, the only one besides her love Endymion that understood her. She would go to Endy but her mother had found out , they were both confined to their planets and their powers stripped until seen otherwise.

Banging into his bedroom Serena collapsed into tears on his floor. With his help she stood again and he led her into his semi lit bedroom. Crying her heart out serenity began to tell him to do things to her that were reserved for Endy and her future husband which she had hoped would be Endy…

Soon he progressed further and further then he should have but she did not stop him. When she finally felt him take her she realised what she had done but couldn't get him off of her for her powers had been removed .

Soon they led there exhausted and spent. Realising that she couldn't take it back she accepted it allowing Christopher to have his way may help her in the future. Little did she know who he really was. Someone later in the future she would wish she had never allowed to do what he did.