Inwhich some People have no Sense of Humor

Recovery came quick, at least the physical end at any rate. Two weeks in the hospital, and Cameron was freed. He despised the entrapped feeling that lie in the overtly sterile environment. The incessant 'beep, beeping', and the occasional 'ping' of machines drove him from any rest he might have gained if they had just left him embedded in the wall. He growled darkly into his ale, narrowing his eyes as the amber liquid did it's job of fuzzing his brain.

'I can hear your brain cells dieing.' Robin once teased him, a long time ago. The glower lifted slightly. She had been a slip of a ten year old, clinging tightly to Lenore in the Dublin pub. Both girls grinning wildly at him. 'Why can't you be a normal hunter, and smoke more weed? You'd get into less fights, and we wouldn't have to defend you to Father Juliano.' Lenore had only nodded, knowing full well that Robin's reasoning was falling on deaf ears. He had patted her sweet, glowing head and pulled them both closer. 'I like the fight, no fighting allowed in Japan you know.'

For this day, that rule be damned. He had lost the one woman he ever bothered waiting for. The glowing girl that by rights should be his. A fresh ale was set in front of him and he nodded to the barkeep. Harry was a nice man, Cameron thought to himself. He'd always thought so, especially since he'd formed his own attachment to the golden haired beauty that had been stolen from him. Yes, such a love was never to be blamed for the insolence of one infidel.

Downing the amber liquid, he grabbed the man beside him by the back of the neck, and drove his face into the counter. Guiding it back and forth along the edge, the red haired giant stood suddenly and dragged the un warned individual out of the cafe, and into the street. Where, much to Cameron's good fortune, was a group of the mangled man's friends.

The unfortunate one was hurled toward the first of the crowd, knocking him over. While the other three stared on in disheveled disbelief. Suddenly, Cameron saw no one, but the sulky Amon-character. They might have tried to run away, but being smaller, and unprepared for physical abuse, not to mention slightly drunk, their get a ways were cut short. The one to the left of the 'catcher' got a knee to the chest, knocking the wind out of him. Then his nose got shattered against the very same knee, which meant he was out. The next one over got an elbow to the throat, thus making strange noises that disappeared somewhere behind him. Probably due to choking on his own blood and finally dieing. The third one tried to plead, but ended with a mouthful of fist, a crotch full of knee, and an elbow taken from socket then twisted around at an odd angle. The one that had caught the first of his victims held his friend desperately trying not to say anything or make any sudden moves. Cameron only smiled darkly down at the individual, until he simply turned and walked away. Whistling to himself over what a good job he had done, he headed back to the office. There was a skulky empath that always seemed to be there this time of night. She wasn't the slender flame thrower, but she had her own benefits.

"Someone got into a cat fight." The very same red head from the savage beatings amusedly said to businesslike empath, as she swabbed at a series of scratches with an antibacterial. "Has my little sister gotten out of hand?" At this Miho only scrunched up her nose. She wasn't some doormat that he could come too in a pinch, she told herself as she disregarded that he even spoke to her. "What's with the sudden chill?" The amused voice chimed happily, enjoying the game they shared. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and sent a stream of thoughts through her.

"Did it ever occur to you that some people don't view these things as a 'game'?" She snapped and tried to pull away, but the grip tightened. The wave of age over ran her, and she was dragged in. Cameron was old, though he didn't look it. She turned and stared into his face and hated that she couldn't fight him, she almost hated him for her weakness. His blue eyes burned into her, showing her the passage of time that she would never understand. "It is only because of your youthful beauty that you do not understand. Your idealism of how love SHOULD be clouds you to how love IS." He spoke against her lips as she panted.

"Love is love, sex is sex, and we ARE in the girl's bathroom." She wasn't going to allow this, she hissed to herself. Too many times she'd given in to the seductiveness of this sort of contact. For way too many years, he'd been able to walk in a room, and move her threw her own craft. Any contact at all, and she was undone. Not this time, she screamed at herself.

"Truth is truth, Miho." Was all he said, his hand on her shoulder slid under her blouse and unfastened her bra. All the while sending streamers of thoughts through her skin, making her shiver. She brought her knees together, and pushed on his chest.

