Last chappie and in the review tell me if I should do a sequel all to do with sere and dar coz I dunno whether or not to put them in an awkward sit with rini. Tell me and thanks for reviewing.


It was finally over the outer scouts went home, the inner scouts left for ice cream leaving Serena, Darien and Andrew to talk (hang on just one second she isnt going for ice cream she really has changed.), "so sere what now?"

"now? Nowi plan to sleep, I have died and used so much ebnergy in the past week that I think sleep and food are my top priorities."

"so no time for you old love birds to get reaquainted?" Andrew asked cheekily.

"I dunno Andy who knows what fate has in store for us two." She replied before lying out on the floor asleep straight away. Getting up Darien moved her to his bed letting her sleep on until she recovered, "good night my love."

In her sleep she replied, "good night Endy."

So what you think the blue button that says go is all you need. Go right ahead it wont bite.