"What about you taking off after Robin?" Miho almost hated that word right now. She couldn't even look at it with her minds eye as a name. "I'm not a doormat, or a game, or what ever else you think-" The free hand clasped over her mouth, cutting her short. She scowled as memories that were not hers flooded her mind. An infant with a glow around her, presented to a company of of hunters 'Beware your better' Father Juliano said as the girl child was passed around. A nine year old, green eyed girl clung to a twelve year old green eyed girl, that could have passed as her sister. With a gasp, Miho realized she was looking at Lenore and Robin. Side by side with their fingers entwined, giggling at something she didn't know.

"I have to understand what she is, and why she is my better." Cameron murmured softly into Miho's ear. The growling purr deep within his chest brought her to the realization that her knees had unlocked, and had begun to spread themselves around his waist of their own accord. She leaned back and rolled her eyes, she really couldn't help wanting him. It really didn't help that he knew exactly what to say and do to get her to submit.

"She's genetically altered to be the 'perfect witch'." She said with a sigh, then a moan as his erection throbbed against her opening. She moaned again, and grabbed the sink that she was resting against.

"It's more than that." He whispered, still giving her the mental work over. "Something that could only be given mother to daughter." He cut that stream and just sent pleasure through the wave length. Letting her craft feed off of his, he pulled her panties aside and thrust into her. She braced her heels against the porslyn and ground into him. She could feel his pleasure run through her as her own overloaded her senses. He pulled her off the sink, and sat down on the bench behind them, allowing her to work out what ever strain taxed her mind.

She ground harder and faster, but to no avail. Something wasn't letting go. She grabbed his hair and looked into his eyes, trying to tell him something, to do something. Her mouth worked out the syllables, but no discernable sound came out. Even still, his Lupine ears piked up what it was. He ripped her panties off, and flipped her onto her knees. Holding tight to her upper inner thighs, stratling the bench. With his index fingers on either side of her clit he began to thrust into her at the same time puller her against him. It didn't take long for him to spray his seed like a fire hose into her. She screamed with a surprised shudder as she felt his cumming through her empathy, as well as her own. She lay her forehead on her forearms, moaning loudly as the giant with his oversized member still working out her kinks.

Once again, Miho was staring into the mirror, cleaning herself up after one of the McCGee's. She didn't mind her visits with Cameron, like she did with Lenore's. True enough she was always sore after either one, but Cameron's effect was a much needed release, especially after Lenore drew blood. She was a little miffed that she would have to drive home without the comfort of her panties under her skirt. Especially since she would have to get to the car without anything dripping from between her legs. When they had finished she'd kicked him out of the girls bathroom and told him to wait. A few moments after that, as she was putting on bandaid on a 'Lenore wound' when she felt an unusual wetness run down her leg. Surprised, she'd reached for a tampon only to remember the fluid had not originated from her body. It was the first time Cameron had cum IN her. The flush the crept across her face probably went everywhere. The siblings where more animalistic than they were human she had decided a long time ago. That was the deal with Lenore and Micheal. The poor boy hadn't a chance, and now, neither did she. Sighing heavily in defeat, she wondered out into the hall where Cameron waited like she told him to. She was taking him home, like a stray puppy that was lost in the cold. "You better be house broken." She mumbled aloud.

"Too late for take backs, mate." Was the only reply she got.

"No, Amon, you are NOT driving the Cobra!" Her voice wasn't raised, but it was forceful.

"Give me the keys." He repeated himself for the fifth time, his own voice strained in iratation. Seattle was cold, and all he wanted was to get to the nice warm hotel.

"NO." She stated firmly as she wandered to the driver's side. "Control freak." She barely more than muttered. Amon stiffened, watching her approach the left side of the vehicle. Grinning to himself as he began to think he'd won.

"I am not." On the right side of the deep indigo machine, he noticed his mistake and sank into the seat with his arms folded.

"You are too." She stated gently, putting the key in the ignition and turning the battery on without turning over the engine. Amon raised an eyebrow, and took in his surroundings. He was not about to get into a childish banter of 'are not, are too', no matter how fun it was at times. It was an older car, all original leather interior, and a stick shift.

"What are you doing?" He asked after a few minutes passed in silence.

"This is a '75 stick desiel." She blinked at the look on his face, inscrutable as ever. "You have to let the alternator warm up so you don't put excess torque on the engine. Besides, it's been sitting in the cold for years with no love." Her eyes had returned to the dash board and she stroked the wheel with pride. "The desiel might have congiled a bit, so we have to let that warm up a bit too." Amon rolled his eyes and nodded. "When we get to Berkeley, we'll get you your own car, but you need to learn the rules here if you don't already know them. I'd hate to get a ticket in the States."

"Are they that bad here?" Amon moved the seat back to give himself more leg room.

"Oh, yeah...don't have a drink then drive anywhere for the rest of the night." Robin rolled her eyes. "That's how Cameron lost his liscence here." She giggled at the memory and turned the engine over. Her eyes alive with a glint of devilish glee. Amon turned to look out the windshield instead of at her and shook his head. Girls and their toys, he thought to himself. Pulling out of the parking garage went much smoother than anticipated. Everything was neat and orderly, a broad expanse for someone who had been crowded into an overpopulated area all his life.

On the main road to their hotel, Amon watched in a half sleepy daze as the car in front of them purposefully (or so it seemed) drove itself into a light post. His eyebrows reached his forehead and he turned to Robin.

"Are we in downtown already?" She barely more than sighed, she caught him looking at her questioningly. "That happens all the time here...No body knows why either."

"Nobody's done anything to find out?"

"It's been like that since there have been cars in this city." She grinned widely. "Seattle's a strange place, I think the first one burnt down, then fell over into the Sound. The second one just sank into the sand. The third one is the one we are driving on."

"So it really is a city on a sand bar?"

"Silly isn't it?" She giggled as they pulled into the hotel garage. "I love it though." She mused as they grabbed their bags and headed toward the hotel proper. What about life didn't she love? He asked himself.

The hotel was old for this end of the country, richly decorated with heavy dark woods, and rich reds and golds. The western idea of wealth it seemed. Their room looked like the rest of the place, almost like Robin's own back home. Amon sighed, they had only gotten off the plain a few hours ago, and already he was home sick. He sprawled across the bed, listening to the shower run. Imagining what the little woman was doing when alone and unobserved. He sighed again, stripped and climbed into the bed. Out the window he could see the lights across Pugit Sound, the distinct noises made by the bays. The fog horns, the cars, the bare feet padding across the carpet...he sat up to stair straight at a pair of well formed breasts.

"My, what a nice rack you've got there." Was all that choked out. A gentle hand was placed on his face, and the familiar sent of a heady flower filled the air. "Yes, please." The neatly rolled joint was set on his lips, and he inhaled slowly. Wrapping an arm around the narrow waist, he pulled the woman, rack and all down and across him. Finishing the joint, he curled around his slender lover and tucked them both in for the night.

The drive from Seattle Washington to Portland Oregon went by without incident, and little conversation. In all the trip took five hours for them to be standing in the ring of stones that overlooked the Columbian River. Amon sighed to himself heavily, never in his life had he seen more open, free space, and Robin had told him it would be getting worse. 'There is more people in Tokyo Japan than Washington and Oregon put together...through in Idaho for good measure...' Agoraphobia is beginning to set in, he thought to himself.

"What are we stopping here for?" He turned to his partner, suddenly eager to get back into the car. She smiled wanly at him and pointed to the 'Directional Stone'.

"Memorize those markings. That way, the next time we need to go to the States, we won't need planes, or boats." He sighed heavily once again, and stared off into the stone. The swirls and slashes began to shift, and bleed together, soon he began to see the patterns and hidden messages. A light went on in his brain and he focused his eyes a little more sharply at the top, where the 'Notch of Solstice' had been struck. It was the star pattern for this area at mid winter. A half grin twitched at his lip, he knew he could come back to this very spot anytime he wanted. HE was no longer bound to the continent he was standing on, HE was truly free.

"There are other places with these stones...when will we be going there?" Amon asked of the figure sprawled across the hood of the car, toes almost touching ground. Placing a hand on her knee, he reached for the joint in her hand as instead of attempting any of the other thoughts that swirled in his brain. She only grinned at him, her eyes half mast in stoned pleasure.

"In good time, my love, in good time." She murmured sleepily. "But we have a job to do, and I want to get to Corvallis well before night fall: I wanna ride a horse." She started to slip off the hood a leg on either side of his. He raised an eyebrow as he exhaled, and put the roach out. Temptation getting the better of him, he leaned over her placing a hand to either side of her breasts to brace them both where they were. With great satisfaction he watched her eyes dilate with want.

"Give me the keys." He said in a sultry voice against her lips. Her reaction was only a laugh and a playful push.

"Get off me, you rake! Your terrible!" Robin continued to giggle as she squirmed from under him, and got into the car.

"I believe the term is 'control freak'. Which I am not." Amon replied with much humor in his voice.

"You are too." Was all he heard as she started the engine, and they took off down the road.

Three hours later, Amon was curling up on the black leather sofa of a sprawling (in his point of view) dark green house, surrounded by open pastier land. The house was surrounded by a tuft of trees, that followed the uncontrolled creek that was just a few feet behind the long, squat structure. He'd been grilled about Japan, and the differences between the surrounding areas, and the place he grew up in. Now, though, he was being forced to deal with them...all of them. It's a good thing I'm stoned...he almost said out loud.

"...FUCK! You'd think that the government owns EVERYTHING!" The man, this Ferrell, was saying. Amon raised an eyebrow and looked in Ferrell's direction. "Well, I'M not going to take that SHIT! I have rights! My Second Amendment says I have the right to have MY gun WITH me!" He lit a cigarette, only to put it out in a shell casing after two drags. "I'm not going to get caught unarmed around Neo-Nazi Pigs with an Attitude problem!"

"All Neo-Nazi's have attitude problems...that is why they are called 'Neo-Nazi'." The woman, Donna, said as she entered the house, Robin on her heels giggling. Ferrell only looked up and nodded their return, loading a pipe, that ironicly, looked like a hollowed out bullet. Amon couldn't' help but shake his head, which made Robin's giggle turn into a laugh, as she set herself down on the floor in front of him with a 'plop'. The massive wolf they called a 'lap dog' pinned his ears and scuttled up to get the ruff scratching of his life from Robin's newly planted form. Amon placed a hand on the beasts head to scratch the ear joints, which earned Robin a fierce face licking.

"How much did you say Duncan weighed?" Amon asked of Donna as he looked up from the girl and wolf.

"137...he is fat though." She responded sweetly, then laughed as Amon's breathing passages where block by a tongue that really knew it's business. The women howled with laughter as Robin was forgotten in favor of himself. For the rest of the night Amon's job was pet Duncan, and occasionally wonder into the conversations that usually consisted of Ferrll's political views, or Donna's horses.

Until Robin dropped the bomb. He himself was almost asleep when he heard her say something about 'pickled people' getting their 'astro-essence' drained out of them. This of course made him sit up in shock. The night of the Factory had all but been pushed from his mind, and with a sudden whirl and crash, he remembered every single bit. His head ached suddenly, and his stomach curled within him. A raw red burn of anger crossed Ferrell's face, but his eyes where kind when he looked upon Amon.

"PTSD. Here, you look like you could use this." The man handed Amon the freshly loaded bullet-pipe, with a grin that seemed to say so much more than anything that came from the mouth. He hit the substance with a flurry of passion to avoid the tears that threatened to spring from him. He nodded at the look Robin was giving him as he handed her the pipe.

"Amon's mother was in that place." She barely more than whispered. "Lost her when he was 10." She looked sadly at the water glass in front of her. "Got roped into the business by the usual methods, never knowing what was really happening." Her eyes were filled with loving compassion, not pity, and for that, Amon decided, she could never be seen as a corrupt being. Donna had the same look on her face, and before he could move, his head was dragged into her lap. Her fingers through his hair reminded him of the company he now kept. He sighed as the stress and pain was literally pulled from his body, and released to the ever loving earth.

Amon was out of the conversation for the rest of the evening, warm and fuzzy, his mind floated between Robin's kind voice, to Donna's mothering fingers. Ferrell yelled often, and pounded the table in defiance. Something had to be done, by someone, and it looked like it was Robin's number. Only the slender woman shook her head.

"We are going to Berkeley. A few well placed words will get the ball rolling." She grinned sleepily. "It may not be in this lifetime, but the end to this Holocost is near. The world has decided that genocide is wrong, so we must prove, and make notice of the infractions that Solomon makes. Who knows, maybe we can keep the name, but change the face?" Robin just shook her head and turned to Amon. "Enough for tonight, I'm ready for bed." He nodded and sat up, duly thanking Donna for her kindness, and followed Robin to the bright purple room with the four poster that had been designated as 'her's'. Once under the mound of blankets, he cuddled up to slight being, and clung to her till sleep overtook him. All the night, he dreamed of going to school and coming home to a drunken step father telling him his mother was 'gone'.

That was it, no one could or would say anything else. The next thing he knew was being shipped off to his half brother's. Though Shungy's mother was sweet and understanding, Amon was anything but. It did not take long for the boy to be fostered out to a Solomon home. It was this in the end thatt drove the two brothers apart, and into different directions. One went looking for the truth, the other sought to burry it.

Upon waking, once again, Amon found himself wondering how the world does this...this working itself out. Grinning to himself he got up, got some pants on, and headed toward the smell of coffee and breakfast.

"It may take a few hundred years, but what is a few hundred years to an eternity of understanding?" Robin's voice rung sweetly in his ears as he wondered into the kitchen.

It wasn't until late afternoon that they were on the road again. Robin having decided to take the 'back roads' which was nothing but endless rolling green fields. Disturbed by wildlife refuges, and the occasional farm. Pink Floyd now was exchanged for Moody Blues, and Robin was happily 'rocking out' to her second favorite band. Sometimes softly singing along, usually leaning back in the seat with one hand on the shifter, and one hand limp on the wheel.

It wasn't until Eugene that she caught any major road, this she called the Interstate 5. He sighed as they entered 'Bum Town', Robin laughingly called it.

"More hippies than 'Frisco." She had explained. They pulled into a drive-bye espresso shop for munchies and the like. "I think we should stop in Grants Pass for the night, and take 101 to Frisco. It's the pretty way, and I want to see the trees again." She paid the young lady and handed him is mocha and scone.

"The trees?" He eyed her with humor.

"The Red Woods. You'll understand when we get there." She suddenly made a face. "Dig into the glove box for me and see if I still have my camera, would you?" Upon inspection, indeed, there was the camera.

Grants Pass was a lovely high mountain town. Barely more than a village in his mind, but a full out city to the people who lived there, and damn they were proud of it. The evening air was thin and frosty, cleaner than any he had inhaled before. The sun going down over the hills turned the sky an intense aqua, while sending the ground into a stiff, gray darkness.

With the sharp nightly air stinging his lungs and the solitude of a hotel room, he found himself between Robin's legs, and groaning into her mouth. Her nails dug into his back and sides, arching up to him, she met him thrust by thrust. Eventually, she flipped him onto his back and ground herself against his length. His hands wandered where they willed, finding a path down to the clit, and up to one breast. Her head fell back wards as she let loose a shriek of joy, her body taking up a sliding rythm up and down his shaft. He hissed with this new movement and switched positions with her, roughly working himself to his own end.

As promised, Amon understood about the trees as the first of them came into view. By the time they were surrounded by the thick of them, he was making her stop. Getting out, he stood before one and looked up. It didn't end in his sight, and when he opened his arms, there was more tree than he had reach. He turned to look at the car, then back at the massive tree. I could drive right through this with four feet on either side...comfortably, he thought in amazement. Something at the back of his mind shivered, it felt like laughter was coming form the ground, and rattling his brain through his feet. The tree is laughing at me, his internal voice shouted. The shiver shifted, and something warm filled his mind, something loving and approving. Something that wasn't him reassuring him with great tenderness. He whorled toward Robin, looking for an explanation, only to be blinded with a flash. A glower formed across his brow, but the warm shivering intensified. His sight cleared, and Robin was laughing at him.

"What is that? That warmth in my head!" He was truly alarmed.

"That's the tree." She said and strode forward, grabbing his hand and placing it on the immense truck. "The Tree, this is The Amon. Amon this is Tree." The warmth enveloped his brain, and set his palm buzzing.

"I can hear the tree? It's talking to me?" His voice was a disbelieving whisper.

"Yes. Tree here is very happy to meet you in person. All Trees talk to each other, and what one knows they all do. So everyone here knows you, because someone met you back in your home. But they are glad that we passed by this way." She smiled, and patted the brick red trunk. "We have a distance yet to travel, we will be by this way again, I'm sure." With that she drug him off, a small child in him wanted to wave good bye to his new friend but such was resisted. Though, he couldn't help but think that he was heard, and the high up branches waved in response. Once again in the car, Amon fought the urge to cry. Not in sadness, but in reverence. How amazingly the world was tied together, how it all seemed to love itself, cherish itself. How every little piece took care of itself, and all the other little pieces, even when at first it didn't appear that way. How nobody was ever truly alone, when all you had to do was reach just a little beyond yourself, and behold, you are embraced by the living breathing being that was this little blue planet. Spinning endlessly in a little, barely noticeable galaxy in an ever expanding universe. The dark haired man just curled up in his seat and reveled at his own immeasurable insignificant importance, a grin sliding across his face. The woman next to him laughed with love to herself as she realized he finally understood.

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